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Metallurg: Released Compilation Metal is Forged Here

Metallurg Music the Polish/Ukraine Record Label and Agency is turning 13th years this year, to celebrate this milestone the Agency decided to release and Compilation CD “Metal Is Forged Here” on February 13th digital via their Bandcamp page and YouTube channel. And also, there will be a physical version available with a T-Shirt or Poster which can be ordered here: office@metallurg.net

The compilation will is packed with amazing bands from all over the world: Australia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and USA. Also the CD will be for fans of all kinds of Metal and their sub-genre from Blues Rock, Melodic Metal, Alternative Rock, Thrash, Death, Black, Doom to Nu Metal.

Metallurg - Compilation


  1. Mental Torment – Black
  2. Stealth – The Fake New(s) World
  3. Tempest Rising – Kingdom
  4. Riff Action Family – Push the Fuck Button
  5. Dying Vision – Horrifying Pattern of the Mind
  6. AdvorsA – Unutterable Hideousness
  7. Minneriket – Sorg og Savn
  8. Curse of Eibon – Whispers in the Dark
  9. Sullen Guest – Come With Me
  10. Chris Maragoth – Tales of My Demise
  11. Mario Rossi – Nemesis
  12. Neptune – Fallen Nations
  13. Artwork for the Blind – The First Supper
  14. Still Runners – Messed Up
  15. Freakshow – Built 4 This Shit
  16. Nihilum – Sunless Death

Get Metal Is Forged Here digital from February 13th, 2022 on Bandcamp here: https://metallurg.bandcamp.com/ or on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/METALURGca

Check out all details on the Metallurg website here:

To order CD, T-shirt or Poster: office@metallurg.net

REECE: Released New Video “Down To The Core” from the album Blacklist Utopia

Although the last album “Blacklist Utopia” was already released in October 2021, media interest in this album is still high, not least because of the best-of 2021 posts from the editorial team. No wonder, since the album was overwhelmed with great reviews by all magazines, big and small.

Reason enough for David Reece to thank everyone again via press release:

“Greetings everyone and I’d like to wish you all a safe and happy new year. Also I’d like to thank each and every one of you, fans and editors for your incredible support of my latest album Black list Utopia. And my many thanks to El Puerto records and all at El Puerto records for working so hard to promote my record. Also my brother Bob Reece at Redwoods custom video and photo creations for his professional work ethic and hunger helping to create the visuals on I can’t breathe and my new video soon to be released To the core. All my best to you all”

The album appears as a Jewel Case CD or as a (largely out of print) collector’s edition: https://shop.el-puerto-records.com/en/bands/david-reece/ or digitally: https://bfan.link/blacklist-utopia

REECE: Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100048099653147

Chris Maragoth: Released EP Tales & Video Tales of a Girl feat. Nadine Hope

On November 26 solo artist Chris Maragoth released his new concept EP „Tales” on all major streaming services, media stores, and on Bandcamp.

The music video for the EP opener “Tales of a Girl“ was also released on the same day on his official YouTube channel. (See Below)

“Tales” is a musical short story collection. The EP contains 3 tracks that not only have in common that they start with the phrase “Tales of” in their song title, but also that each track got a self-contained story largely based on personal experiences. For example “Tales of a Girl” is about being in love with a specific person that does not feel the same way and, as a result, the struggle to finally let go or to keep on trying. Nadine Hope, who lent her voice to a track on last year’s EP “Lost and Separated”, maintains the vocals again.

The music style of “Tales” can be described as Melodic Metal and Symphonic Metal with some elements of Gothic. If you like good and catchy melodies, a melancholic, and also a dark atmosphere, you should definitely take a look.


1. Tales of a Girl (feat. Nadine Hope)
2. Tales of My Demise
3. Tales of Loss and Tragedy

Get the digital album at their bands Bandcamp page here: https://chrismaragoth.bandcamp.com/ or here:

Chris Maragoth: Facebook

V/Haze Miasma: Release Official Video Nebula for the EP Title Track & EP out now

Melancholic. Aesthetic. Cold. V/HAZE MIASMA strike back spectacularly on the current „Nebula“ EP!  Even rawer than on the debut „agenda:endure“ (2020) but likewise crushing, versatile and pleasant. It´s a beast not to be dislodged, somewhere between progressive, post, and black metal. „Nebula“ consists of two brand-new Miasma tracks plus a hymnic piano version of the debut track „Hubris“. Supporters of Solstafir, Long Distance Calling, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Ghost Brigade or Swallow the Sun should take a chance on this wayfare!



1 – Nebula                        3:48
2 – Hypocrite! …Another Vicious Grimace        8:00
3 – Hubris Redux (Piano & clean vocals only)    7:19

Release date: January 7, 2022
Released by V/Haze Miasma & Supreme Chaos Records

The EP is released digital-only. 
Get the release here: https://link.supremechaos.de/vhazemiasma/

V/HAZE MIASMA : Facebook

Burn The Highway: Sydney Hard Rockers Announce Weapon X Australia Tour 2022

Sydney’s rising Hard Rock stars, Burn The Highway, are bringing their live show for the first time to your city in 2022. Influenced by heavy metal, punk, pop, and hip hop the unique hybrid sound makes this a show not to be missed. So make sure to catch the band on one of there following dates through NSW and ACT.

The band’s debut album “Weapon X” drops in early 2022 and the music videos have already reached over 300,000 views before even stepping on the stage. 

Be there from the start as Burn The Highway arms itself for global domination.

Black-Roos Entertainment presents

Burn The Highway Weapon X Australia Tour 2022

Saturday January 29th:  Sydney – Frankie’s Pizza
Heavy Turns 10
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/395990702215154
Sunday February 20th: Sydney – MoshPitBar

Saturday March 05th: Dapto – Diamond Dogs Music Lounge & Bar

Sunday April 03th: Sydney – Crowbar

Saturday June 11th: Canberra – The Basement

Saturday August 13th: Sydney – MoshPitBar

Saturday August 20th: Dapto – Diamond Dogs Music Lounge & Bar

Sunday September 25th: Newcastle – Hamilton Station Hotel

Empyreal Sorrow: Release EP Harm(ony) Within & Remix Night Re-Armoured

Fight those that oppose change and individuality – that’s the spirit with which EMPYREAL SORROW decided to mash up one of the most powerful songs from their debut album „PRÆY“. And with the producer and electronic artist LXEKR they found the perfect partner to give a new face to „A Night Without Armor“. The Industrial-based remix „Night Re-Armoured“ remains the original song’s epic spirit and raw energy, yet discovering another refreshing facet of what lies within EMPYREAL SORROW’s Melodic Death Metal. This unconventional song is the worthy conclusion to the new 4-track-EP „Harm(ony) Within“ out on the 24th of December

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01 – Cursed Be The False Promise
02 – Heartfelt Disease
03 – No Absolution
04 – Night Re-Armoured (LXEKR-Remix)

The Ep is out today, 24th of December 2021.
Get the EP & merch at their band’s Bandcamp page or at the band’s webstore.
Harm(ony) Withinhttps://snd.click/ebyf


EMERALD SUN: Release new video “Hellbound” from their fifth album “Kingdom Of Gods”

Greece’s power metaller EMERALD SUN shows the first video from their upcoming album “KINGDOM OF GODS” (release date 01/28/2022). With HELLBOUND, metalheads get a first foretaste of the new album. The first video will surely not only please fans of Quentin Tarantino or John Carpenter.
Singer Stelios “Theo” Tsakiridis: “We are all fans of Carpenter and Tarantino, we think vampire ladies are sexy, we have a song that fits this concept … and that’s the result! We are very proud of the video and are curious how this will be received by the people.

Pre-Order will started on December 17th, 2021 at www.epr.rocks
Digital friends can find the album here: https://bfan.link/kingdom-of-gods

Tracklist EMERALD SUN – “Kingdom Of Gods”
01 – Book Of Genesis
02 – Heroes On The Rise
03 – Hellbound
04 – Legions Of Doom
05 – Gaia (The End Of Innocence)
06 – Kingdom Of Gods
07 – Raise Hell
08 – The Hunter
09 – We Will Die On Our Feet
10 – Where Warriors Belong