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Public Relations plays an important role in the music industry, helping to get the world out on your band. All bands that utilise our PR service receive a customised worldwide campaign. No job is too big or small, we work with you to help you realize your dreams and goals by getting to know you and understanding what you and your band stand for. We can promote your album, your single, your video, your tour or even partner with you to handle all of your promotional needs.

Single Press Release

We’ll take the headache out of organising interviews and liaising with media outlets, magazines, news, radio and online platforms. Just give us the details and we’ll create a press release, send it out to our contacts and continually liaise with them to push your music further. Quality is the name of the game and we want you to make the biggest impact that you can on the music scene.

Campaign – Album and Tour

We consult closely with you to help distil your story and package it into an engaging and exciting campaign. Once we have your story, we organise and promote four separate press releases to facilitate media coverage, airplay, reviews and interviews. Effectively, we get the word out, clearly, quickly and many times to help your news be heard by the right people.

Promotion Service

Let us take the pressure off by partnering with you. We will be your point of contact and help manage your work, negotiate with bookers and handle any releases and campaigns that come up for you.