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Miruthan (Australia)

Miruthan isn’t just a musical ensemble; it’s a chilling, apocalyptic saga of endurance and malevolence. Whispers suggest its enigmatic, masked members are survivors from a future overrun by zombies, and a twisted folklore surrounds their harrowing experiences. Focused on black and death metal, their music is an amplification of this grim narrative.

While the true identities of the band remain veiled, it’s known they possess substantial expertise in the music realm, having toured with various bands prior to coalescing into Miruthan. At the helm of this eerie chronicle is Nzambi Mapungu, also known as the Zombie God. He crafts the storyline, wields the rhythm guitar, and lends his vocal Sprechstimme.

Mvumbi, or the Ghost, lends his haunting voice as the primary vocalist and has delved into the macabre by embracing the zombie aspect. Houngan, dubbed the Priestess in their lore, contributes intricate guitar solos and soul-penetrating melodies. Baron Bokor and Bakongo Bokor unleash their piercing voices, reigning in Mvumbi as a pet zombie and skilled combatant.

Behind the scenes, the lighting technician and costume specialist Mambo Astral guides the ship, mirroring the role of the female priestess in their folklore. Finally, Kikongo Tombi and Nu Mpemba take the rhythm as the drummer and bass player maintaining rhythm and showcasing unmatched skill as a fighter and witch doctor.

Miruthan submerges its audience in a horror-laden universe, where the characters are as vital as the haunting notes they play. Their music and folklore combine to create an indelible experience, constantly pushing the boundaries of storytelling within the realm of music.

Their music, a fusion of black and death metal, acts as the score to their grim tale of survival. Collectively, Miruthan constructs a universe unparalleled in the annals of music, transporting fans into a post-apocalyptic realm teeming with zombies, malevolent figures, and tales of endurance.



Vocalist – Mvumbi
Rhythm Guitar & Spoken Vocals – Nzambi Mpungu
Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals – Houngan
Bass – Nu Mpemba
Drums – Kikongo Tombi
Backing Vocals – Baron Bokor

Formed: 2023
Location: Newcastle, Australia











Single Title: Land of the Damned
Release Date: July 07th 2023
Label: N/A
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Single Title: Aristotles Lyceum
Release Date: September 08th 2023
Label: N/A
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