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About Us

Black-Roos Entertainment is an all-in-one music promotional service company featuring a small, dedicated team of passionate music fans with years of experience in the music industry with the aim of supporting bands, labels, promoters and more to help them achieve their goals.

We offer services in Public Relations, Management and Bookings, all of which can be customised to fit your needs. We are community oriented with a strong focus on the people and the music, regardless of whether you are established or just starting out. We are passionate about music and making your journey the best it can be so we can work with you to gain the exposure and experiences that you deserve.

Our network is ever-expanding, covering worldwide media outlets, webzines, podcasts, radio shows, and blogs, as well as label, distros, festivals, and other metal institutions. CEO of Black-Roos Entertainment, Michael Lueders is also the official representative for German label El Puerto Records, listed as El Puerto Office Asia/Australia. Black-Roos Entertainment also organizes other initiatives including the ever growing Metal United Down Under and Metal United World Wide events which aim to bring together the scattered metal community across Australia and worldwide. Clients we have worked with include Tony Martin (Ex-Black Sabbath), Victoria K, Tempest Rising, Envenomed, Carmeria and many more.

Achievements have included getting support slots for high profile acts such as Red Fang, The Iron Maidens, Loudness, Hardcore Superstars, Faster Pussy Cats, Geoff Tate, Powerman 5000 and Enslaved and our clients also receiving inclusion in such media as Heavy Magazine, Metal Hammer UK, Burrn, Rock Hard Germany, Classic Rock Germany, Rolling Stones India, Powerplay Magazine, Scream Magazine, Deaf Forever, Zero Tolerance, Parat, and many more.

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