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Metal United Down Under: Who’s Participating In Round 5?

Less than 3 months to go to the fifth round of Metal United Down Under (MUDU). The big day is 22 September and the promoters are getting ready. Six cities have announced their full line-ups:

  • Albury combines Deadset Legends – a tribute to Rock and Metal legends – with MUDU
  • Hobart has a two stages show
  • Lismore has currently the biggest lineup with 14 bands
  • Melbourne is going for the true metal/thrash with LORD, Vanishing Point and Alarum
  • Orange is back for the second time
  • Port Pirie follows Lismore with a massive show and 13 bands

Darwin, Maryborough, Wagga Wagga, Perth and Brisbane are finalising their lineups. Canberra, Wollongong and Bendigo are very likely to return as well. 54 bands have been announced so far. It is expected that once again 90 to 100 Australian bands will play Metal United Down Under and the numbers of previous  years will be matched.

These are the bands currently announced:
HEADLESS, Black Jesus, Moustache Ant, As Flesh Decays, Cuck Lord, Gangrene Penis, Beast Impalor, Stone Sovereign, Drakkarus Arkheth, Terra Mortem, Cafe Enema, Kold Creature, Symptoms Persist, Elephant, Puncture Wound, Medics of Pain, End Us, The Nuremberg Code, Pavilion Band, Symbolic Weapon, Harvest The Moon, RoXferry, Evil Eye, Mergatroyd, Shadow Realm, In:Extremis, Oath of Damnation, Good Time Aussie Bogalars, Sickness, Christ Crusher, Counter Attack!, Sedulous Rouse, Maniacal, Aftashock, Fireace, Suffer The Evenue, Hate Force Five, Nosce Tiepsum, Pure, Vice, Satanicus, Interitum, Lacerta, Lab A, Perceptions, LORD, Vanishing Point, Alarum, In Malice’s Wake, Damnations Day, Monoliyth, Espionage, Abraxxas, IMMORIUM

For more information about the shows and bands participating, check out the official MUDU website:
Here are the shows and these are the bands.

It’s not too late to become part of this huge venture. If you are involved with metal, there is always an option to support and participate. Contact events@metal-roos.com.au for more information.

Metal United Down Under is in the warm up phase. Get warmed up with us to make the 22 September another great day in Australia’s metal year! \m/

The second MUDU compilation Metal United Down Under Volume II has just arrived fresh from the press. Get your copy at a MUDU show on 22 September. Find out more about the compilation here: www.metal-roos.com.au/mudu/compilation

Metal United Down Under started 2014 as a community project of the Australian metal underground to offer extended exposure to bands. At the same time, the event aims to provide the scattered metal scene with a feeling of unity by participating in one event together – despite the distance between everybody.

TEMTRIS: Single and Video Release of ‘Run’

Sydney metal band Temtris have released the powerful single Run from their upcoming 5th studio album Rapture (out on 1 October 2018). The Temtris crew has yet again pushed themselves to reach new heights with this latest release: Run is a big song with twin guitar solos, speed thrashing double kicks, powerful bass and soaring vocals. The theme is running together with the metal pack and Temtris cannot wait to have the metal crowd up front singing along with their horns raised in the air.

Temtris is releasing the single on a limited 7-inch vinyl press with the B side having the song Paradise Road from the first sold out Temtris album, Threshold. The new single is available for download and purchase on their website www.temtris.com. The vinyl can be preordered at the same website.

Temtris are a five-piece act from the south of Sydney, Australia. They formed in 2000 and have released their albums Threshold (2003), Masquerade (2007), Shallow Grave (2014) and Enter The Asylum (2016). They have played shows all over Australia and supported Accept (GER) in 2014. Besides their current Australia tour, they are also planning to tour overseas in the near future.

Temtris are:
Genevieve Rodda – Vocals
Anthony Fox – Guitar
Nik – Bass
Youhan AD – Drums
Anthony Hoffman – Guitar

BE FACED: Announce North America Tour Supporting THE MÆNSION

Be Faced have an official EP, entitled Ingot, out, and released a video for their song Pride. Until Ingot, Be Faced were known for their Heavy Metal sound, but since then the band has decided to change their music and explore new genres. They went back in the studio recording their debut album and released a new single entitled Taxed To Death (see below) from the upcoming album. Be Faced have toured Australia’s East Coast multiple times including supporting some big Australian acts such as King Parrot and Red Bee.

Be Faced is now ready to explore new territory and embarks on a North America tour in July 2018. The band will support THE MÆNSION for seven dates of their tour in Canada and the US.

Be Faced is a four piece black metal band based in the Blue Mountains, NSW. They are heavily influenced by Pantera, Gojira, Metallica, Periphery and Machine Head.

Be Faced are:
Pete Flemming – Bass
Richard Moss – Guitar
Dylan Stephenson – Drums
Justin Stephenson – Guitar & Vocals

Befaced: Facebook

Dragonland: Australian Tour Supports Announced

Local supports have been announced for Swedish Power Metal band Dragonland’s first ever tour of Australia.

Canberra, September 5th @ The Basement with Darker Half (NSW), Immorium & Mattersphere

Sydney, September 6th @ The Bald Face Stag with Darker Half, Envenomed (VIC) & Sarilisse

Brisbane, September 7th @ Crowbar with Envenomed (VIC), Espionage (VIC) & Valhalore

Melbourne, September 8th @ The Croxton Bandroom with Black Majesty, Eyefear, Darker Half (NSW), Envenomed & Espionage

Black Majesty’s performance will be their final Australian show prior to their upcoming European tour & the Brisbane show will serve as replacement for Espionage’s recently cancelled album launch due to unforeseen circumstances.

Tickets are on sale now via www.stormridertouring.com.au/tickets

National Facebook event page with links to all cities is here.

Dragonland: Facebook

CHRIST DISMEMBERED: Release Official Video ‘Spit Forth Your Lies’

After releasing their debut self titled full length album in May 2017, Christ Dismembered were greeted with a very positive response and MOSH radio named it the #3 best South Australian release of 2017. The band played a number of festivals and headline shows and supported international acts Angelcorpse (USA) and Grave Miasma (UK). In 2018, Christ Dismembered recorded a single which has now been released as their debut music video Spit Forth Your Lies. The video was premiered on 24 May 2018 by Overdrive Magazine (AUS) and Legacy (GER).

Singer and guitarist NecroSatan explains that the video is an announcement for bigger plans of the band. “This band has existed in the shadows ever since 2012, but this video is our statement saying we are here to stay”, says NecroSatan. “The video signifies a brand new era of darkness for us, our first release with the current lineup, with so much more soon to come…”

Christ Dismembered is a four piece black metal band based in rural South Australia (Millicent/Mount Gambier). They are heavily influenced by the more aggressive black metal pioneers such as Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth & Belphegor.

Christ Dismembered are:
NecroSatan – Vocals & Guitars
Plague – Drums
The Sadist – Guitar
Ominous –

Upcoming Shows

2 June – w/Diabolic Rites and Wounded Big (Flanagans, Mount Gambier)
15 June – w/Adamus Exul, Belligerent Intent et al. (Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne)
30 June – The Blast Beat Seminar (Enigma Bar, Adelaide)
6 July – w/TBA (The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart)
28 July – Rust In Perth (Civic Hotel, Perth)
25 August – Tamerlan album launch w/Black Mountain and Eviktas (Basement, Canberra)

Metal United World Wide: Save The Date 2019

On 5 May, the biggest underground metal event with over 400 bands took place in 43 countries and 64 cities. It was a huge success with overwhelming impressions from metal communities all over the world. After this passionate display of love for the music and the community, there must be a second round of Metal United World Wide in 2019. Coordinating with so many countries (and possibly even more than in 2018), it is not easy to find consensus but 15 June 2019 has now been chosen for MUWWs second edition.

For those who would like to catch up on the shows they missed, we have compiled a youtube playlist with recorded live streams or videos from a range of countries. On our Facebook page, we shared a large number of videos, photos and reviews. Finally, the lists of shows, participating bands and partners can be found on our website www.metal-united-world-wide.com

The Metal United World Wide team will start with preparations for the next round soon. If you want to be part as a organiser, media partner or supporter – let us know. Don’t forget, it’s a community project and everybody can participate and contribute.

So on 15 June 2019, the worldwide motto of the metal community will be again:
United We Stand, Divided We Fall! \m/

Metal United World Wide is an initiative to overcome the distances between the widespread individual communities. The event consists of shows around the world on the same date under the united banner. For media contacts, email events@metal-roos.com.au or michael@black-roos.com

Dividing The Element: Unleash The World’s First Shona Metal Album at Metal United World Wide

Dividing The Element is a Zimbabwean metal band from the country’s capital city, Harare.

Their self-titled debut album  was released on the 5th of May 2018 while participating in the Zimbabwean leg of one of the biggest underground metal movements to happen- Metal United World Wide.

Recorded in Harare in a garage converted into a studio and produced by guitarist/vocalist Chris Van, it’s the world’s first metal album to have lyrics sung in Shona, native to the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

“The overall sound of the album is unique. 

We incorporate elements of the metal sub-culture along with elements of Zimbabwe’s own musical culture and language, Shona.

We are excited to see what the response of this cultural exchange will be beyond the borders of Zimbabwe.” Dividing The Element

The album is available to purchase on Bandcamp.

Chris Van and Sherlic White founded the band in 2012. After a few line-up changes over the years, the band settled on 4 members: Chris Van (guitar and vocals), Archie Chikoti (guitar), Nick Newberry (drums) and Mat Sanderson (bass and backing vocals).

There was once a thriving rock scene in Zimbabwe pre-1980, but after Zimbabwean independence, things changed. Rock music died a slow, silent death in and there was little hope for a modern day metal scene to be born much less grow. Fuelled by passion, frustration and determination, Dividing The Element formed and set out with the initiative of instigating a metal scene within the country. Over much time, persistence and patience, the flame began to catch fire and there is now a developing metal community in Zimbabwe.

Dividing The Element: Facebook