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Month: March 2021

Mephisto: Cuban Black Metallers Present Lyric Video The Mighty Ring & New Album Pentafixion out now

Shaped and forged in the very fires of Mordor, Mephisto belch forth their debut lyric video The Mighty Ring. This is an offering to the dark and blackened souls that own the night, straight from their full-length album Pentafixion. An epic tale of evil destruction with a devilish delicious twist in the tail. The Dark Lord has lost his might!

Mephisto’s long-awaited album Pentafixion is out today via Wormholedeath/The Orchard/Aural Music Group worldwide: https://orcd.co/bw6rop
 Mephisto are:

Osney Cardoso Riaño -Vocals
Alexander Jorge Parra – Bass
Kevin Chaperón – Guitars
Fabián F. Rodríguez González – Guitars
David Leonardo Nieves Naranjo – Drums

Mephisto: Facebook

Rawtism: Australia’s Thrash Attack Unleash New EP Raw And Off Its Head on 12th June & Release Video Go Rawtistic

Australian Thrash Attack Rawtism are set to unleash their new EP Raw And Off Its Head on 12 June 2021. As a teaser, they now release the video Go Rawtistic.

Go Rawtistic is an anthemic mosh pit song written by Keefy. Go Rawtistic is about this intense trance thrash fans get when they listen to live thrash metal and go ballistic in the crowd. The sound is heavy, fast-paced and straight forward which is perfect for a mosh pit anthem. Rawtistic is obviously a play on word with the band name Rawtism.

The soon to be released EP Raw And Off Its Head has been recorded at the homes of members Rorz’s and Naimo’s in Melbourne. Recording started in December 2019 and finished in late 2020 due to delays during COVID restrictions. The EP was mastered by Andy Fernando of Singing Bird Studios in Frankston. The EP title Raw And Off Its Head lets the fans know what they are in for. A raw and accelerating experience so intense, you could go out of your mind. The cover art is the work of Daniel K Fraser and features a grizzly scene depicting a long-haired man screaming while his brain being savagely ripped out of his skull by a chrome skeletal hand from the inside of his head. It represents this intense feeling when you hear some fast-paced, heavy thrash metal.


1. Go Rawtistic
2. Thrashers Endurance
3. You’ll Get What’s Coming
4. Stay Metal
5. B.Y.H.A.S.T.F.U
6. Sultans Of Swing

Keith Hechinger – Vocal & Guitars
Naim Ibrahim  – Bass & Backing Vocals
Rory O’Donnell – Drums & Backing Vocals

Rawtism: Facebook

CROSSON: Australian Theatrical Glam Rockers to release Crosson – Live At The Orpheum on June 25th

Australian Theatrical Glam Rockers CROSSON have announced they will releasing a live album with an accompanying live concert video titled ‘CROSSON – Live At The Orpheum’.

As a teaser for the upcoming release, the band dropped a video today which sees CROSSON delivering their theatrical version of ABBA’s ‘Money Money Money’.

Jason Crosson says about adding an ABBA cover to their live show “Money Money Money was the perfect choice. The song not only pays homage to my early childhood pre-rock roots belting out ABBA songs on the piano accordion ( … yes that’s true !!) , it’s also a tune everyone knows from the very first note and sings along to. Plus, I had a super crush on Agnetha and Frida !!”

‘CROSSON – Live At The Orpheum’ will be released globally on 25 June 2021 through Galaxy Records. 

Crosson: Facebook

Metal United Down Under 2021: Save The Date 2021 & Artwork released

The all Australian metal festival Metal United Down Under (MUDU) is announced today along with the release of this year’s official artwork created by Tristan Tait Illustrations!
The 8th instalment of the event will be taking place on the 12th of June of this year and set to take the Australian metal scene by storm with EIGHT cities already confirmed!
“We want to make more noise than ever in 2021, pushing metalheads nationwide to yell HAPPY MUDU DAY on the date” – says organisers Black-Roos Entertainment.
Black-Roos also states that ‘MUDU’ is all about both the music lovers and the bands celebrating their day for what metal is: hanging out with their Metal brothers and sisters for a good time with great music and company! Uniting our local metal communities, working together and not against each other with the aim of creating the strongest music scene possible!

In the past 7 years, MUDU has compiled quite its share of metal history… from bands who played their first live show to bands who make a comeback from a hiatus! As well as the bands dominating the Aussie scene who now have record deals and touring regularly overseas… So many incredible memories have been made along the journey and we cant wait to see what MUDU 2021 has to bring!

JUNE 12TH SAVE THE DATE!! Follow Metal United Down Under & Black-Roos Entertainment on all social media platforms to keep up to date with all news and show announcements!

“Unite again for one night across our great Southern Lands and celebrate Heavy F Metal! We shall make it one massive showcase of the best local talent we have!”
United We Stand, Divided We Fall! \m/

The event is proudly supported by the Australian webzine Metal-Roos

Old Forest: Return With New Album Mournfall April 23rd & Release of Lyric Video Tyrant Spell

Old Forest return in 2021 with their 6th full-length album Mournfall – the follow-up to 2019’s well-received Black Forests of Eternal Doom album’ (aside from the debut album reproduction and various vinyl releases).

Mournfall continues the path forged on their last opus by further developing their own individual mix of early 90s style Black Metal with epic Doom riffs.  Owing as much to the early works of Paradise Lost or Candlemass as to that of Emperor or Darkthrone, the resulting epicly mournful and ambient take on Black Metal is perhaps not unsurprising.  Accompanied by melancholic lyrics weaving tales of misery and woe, it is perhaps not to be understated how dark the 8 songs can get over the 41 minutes. Additional bonus CD material is taken from the minidisc master of 2001’s unreleased demo Sussex Hell Hound (a low-fi, cassette transfer of which is available to download for FREE at www.deathtomusic.com)

Packaged with artwork by Lenny Bridgeman and mastered by Kjetil Ottersen, the album will be released as both on Digipac CD and streaming services on 23/04/21 via Death To Music productions


01 – Tyrant Spell
02 – The Anvils
03 – Dispair is my Name
04 – Red Sky in Mourning
05 – My Haunting Vision
06 – Solitude Apocalypse
07 – Shadows Immemorial
08 – A Bitter End

Bonus tracks:

Sussex Hell Hound 2001 Demo

09 – The Raven Looks On
10 – Black Alchemist
11 – Sussex Hell Hound
12 – Serpent & Saint

Pre-order the album at Death To Music production:

Kobold – Nocturnal Chants and Synths
Beleth – 4 & 6 strings of Doom
Kobro – War Hammers

Old Forest: Facebook

SickWalt: New York City Rocker Presents Shove n’ Love

New York Rockers SickWalt have just released their debut album Shove n’ Love. This marks the band’s most developed sound to date, with blazing crisp guitar riffs, thumping & pumping drums and a bottom end that lays the foundation for SickWalt’s unique vocal style.

Between landing in the mental ward, teaching inmates at the infamous Rikers Island prison for MC5 legend Wayne Kramer and his Jail Guitar Doors program, or partying til sunrise in the back alleys of NYC, SickWalt wrote Shove n’ Love through pure experienced passion. Walt remarks, “I absolutely love this creation. This record has all the great sounds rock n’ roll has been missing for a good number of years.”


1. Demand the Stage 03:31
2. Die Like Belushi 02:17
3. Song for Johnny 03:27
4. Everybody’s Lucifer 03:00
5. Million Dollar Man 04:27
6. Punk Almighty 03:52
7. Butcher’s Dog 03:16
8. 7 of Them 03:07
9. Hey Devil 03:44
10. Love Alignment 03:23

Get the album at the band’s website here: https://www.sickwalt.com/
or digital at Orchard https://orcd.co/sickwalt-shovenlove-album

“Sick” Walt Novak – Vocals
Matt Middleton – Guitar
Eric Arce – Drums
Rob Buckley – Bass

SickWalt: Facebook

Terrorential: Australians Drop Visualiser Video for Title Track & Album Is Out Now

Terrorential, Australian Thrash/Death Metal outfit hailing from Sydney, are releasing their much anticipated debut album Visions today. As a teaser, Terrorential also release a visualiser for the title track Visions. Beware, this release definitely requires some neck muscle warm ups!

Singer Larry Papura explains the dark meaning of Visions: “The song Visions is about what would things be like if total war happened and the place you live in was getting invaded.”

For all fans of Obituary, Death, Kreator and alike. Visions is definitely an album to add to your wish list!

Terrorential Artwork


1. Prelusion
2. Logical Terror
3. Warrior
4. One For One
5. Flood The Earth
6. Goddamn Thrashing
7. Dreamescape
8. I’m Fucking Drunk…,!
9. Unleash
10. Visions
11. Terrorential


Larry Papura – Vocals & Guitar

Travis Walker – Guitar & Backing Vocals

Triz Wahington – Drums

Alex Yelistratov – Bass

Terrorentail: Facebook