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Month: March 2021

In Malice’s Wake: Releasing Let There Be Light – a short film about the making off The Blindness of Faith

Australian Thrash/Death masters In Malice’s Wake have released “Let There Be Light”, a short film that explores the creation of the band’s latest album, “The Blindness of Faith”.  

Featuring unseen process footage, fantastic storytelling and insights from members, engineers and other bands, this 33 minute feature is entertaining and candid, giving an intimate look at what went on behind the scenes during the creation of this monumental album.

Including detailed sections on songwriting, recording, artwork & video creation and much more, “Let There Be Light” is an unmissable watch for heavy music fans.  

Shaun Farrugia – Vocals/Guitars
Leigh Bartley – Lead Guitars
Karl Watterson – Bass
Mark Farrugia – Drums

In Malice’s Wake: Facebook

TEMTRIS: Announce 6th Studio Album “Ritual Warfare”

On the 20th of June 2020 Temtris released the powerful single and filmclip “Forever” as a taste of what was to come on the highly anticipated, 6th studio album “Ritual Warfare”, that will be released through Wormholedeath records.

“Ritual Warfare” features the outstanding musicianship and songwriting skills that Temtris deliver with every album. With 8 blazing tracks, over 45 minutes, full of catchy riffs and choruses, dynamic and dominant rhythm sections and powerful vocals that set this band apart from any other.

‘Ritual Warfare’, with its Aztec themed artwork, is the complete heavy metal indulgence and is a must for any music fan of power, thrash and traditional Metal.

Band Statement:
Temtris is thrilled to release “Ritual Warfare on Wormholedeath records in late April 2021! We have worked hard to bring our fans another album of 8 powerful and catchy tracks that will leave our fans hungry for the live show experience. We cannot wait to tour this album across the states of Australia and hopefully head back to NZ and if possible tour Japan to support the special Limited Edition Japanese release once the covid restrictions on overseas travel are reduced. Temtris crew is very keen to join the festival circuit also and bring our new music to our fans from all around the world. We want to thank our Metal family for their ongoing support and hope to see you all at a show soon.”

“Ritual Warfare” Cover & Tracklist

1.Race to the end
2. One for all
3 Seven Sins of man
5.Ritual Warfare
6.Tempus Aeturnum
8.Always United

Temtris are:
Genevieve Rodda – Vocals
Anthony Fox – Guitar
Nik  Wilks – Bass
Nicholas Bolan – Drums
Nadi Norouzian – Guitar

Temtris: Facebook

Tensiion: Australia’s Death & Roll Duo Will Release New EP Subterfuge 3rd April & Visualiser Dead Weight

Australia’s Death & Roll Duo Tensiion are ready to release their new EP Subterfuge independently on April 3th. The band will also unleash the song Dead Weight.

Guitarist Phill Corpe gives us some context around the song: “Dead Weight was a fun track to write, we took a different approach to the timing & vocal placement on this one. It’s definitely got a bit of everything in there that we dig in tune. It also stands out lyrically to the other tracks on the EP, leaning more towards obscure, psychologically disturbing subject matter.”

2020 was a year to forget, but also gave the opportunity to create. Locked down, with the world perpetually collapsing with no end in sight can also be the perfect breeding ground for extreme music.

Tensiion used this time to smash out a new 5-track reflection of the past year, channeling the darker side of humanity with their new EP, Subterfuge. Influences vary greatly. If you asked them to name their top ten in each genre, it may paint a picture of their taste in music, but still wouldn’t be an accurate guide to what constitutes the Tensiion sound.


2.Dead Weight
4.End transmission
5.Friend or Foe (Negative Approach Cover)

Phill Corpe – Guitars & Production
Travis McLeod  – Vocals

Tensiion: Facebook

Against Evil: Release First Single/Video The Sound of Violence From Upcoming Album End of The Line

Today, India’s Heavy Metal force Against Evil release their first single & video The Sound of Violence from their upcoming album End of the Line. The album will be out May 14th via German/Swiss based record label Doc Gator Records in Europe and independently the rest of the world. The sound of Against Evil is best described as Heavy Metal with Power and Speed ​​Metal influence.

Shasank (Rhythm, Lead Guitar) explains about the song: “This is the first song we wrote for the new album. The song is about a gladiator’s fight for survival and freedom. Songwriting wise, we picked up where we left off with our previous release ‘All Hail the King’ while making slight changes to the overall sound. We think it sounds a lot heavier and in-your-face compared to our previous releases and we hope you like it as much as we do.”

Siri – Vocals, Bass Guitar
Sravan – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Shasank – Rhythm, Lead Guitar
Noble John – Drums


  1. The Sound of Violence
  2. Speed Demon
  3. Out for Blood
  4. Call to War
  5. End of the Line
  6. Sword of Power
  7. Metal or Nothin’
  8. Fearless
  9. War Hero (CD Bonus Track: Re-Recorded Version)

Worldwide: https://againstevil.bandcamp.com
Europe: https://www.docgatorshop.com/cat/index/sCategory/22
India: https://www.instamojo.com/AgainstEvil/

Against Evil: Facebook

Wartooth: Brisbane’s Thrash Metal Brothers Release Vinyl Programmed Dichotomy on April 9th

Brisbane based Thrash Metal brothers, Wartooth, will release their latest single Sabotage on Friday April 9th. The single is currently available on all major digital platforms such as Spotify and iTunes. The music video will be premiered on the band’s YouTube channel.

Wartooth are a high-energy Aussie Thrash Attack with a message! Two brothers of metal headbanging through Mental Health and thrashing the Warpath of life. Their debut album, ProgrammedDichotomy, was released in April 2020 and received airplay both nationally and abroad. Wartooth have released several singles from this album with accompanying music videos, including most recently Wired to Die featuring the Wartooth fans (aka Warheads) on the instruments to show a sense of community and solidarity during COVID-19’s social isolation!

Sabotage is the latest single from Programmed Dichotomy, the debut album that has been widely regarded as 2020’s thrash metal masterpiece! Now, for the first time, the album is set to be released on vinyl on April 9th! To celebrate, Wartooth will be releasing a music video which captures the energy and concept of the politically and psychologically charged track.

Andy Knappstein – Guitars & Vocals
Wally Knappstein – Drums & Backing Vocals

Since the beginning, the Knappstein Brothers that are Wartooth have been ferociously crafting a unique melodic, yet fierce style of thrash metal. Taking influences from old school bands such as the Big 4, Overkill, Testament and Exodus, and combining this with contemporary socially conscious lyrics and a passion for improving fellow metalheads’ mental health, Wartooth are a perfect blend of intense moshpits, melting faces and a purposeful mission!

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Side A:
1. Wired to Die
2. Scourge
3. Kingdom of Fear
4. Predator

Side B:
5. Benevolent Destroyer
6. Sabotage
7. Venomhead
8. As Darkness Comes

Pre-Order the Vinyl here: https://shop.wartoothmetal.com/vinyl

Wartooth: Facebook

Ouroboric: Adelaide Metallers Release Lyric video for Dr3g-$tar

Alternative Metallers Ouroboric are now releasing the lyric video Dr3g-$tarfrom their recently self-released DeAd​-​BoY: Zero. Singer Crowley explains the meaning of the song with: “Dr3g-$tar is a cure for gate keepers. The silver bullet for elitism. And an Armageddon of the scene as we know it. It’s hard to look down when we’re all at the same height. No need for backstage passes we’ll meet you at the bar.”

Song and album are recorded and Produced by Ian Miller at Melville Recording Studio. The artwork is from Silver Seraphim Design.

Crowley – Vocals
Mitchell Cooper – Guitar
Mike Simmonds – Guitar
Tom Kenworthy – Drums
Ryan Brock – Bass

Ouroboric: Facebook

Stormtide: New Album A Throne of Hollow Fire Out Today via Metal Hell Records & Release Visualizer for Awakening

Today, Australian Epic Metal band Stormtide release A Throne Of Hollow Fire. This new album is an epic tale of ruin, death and magic told through ten intense chapters of death metal fueled symphony. Crushing guitars, bowel-crunching vocals and drum work from hell follow the hero of our story as he attempts to fulfil his destiny. As the follow up to Wrath Of An Empire, this album represents five years of blood, sweat and beers for the Epic Death Lords of Stormtide.

Vocalist and frontman Reuben Stone states about the album: “Today is the culmination of many years worth of effort. We are proud of what we have created with ‘A Throne of Hollow Fire’. It has fueled our thoughts, dreams and hopes over these years – and it is with great pleasure (and some trepidation) that we finally set it free into the world.

We thank everyone in our lives who have put up with our near obsession over this work for their patience and their understanding. The story of ‘A Throne of Hollow Fire’ is now released – and a new era for STORMTIDE has begun.”

Together with the new album, the band releases a visualizer for the song Awakening. The link is below.

The new album will be released via Metal Hell Records today. Digital and physical copies will be sent out on 1 April 2021. Pre-Oder the album here:

Stormtide Artwork


  1. A Valley of Ashes
  2. A Throne of Hollow Fire
  3. Awakening
  4. Crucible
  5. She Who Would Name the Stars
  6. One Last Pint
  7. He Who Would Drown the Sun
  8. Wayfinder
  9. Eternal Fire
  10. A Warship Braved the Tempest

Reuben Stone – Vocals, Orchestrations
Tyson Richens – Guitars
Daniel Bodnar – Guitars
Dean Hullett – Drums

Stormtide: Facebook