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Month: June 2021

Innasanatorium: West Australians Reveal Artwork and Tracklist for New Album Odyssey Of The Mind & Video Night Terrors

Innasanatorium are ready to take their music and vision as far as they can, all around Australia and abroad. Armed and ready with their astonishing debut album Odyssey Of The Mind ready to drop, keep a close eye on this excellent new West Australian band. If you are looking for riff-tastic and message-driven progressive thrash metal with a perfect blend of old school and new school influences, look no further than INNASANATORIUM!!!

Odyssey Of The Mind will be released on July 10th. Today, the band releases their amazing artwork and tracklist (below). Further, the band dropped the official video for the song Single Night Terrors. Singer Adam about the song: “It’s basically about having vivid nightmares every night which slowly start creeping into the waking world which leads to insanity.”


  1. Intro
  2. Show Me Your Scars
  3. The Decline (Odyssey Of The Mind – Part I)
  4. Night Terrors
  5. Shifting Shadows
  6. The Despair (Odyssey Of The Mind – Part II)
  7. Scotty from Marketing
  8. Science In The House Of God
  9. The Desire
  10. Accelerated Oblivion
  11. Freak (Silverchair Cover)
  12. Outro

Adam Bomb McDonald – Vocals
Ryan Pearce – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Rapid Man – Guitars
Metal C (Tim) – Bass
Justin Sanity (Kelvin) – Backing Vocals & Manager

Innasanatorium: Facebook

Sithlord: Australian Sci-Fi Thrashers Release From Out Of The Darkness on Vinyl

Melbourne’s Sci-fi Thrashers Sithlord released the album From Out Of Darkness in October 2019. Nearly 2 years later, the band presses this amazing album on vinyl. The From Out Of Darkness vinyl will be out through Diabolic Might Records in Germany on 11 June 2021. In traditional Star Wars fashion, the vinyl will be available in 100 red ‘Sith Lightsaber’ editions and 400 black ‘Vaders Armour’ editions.

For those who are unaware of Sci-Fi Thrash but love Metal and Star Wars, this is your music. May the Thrash be with you, turn up the volume!


100 x red ‘Sith Lightsaber’ edition

Side A

Next In Line
Rebel Scum
From Out Of The Darkness
The Alliance Of Hate

Side B
The Accursed
Siths Revenge
The Return To Godless Times
Dead by Dawn

400 x black ‘Vaders Armour’ editions

Side A

Next In Line
Rebel Scum
From Out Of The Darkness
The Alliance Of Hate

Side B
The Accursed
Siths Revenge
The Return To Godless Times
Dead by Dawn Pre-Order the Red Vinyl here.
Pre-Order the Black Vinyl here.

Adrian Willis – Guitar
Jamael Rojo –- Bass
Lee Mountney – Drums
Saundies – Guitar/Vocals

Sithlord: Facebook

EnforcE: Release Artwork and Tracklist for New Album Deep Blue & Video Metal United

Australians EnforcE finally release the artwork and tracklist for their long-waited 4th full-length release. Deep Blue has been a decade in making. The album will be officially released on 1 July 2021.

Deep Blue features 9 songs with over 40min of metal music. The album will be available on all media platforms and the physical CDs through Heavy Metal Merchant.

To give fans already a bit of taste for Deep Blue, EnforcE has created an official video for the song Metal United. Singer Guy Bell says about Metal United: “It is a song that celebrates a genre we all have grown to love and appreciate and unite together.”


  1. Dark Cloud
  2. Thrash Attack
  3. Where did she go
  4. Born of Bloodshed
  5. Deep Blue
  6. Metal United
  7. Without US
  8. Death before Dishonour
  9. Death Core is my Thing

Recorded/mixed/mastered at Bergerk Studios,
Video production by JV Photo & Film.

Deep Blue will be available on all online platforms and in physical format through Heavy Metal Merchant.

Paul Easson – Guitar
Guy Bell – Vocal & Guitar
Damyz Pettit – Drums
Shaun Neill – Bass

EnforcE: Facebook

Göatzilla: Aussie High-Voltage Rockers Present New Single/Video Nightmare

Today, high-voltage Aussie rocker’s Göatzilla release the new single and video Nightmare. Front goat Ben Zilla explains Nightmare: It’s a prequel – the backstory to ACDC’s ‘Jailbreak’, about a guy jailed for a crime he didn’t commit. Jailbreak got me into rock when I was about 11 or 12 – I loved everything about it – the riff, the rhythm, the solo, the vocals, the energy – but especially the way it told a story. So when P1 (Guitarist Pete Beardsley) came up with the initial tune, it just sounded so 70’s Aussie pub rock.” The band actually gave it the working title Malcolm in honour of the famous Young brother.

Ben continues “Then we needed lyrics and I asked myself the question – ‘What would Bon Scott do?’. That question is pretty much guaranteed NOT to set you on the wisest path. But you definitely know it’s going to be fun – at least in the short term. In this case it sent me back to my roots and I came up with this story to see what got Bon’s mate in so much trouble.”

Nightmare has been part of Göatzilla’s live set for a while along with “at least two albums worth” of new material the band has been working on since Covid put the music scene on hold. This was the first track they put together with the new lineup. According to the band “it’s just a good old-fashioned, no bullshit, in-ya-face Aussie-pub-rock track.”

Recorded by Guy Cooper at Serotonin Studios, the single and video of Nightmare are due for release on all the usual platforms on 4 June. Get the new single on Apple Music here, or on Spotify here.

Göatzilla has been described as “A feral version of AC/DC meets Motörhead, with twice the shredding”.Line-up:
Ben Zilla – Vocals & Bass
Pete “P1 Beardsley – Guitar
Pete “P2” Janssen – Guitar
Mick Davies – Drums

Göatzilla: Facebook

Sarmat: Polish Death Metallers Release New Album RS-28 & Lyric Video

Polish death/black metallers Sarmat have released their debut album RS-28 and a lyric video. RS-28 Sarmat is a Russian super-heavy ballistic missile (known also as SATAN 2), the weapon of ultimate destruction.

RS-28 consists of eight songs lasting 33.5 minutes. These songs are a furious and aggressive mixture of death metal and black metal. The album is available in physical format (CD) and as digital on the band’s profile on Bandcamp. To spread the nuclear apocalypse more effectively the band has released the lyric video to the title song from their debut album. The band states about the song: “Welcome to The Cold War II!”


1. Coldgrinder   3’19”
2. Evilution   5’45”
3. The Shining of Oneiros   4’11”
4. RS-28   3’51”
5. Seeds of Uncertainty   3’36”
6. You Don’t Live in My War   5’38”
7. Blackout (Scenario for Tomorrow) part I   3’32”
8. Blackout (Scenario for Tomorrow) part II   3’41”
Total Length:   33’33”

Recording line-up:
Daniel Szymanowicz – Guitars, Bass (session), VST Instruments
Krzysztof Kopczeński – Guitars
Łukasz Kobusiński – Vocals
Krzysztof Klingbein – Drums (session)

Sarmat: Facebook

ASSAULT: Release Second Single Minerva from Upcoming Album In Aevum Et Illustrata

Today, Singapore’s Melodic Death Metallers ASSAULT are releasing their second single Minerva. The song has taken from upcoming album In Aevum Et IIustrata (In the Age of the Enlightened). The album will be released on 30 June 2021 via Eastbreath Records.

Vocalist Clarence shares about the album theme and the song: “The Bavarian Illuminati were formed by Adam Weishaupt and four other students in 1776. The group used the Owl of Minerva as their official symbol. The title and lyrical concept of this song is based on the roman goodness of wisdom ‘Minerva’ and the intertwined relationship it had with the Bavarian Illuminati.”

The album also featured a guest appearance by Andy Gillion from Mors Principium Est on the track 1788.

Noh – Guitar
Clarence – Vocal
Hanesh – Guitar
Mitch – Drums
Syaz – Bass

ASSAULT: Facebook