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Month: December 2021

Burn The Highway: Sydney Hard Rockers Announce Weapon X Australia Tour 2022

Sydney’s rising Hard Rock stars, Burn The Highway, are bringing their live show for the first time to your city in 2022. Influenced by heavy metal, punk, pop, and hip hop the unique hybrid sound makes this a show not to be missed. So make sure to catch the band on one of there following dates through NSW and ACT.

The band’s debut album “Weapon X” drops in early 2022 and the music videos have already reached over 300,000 views before even stepping on the stage. 

Be there from the start as Burn The Highway arms itself for global domination.

Black-Roos Entertainment presents

Burn The Highway Weapon X Australia Tour 2022

Saturday January 29th:  Sydney – Frankie’s Pizza
Heavy Turns 10
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/395990702215154
Sunday February 20th: Sydney – MoshPitBar

Saturday March 05th: Dapto – Diamond Dogs Music Lounge & Bar

Sunday April 03th: Sydney – Crowbar

Saturday June 11th: Canberra – The Basement

Saturday August 13th: Sydney – MoshPitBar

Saturday August 20th: Dapto – Diamond Dogs Music Lounge & Bar

Sunday September 25th: Newcastle – Hamilton Station Hotel

Empyreal Sorrow: Release EP Harm(ony) Within & Remix Night Re-Armoured

Fight those that oppose change and individuality – that’s the spirit with which EMPYREAL SORROW decided to mash up one of the most powerful songs from their debut album „PRÆY“. And with the producer and electronic artist LXEKR they found the perfect partner to give a new face to „A Night Without Armor“. The Industrial-based remix „Night Re-Armoured“ remains the original song’s epic spirit and raw energy, yet discovering another refreshing facet of what lies within EMPYREAL SORROW’s Melodic Death Metal. This unconventional song is the worthy conclusion to the new 4-track-EP „Harm(ony) Within“ out on the 24th of December

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01 – Cursed Be The False Promise
02 – Heartfelt Disease
03 – No Absolution
04 – Night Re-Armoured (LXEKR-Remix)

The Ep is out today, 24th of December 2021.
Get the EP & merch at their band’s Bandcamp page or at the band’s webstore.
Harm(ony) Withinhttps://snd.click/ebyf


EMERALD SUN: Release new video “Hellbound” from their fifth album “Kingdom Of Gods”

Greece’s power metaller EMERALD SUN shows the first video from their upcoming album “KINGDOM OF GODS” (release date 01/28/2022). With HELLBOUND, metalheads get a first foretaste of the new album. The first video will surely not only please fans of Quentin Tarantino or John Carpenter.
Singer Stelios “Theo” Tsakiridis: “We are all fans of Carpenter and Tarantino, we think vampire ladies are sexy, we have a song that fits this concept … and that’s the result! We are very proud of the video and are curious how this will be received by the people.

Pre-Order will started on December 17th, 2021 at www.epr.rocks
Digital friends can find the album here: https://bfan.link/kingdom-of-gods

Tracklist EMERALD SUN – “Kingdom Of Gods”
01 – Book Of Genesis
02 – Heroes On The Rise
03 – Hellbound
04 – Legions Of Doom
05 – Gaia (The End Of Innocence)
06 – Kingdom Of Gods
07 – Raise Hell
08 – The Hunter
09 – We Will Die On Our Feet
10 – Where Warriors Belong


SHAKE THE TEMPLE: Announce New Music Video The Devil’s Approach

Hot on the heels of their debut album, Australia’s Shake The Temple has announced the release of their second music video for their latest track ‘The Devil’s Approach’.

A colossal production filmed in a secret location; this music video is something to behold.

A cinematic, movie-like setting in a maze of giant timber pillars- the video conjures up memories of 70’s horror and vintage metal that reflects on the nature of this new band. Bringing such theatre so rarely seen in music videos these days, it is a credit to the trio that they can break the norms for a band hailing from a usually restrained local rock scene.

 According to lead singer John Joseph, the production was originally a pipe dream.

“I wanted to capture the origins of the song and I knew it was going to be a big effort, so I started with a storyboard, then shared it with our video director, and incredibly he had the balls to take it on!”, laughed Joseph.

Showing you do not need a Hollywood budget to pull off a cinematic feat, SHAKE THE TEMPLE’s sheer determination, vision and creativity is on full display.

From the ‘Stranger Things’ teenage victim to the evil-eyed villain, The Devil’s Approach music video commands attention right to the very end. Incredibly well filmed and edited, supported by a powerful live performance by the band – It is a video release not to be missed.

Order the new album here: https://deadpulse.com/product/shake-the-temple-shake-the-temple/


1. Huntsman
2. The Devil’s Approach
3. If You And I Could Make It
4. Precious Lover
5. Who I Am
6. Late Indicator
7. Martini
8. Driven
9. Fist Of Love

Shake The Temple: Facebook

Tony Martin: Released First Song From Upcoming Album

Tony Martin released the first track “AS THE WORLD BURNS” as a Lyric Video. The song is taken off upcoming SOLO album titled “THORNS”. The Album will be released on January 14th via Battlgod Productions in Asia, Australia, Europe, UK and Scandinavia.
Pre-Orders are available at: http://www.battlegod-productions.com

The new album will feature Danny Needham (Venom), Magnus Rosen (HammerFall), Scott McClellan (who helped co-write the album) and Greg Smith who performed with Alice Cooper, Rainbow, Blue Öyster Cult, and many more.

Talking about the new album, Tony says: “This new album is probably the most “Tony Martin” a Tony Martin album has ever sounded!! It’s got several surprises that will lift people’s eyebrows I am sure. Largely but not entirely based around the riffs of Scott McClellan, new to the world scene he has proved to be a worthy partner in crime for this release… I was able to make some great songs out of the riffs he was coming up with which is very similar in the writing sense to that which I experienced with Tony Iommi. Different sound and style but the riffing talent that someone like Scott has are very cool.”

Tony states that the album is the “diverse, melodic, powerful, thought-provoking and of a standard high as ever I have worked on.” He believes “there are stories still to tell, songs still to be sung and with this album. I feel it’s achieved everything I could have wished for.” Tony is “grateful to the people who have given their extra talents in appearances on this recording. It’s been a challenge in COVID lockdown, getting everyone’s performances from across the world, but in another way, it was a perfect opportunity to get it done.”

Battlegod Productions label founder Peter Kotevski says that “Tony Martin is one of the best Metal vocalists of all time and lyrically brilliant and musically fantastic, a True Heavy Metal Legend.”

Tony Martin, is an English heavy metal vocalist, best known for his time fronting Black Sabbath, initially from 1987 to 1991 and again from 1993 to 1996. Martin was the band’s second longest-serving vocalist after Ozzy Osbourne. Eternal Idol and Headless Cross are among the best known Black Sabbath albums featuring Tony Martin as well as Scream his solo album from 2005.

Tony Martin Artwork

Tracklist – Thorns:

01 As The World Burns
02 Black Widow Angel
03 Book Of Shadows
04 Crying Wolf
05 Damned By You
06 No Shame At All
07 No Where To Fly
08 Passion Killer
09 Run Like The Devil
10 This Is Your Damnation
11 Thorns

Tony Martin: Facebook

EMERALD SUN: Release cover and tracklist for the new album “KINGDOM OF GODS”

The Greek power metallers EMERALD SUN will release their fifth album “KINGDOM OF GODS” on January 28th, 2022.

It will be the first collaboration with their new label EL PUERTO RECORDS.
KINGDOM OF GODS (Cover & Artwork Michael Gladigau) contains 10 brand new, varied classic power metal hymns.

Once again, producer Marcos Rodriguez (Ex RAGE) was responsible for mix & mastering.

EMERALD SUN was founded in Thessaloniki / Greece in the late 1990s.
They have released four albums so far, KINGDOM OF GODS will be the fifth album by the Greeks, who in the past attracted attention with duets with Liv Kristine or Peavy Wagner.

The release concert will – back to the roots – be reserved for Thessaloniki, some summer festivals are booked. With the LuckyBob Music Agency as their booking agency and the record label El Puerto Records at their side, EMERALD SUN are ready for the next step and that can actually only be Metal Olympus for Greeks.

Pre-Order will start on December 17th, 2021 at www.epr.rocks
Digital friends can find the album here: https://bfan.link/kingdom-of-gods

Tracklist EMERALD SUN – “Kingdom Of Gods”
01 – Book Of Genesis
02 – Heroes On The Rise
03 – Hellbound
04 – Legions Of Doom
05 – Gaia (The End Of Innocence)
06 – Kingdom Of Gods
07 – Raise Hell
08 – The Hunter
09 – We Will Die On Our Feet
10 – Where Warriors Belong

Emerald Sun: Facebook

AS LIGHT DECAYS: Release New Video The Torrents Fall a heartbroken story from an Aussie farmer

Perth thrash band AS LIGHT DECAYS has released their latest video for the single ‘The Torrents Fall’, a song that is dedicated to all the farmers across Australia. Off their latest album SYSTEM OF DIVISION, the video highlights a tale of an Aussie farmer facing the battles that come with tackling our sunburnt land.

“The Torrents Fall is a quintessentially Australian tale of an Aussie farmer who is battling a crippling drought and facing the loss of his livelihood until the rains finally come and bring salvation. It showcases resilience and strength in the face of adversity,” explains singer Jamie Gaitskell, “since writing The Torrents Fall in 2019, it’s been a staple in all of our live sets, and it’s personally one of my favorite songs to perform.”

“We recently celebrated National Agriculture Day in Australia (November 19),” guitarist Brett Dunsire explains, “so the timing is perfect for everyone to celebrate all that the farmers do to feed the nation, often through much hardship.”

The video, directed by Peter Renzullo and shot across two very classic Australian locations, aims to pack an emotional punch- highlighting the strong story in the track. With personal experience amongst some of the band members working the land, the band hopes to showcase and rally support for local farmers.

2. Mercy Kill
3. The Blame Game
4. Chaos In Order
5. The Torrents Fall
6. Dissent from Above
7. Rasstrelny
8. Revolutions

Get your copy of the album here: https://aslightdecays.bandcamp.com/