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Having to work with Black-Roos Entertainment for the past few years has been an honor to us at Vent Box Productions. Mr Michael Lueders is 1 very hardworking metalhead and Metal United World Wide has been a big project for him and everyone of us. Having to contact global promoters singlehandedly is 1 amazing feat not everyone can do! Kudos to Black-Roos Entertainment and all the best for all our future collaboration including Metal United World Wide!
Mikael Lo
Vent Box Productions, Singapore

As a young and fairly new band ready to release our debut EP we needed to find the right PR person to help plan and promote the release. It was our lucky day when a friend told us about Michael Lueders and Black-Roos Entertainment. Working with Michael has been a fantastic experience. He is fun and friendly, extremely hard working and has been totally invested in doing everything he can to promote our band through his extensive contacts and resources. Nothing is too much trouble, no question too stupid and he always makes us feel like we’re his highest priority! We plan to eventually tour in Europe and hoped to gain some reach in that area with our first release. Through Michael’s efforts, we’ve had a fantastic response from media in Europe (as well as other parts of the world) with dozens of interviews and strong reviews for our EP. It’s early days for us, but we now feel very supported by having Black-Roos on our side. Michael is always very professional, though working with him feels more personal, and that’s the best part of all!
Edward Warren
Ironstone, Australia

We have know Michael for some years now, and after watching him transform Metal-Roos and online review/database to Black-Roos a small DIY agency booking shows around the world. We know we were in good hands. We gave Michael and his team dates and where we were interested in going and he teamed up with his contacts and resources and help us plan a 6 week 20+ show European tour. It was a massive learning curve for us and im sure for him. He was patience and helped us work through what we wanted even with our minds chopping and changing day in and day out. We did know what to expect with the shows and turn-outs but the organisation of it was top notch. Already in talks with another tour again soon!
James Ward-Armstrong
Tempest Rising, Australia

Michael & Black-Roos Entertainment are one of the best decisions you can make as a band to join forces with. Most reliable, experienced and dedicated to the core, Michael & Black-Roos Entertainment are doing more than just a great job in promoting & booking & managing the bands and artists on their roster in the truest and best sense of the word – they also know where to discover and how to develop real talented bands & artists! El Puerto Records is glad to know Black-Roos Entertainment as top notch & trustful partner from down under!
Torsten Ihlenfeld
El Puerto Records, Germany

I have worked with Michael and Anja in several different capacities over the past decade, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are genuine lovers of music, huge supporters of Australian-made heavy metal, and ALWAYS act with the best interests of the band in mind. If you are looking for someone to bounce ideas around with, or to bring your music to the world, then look no further than Black-Roos Entertainment!
Ryan Quarrington
Shatter Brain, ALKIRA, Australia

Working with Michael and the Black-Roos team has been a pleasure and a very easy and enjoyable experience, he has helped steer the band in the right directions and made the release of our debut ep smooth and simple. We look forward to continue working with Michael and the great team he has put together.
Devon Smith
Plague 9, Australia

Working with Michael and Black-Roos Entertainment is absolutely great. Such dedication to spreading the work of underground bands from all over the world is inspiring and provided us with a much needed exposure that we greatly appreciate. Thanks for the kick ass support!

Myself and the band have worked with Michael Lueders of BLACK-ROOS for the past 5 years. In that time Michael and his business has proved to be super hard working to deliver you the best possible outcome that you’re looking for. For the release of our second album ‘THE WALKING SHRED’, we employed them to media service the album and to find us a reputable label with Worldwide distribution and to book us a European tour. They delivered both in spades, booking our 1st overseas tour with ten shows throughout Europe and getting us signed to Germany’s ‘EL PUERTO RECORDS’ that house the likes of DAVID REECE (Ex Accept), BEASTO BLANCO (Chuck Garrick & Callico Cooper) and label co owner Torsten Ihlenfeld of BRAINSTORM at the Helm. The album has been serviced to countless media outlets and web zines around the globe, with stellar reviews including being named in Metal Hammers top 20 albums of 2019. Michael and the team @ BLACK-ROOS ENTERTAINMENT will work their asses off for you and your band to deliver the goods! They’ll do it for an affordable price and actually deliver what they promise… with a cheeky German grin.
Anthony Mavrikis
Envenomed, Australia

We highly recommend working with Black-Roos Entertainment. This is a serious, solid and dedicated agency who really deliver the goods. Furthermore, with very affordable prices. The promotion for our debut album resulted in lots of great reviews, press releases, media attention and interviews worldwide, and we couldn’t be more happy with the outcome.
Kristian Moen
Brotthogg, Norway

Michael Lueders & Black-Roos have been an absolutely crucial element in getting our release “The Blindness of Faith” out there.  If you’ve heard of this release, it is probably because of him.  Despite having years of experience in creating music, releasing and promotion is one area I am rapt to have found help with.  Michael worked tirelessly from the beginning, helping advise me on how to design our release campaign, adjusting and improving initial ideas, creating and putting out press releases, following up with his huge list of contacts & having many phone calls with me to answer questions and help makes things work smoothly for us.  I really felt that he was a fifth member of our band through this process and there was such a comfort at my end knowing I had expert help in the area of promotion, especially after we had worked so hard on the album.  It was a thrill to see our various videos and press releases appear in countless zines & publications & I enjoyed doing the large range of great interviews that Michael lined up.  Really can’t thank him enough for all of his help with the release & can’t recommend his services enough  Cheers Michael!
Shaun Farrugia
In Malice’s Wake, Australia

With the top-notch support from Black Roos Entertainment, we had a pretty awesome start with our first record and are now able to continuously build on that. We will definitely be working together again on future projects.
Sebastian Moser
Empyreal Sorrow, Germany

Working with Michael was easy and great. Very communicative, smooth and quick. Not only did he do the work, but also gave me ideas and advice. It was an amzing experince to work with the Black-Roos Team!
Bitoku Sakamoto
Sailing Before The Wind, Japan