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Miruthan (Australia)

Miruthan isn’t just a band; it’s a visceral and apocalyptic narrative of survival and malevolence in the form of dark folklore and Blackened Death Metal.

Legend has it that the masked and cloaked members of this enigmatic group are survivors from a dystopian future overrun by the relentless menace of the undead. Their journey through this grim reality has birthed a twisted folklore, woven from their harrowing experiences and woven into the very fabric of their being.

With Miruthans emphasis on Blackened Death Metal, Miruthan still has some very Punk undertones with a massive sound and 5 vocals to add the live layers most outfits can’t match.

Big searing guitar sounds and bass tones to match, thundering drums with blast beats that get up into the 240 bpm realm.

Peering behind the veils of secrecy that shroud their identities, it’s known that the members of Miruthan are seasoned veterans of the music industry. They had traversed the circuit, touring with various bands before fate wove their destinies into the tapestry of this singularly ominous collective.

In this chilling saga, Demigod Nzambi emerges as the central figure—the Zombie God, as they call him. He is the mastermind, responsible for penning the gruesome tale, wielding the rhythm guitar, and Sprechstimme.

In contrast, Mvumbi, known as Ghost, takes the forefront with his haunting vocal prowess, luring listeners into the abyss of the undead.

Priest in their folklore, contributes to the haunting ambiance of their music with intricate guitar solos and melodies that seem to sear the soul.

Priestess, responsible costumes and choir vocals adds her own mystique.

“Fantoma” is the haunting following Phantasm that surrounds Miruthan at all times. Mixing the vocal styles of extremely low gutteral screams as well as male choir.

Baron adds his screeching accompaniment vocals to the mix, complementing Mvumbi’s haunting vocals.

Witch Doctor, the bass player, lays down the profound foundation of their sound, anchoring their music with deep, resonant tones.

Lastly, Wrath takes on the mantle of the drummer, the rhythmic heartbeat of their dark tale.

Miruthan’s new E.p is the prequel of where they are in the world they have created. consisting of 4 songs that will haunt your very dreams.

‘Survived The Blast”

“At The Barricades”

“Into the Abyss”

“Land of the Damned”

Miruthan are a hard working troop and are not slowing down any time soon, within six months of starting rehearsal have had a festival spot as their first gig and headlined most of their shows since, film clip is filmed and set to be released as a part of the new E.P and are working most nights on refining the set , recording.The first album is already demoed and the second album is being written as we speak, apart from the folklore these musicians are the real deal and not letting anything stand in their way.



Vocalist – Ghost
Rhythm Guitar & Spoken Vocals – Demigod Nzambi
Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals – Priest
Bass – Witch Doctor
Second Vocals – Baron
Third Vocal and Choir Vocals – Fantoma
Choir Vocals – Priestess
Drums – Wrath

Formed: 2023
Location: Newcastle, Australia











EP Title: Cult of the DEad
Release Date: April 26th 2024
Label: N/A
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Single Title: Land of the Damned
Release Date: July 07th 2023
Label: N/A
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Single Title: Aristotles Lyceum
Release Date: September 08th 2023
Label: N/A
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