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Month: February 2019

EWIGKEIT: New Album DISClose Out Now Digitally

Photo by Jessica Tilley

British band Ewigkeit have just released their album DISClose digitally. On 23 March, the physical version on CD via the label Death to Music will follow.

DISClose is the 8th album; it has the greatest audio ‘density’ of all the releases, and sees the guitar settle somewhere around a baritone middle ground of early Death Doom and Modern Extreme Metal topped with memorable riffs. The vocals are a mix of Blackened Metal and clean harmonies and the keyboards again add an ambience and space that is common to all Ewigkeit releases. Occult Black MetalZine writes about the album: “On  this  recording  Ewigkeit  expands  on  their  experimental  style  of  black  metal,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  are  a  concept  album  based  upon  the  growing  movement  of  modern  Ufology.” Australian Metal Webzine Metal-Roos states: “This release is nothing short of epically huge.

The theme of this album is indeed inspired by the growing movement of modern Ufology and the push toward official testament and disclosure of an alien presence visiting our skies: “Beyond the Black Majestic coven of 12 lie the secrets of flying saucery – the time to Disclose the truth of the Alien presence on Earth is upon us.”

“But rest assured, you don’t need to embrace such beliefs [ufology] to get a big kick out of […] the album’s […] tracks of ‘Ambient Blackened Space Doom Metal’. The heavy, jagged riffs and darting, soaring leads in ‘Guardians of the High Frontier’ are just too damned addictive to resist, but most irresistible of all is Fogarty’s own soaring voice (he vents some caustic shrieking, too).” No Clean Singing

We leave the final words to The Metal Mag: “In the overall it is a beautiful emotional album that takes from the past and the futur giving a beautiful piece of nice feelings. A great evolution from the first demo although managed to keep his own style! Whatever you heard of this band before or it is the first time you will get into it without doubt. So embark on this stellar journey and love this beautiful piece of art that will conquer many fans.”

The digital copy is available for download on the website of the band’s label Death to Music. Preorders for the physical version can be made there as well.

Ewigkeit is the ever-changing project of British multi-instrumentalist James Fogarty (In The Woods, Old Forest, Jaldaboath and others).  Starting off as a Black Metal project in the mid 90s, the project has veered from Symphonic Black Metal to Industrial to 70’s Space Rock and back again in the many years of it’s on / off existence. The project has dealt with various themes over this time – whatever has been the current interest of it’s creator.

The cover artwork is designed exclusively for Death To Music productions by graphic artist Lenny Bridgeman.  Album mastering was completed by Frederic Gervais of Studio Henosis.

Ewigkeit DISCLose

01 – 1947
02 – Disclosure
03 – Oppenheimer’s Lament
04 – Guardians of the High Frontier
05 – Resonance
06 – KRLLL
07 – Moon Monolith

EWIGKEIT: Facebook

Nitro Zeus: Australian Alternative Rock Band Release i. anomaly EP on March 15

The alternative rockers Nitro Zeus from Brisbane, Australia, are releasing their opus on 15 March 2019. Their debut EP, i.anomaly, brings a diverse range of styles and emotions with 3 new tracks (plus bonus tracks) including the single All Fail. The EP was recorded in 2018 at Studio Truth and produced by Tyson Ruth. i.anomaly blends the sounds and visuals of Nitro Zeus to form the beginning of a narrative which stretches across a variety of media.
With influences from classic rock via Japanese alternative rock to Swedish death metal – Nitro Zeus brings their stories to life with dynamic songs, layered lyrics in an abomination of blues, hard rock metal and prog.

The i. anomaly EP is our first musical chapter in a philosophical trans-media story sprawling across multiple platforms”, says guitarist James about the EP. “Join us on our rock and roll journey into absurdity and malevolence and explore a world where anything is possible and heroes and villains engage in a battle for lives and souls across the entirety of time, space and the multiverse.”

As a first taste for the upcoming EP, Nitro Zeus will release their single All Fail on 1 March 2019. All Fail showcases the band’s driving sound and intense vocal delivery of singer Zichxyna. The song conceptually reaches into the darker depths of the Nitro Zeus multiverse, summoning a monster track in the process. Stay tuned!

The Nitro Zeus Facebook | Youtube

Track List

1 – All Fail
2 – LTES
3 – Sweet Sanity
-Bonus Tracks-
4 – The Crawls of Parliament
5 – Augment

CHUD: Release New Album DEAD & Video Fearmonger

Howling from the mountains of Canberra – Australia, Chud brings their raw and aggressive mix of primitive death metal, industrial punk with rough elements of black metal. Unleashing their first EP Blood & Bone in late 2009, Chud began their wave of terror, pummeling the senses of the hungry metal punters throughout Australia. Following this up with their 1st full length album Ominous in 2013, they have entertained and amused both venues and punters alike with fury.

Now they continue the next chapter with their new album – Dead. The album is available at Bandcamp.

Chud Artwork

01- Neolithic
02- Jotun
03- The Wicked
04- In Cult We Trust
05- Pigs For Satan
06- Interlude
07- Fearmonger
08- Crone
09- Mountain King
10- Enthroned
11- Get It Out
12- Dead

Chud are:
Novak – Skins
Kate G – Lo-Strings
Whiskey – 9-strings/Script

Metal United World Wide: Summoning the Spirit of Metal

Metal United World Wide, the huge metal community effort, goes in the second round. The date is set: 15 June 2019! That’s only 4 months to go and preparations are speeding up.

Last year, it was a very long night, starting with Australia and Papua New Guinea with Asia, Africa and Europe joining in and the Americas closing up. There were too many highlights to count but one stand out was maybe the show in the Damaskus bazar. The Syrian capital is more associated with war than with party and it was great to see a metal party going on there. Check out last year’s Metal United World Wide in our archive.

Summoning the Spirit of Metal is not an easy task. Already around 40 promoters and organisers have joined forces to get the night of metal rolling. More are about to join. Media, label and PR partners support “MUWW” with announcements and spreading the word. For all those who would like to contribute, contact michael@black-roos.com either for media/label/PR partnerships or if you would like to organise a show or add an existing show to MUWW. Contact Michael also for all other requests regarding contribution and participation. It is a community undertaking so the more the merrier.

So, let’s get to it. United We Stand, Divided We Fall! \m/

Artwork by Australian artist Z Andrews

Metal United World Wide Website | Metal United World Wide Facebook

Tempest Rising: Release New Video and Single ‘Breathe’ & Announce European Tour 2019

Western Australia’s powerhouse Tempest Rising have just released the official video for the song Breath off their upcoming album Alter Ego.

Alter Ego is the band’s second full length after their amazing and highly received first release Transmutation in 2014. The video release and the upcoming album are not all Tempest Rising has in store for 2019. They have just announced the tour dates for their first European tour “Trippin Across Europe”. And the boys take the title serious traveling to Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria with the final destination Greece to promote their album and music across music. Take a Breath, check out the video and catch the boys on the road!

You got one more chance to see Tempest Rising at their home turf for their send-off show:
Saturday February 16 – The Indi Bar, Scarborough, WA w/ Old Devil, Yomi Ship (Facebook event)

Make Up by: Perth Creative Consciousness, Harnia Rihiand Sinead Kerton
Video directed by: Ron Keshet
Lyrics and music by: Tempest Rising

Calcined: DISCIPLINE tour 2019 starts next month

The Swiss Death Metallers Calcined announced a small run of shows in February to support their latest release Discipline. Trying to be on stage everywhere and as much as possible, Calcined opened for some mighty bands like Inveracity (GR), Internal Suffering (COL), Stillbirth (D), Internal Bleeding (USA), Putridity (IT), Pighead (D), etc.

The tour starts soon –  just under a month before the band hits the road. Make sure to save the dates:

20.02. – Fribourg, Café le XX (CH)
21.02. – TBA (DE)
22.02. – Gorzów Wielkopolski, C-60 (PL)
23.02. – Mlada Boleslav, Sluj Farářova (CZ)
24.02. – Kraków, RockShot Pub (PL)

Also get your hands on their second full length release, Discipline. The new opus pushes back limits of entropy with fast and intense tracks.

Calcined  are:
Lionel – Drums
Piffeux – Bass & Backing Vocals
Magnus – Vocals
Jack – Guitar

Calcined tour