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REAVER & ACROLYSIS ‘The Revolution Nation Tour 2024’

Acrolysis and Reaver have teamed up for the ‘Revolution Nation Tour 2024’. Their first co-headlining national tour together where they’ll be bringing their new albums to the East and South Coasts of Australia.

In early November Reaver dropped their debut album ‘Iron Nation’. A couple weeks later Acrolysis released their first album ‘Revolution. The two groups are seizing the opportunity to unite in an effort to incite dissent around the country with their fast paced, heavy brands of chaos. Teaming up with a gang of local hell raisers in each city.


Sydney – Marrickville Bowling Club – April 6, 2024
w/ T-Rex Autopsy & Decimator

Brisbane – Greaser – April 12, 2024
with Awake The Hate

Newcastle – Hamilton Station Hotel – April 19, 2024
with Devoid Altar, Heathenspawn & Death Feeder

Wollongong – Wollongong Tennis Club – April 19, 2024
with Pyrefly & Step In Blood

Canberra – Pot Belly Bar – April 20, 2024
(Metal United Down Under)
with Pipoltr &

Melbourne – Mr Boogie Man Bar – April 26, 2024
with Rawtism & Firing Squad

Adelaide – West Oak Hotel – April 27, 2024
with Broken Loose, Storm The Crown & Greedy Bunch of Parasites