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First formed in 2013 as an unnamed project guitarist Shannon and Drummer Sam started writing originals. Cutting their teeth and learning to craft and develop original killer rock songs, they worked tirelessly to create a sound and personality of their own. With a couple of vocalist changes in looking for the definitive HZED sound and style; it wasn’t until Shannon approached his sister Michelle to join the band.

Coming from a family with a strong background in music, Michelle who had sung before, played keyboards in bands previously even one with Shannon on guitar. Michelle hadn’t sung or fronted a band for many years and her energy, ideas and voice then took things next level.

In 2014 where they first debuted at the front bar at Melbourne’s iconic Espy Hotel where so many have launched their careers.

HZED had worked tirelessly to write and demo a collection of original songs that would lead to today.

2019 saw yet another line-up change with original bass player leaving. Filling the role of new bass player wasn’t as straight forward as the band may have thought and it wasn’t until June of 2020 that bass player Adam Murray formerly of Sydonia joined the band.
In a world turned upside down by Covid, the new line up began to write, record and rework songs with a new energy. The synergy of the band was complete and old songs took on a whole new life, the definitive HZED sound was formed.

The new sounding HZED made their live debut at Melbourne’s live music institution, The Bendigo Hotel on March 21 of 2021, to a very receptive crowd.

The name itself comes from the HZ Holden, a truly iconic Australian muscle car that much like the band refuses to die, performs best when tuned to purr and has more than enough grunt under the hood to rattle the soul and drop jaws when heard.

Musically HZED are a melting pot that transcends generations.
With feet firmly planted in the roots of the last 5 decades and influences that make up the cream of rock royalty.
HZED bring the power of the late Chrissy Amphlet through lead singer Michelle. A rhythm section that drives ferociously in and out of oncoming traffic and guitars that shift and change as those would in the highest octane of muscle car.

Late 2021 saw the new sound HZED enter the studio with producer Russell ‘Rusty’ Brown of Electric Mary at Studio One.B where the band recorded their forthcoming single ‘No Colour’. ‘No Colour’ gained the attention of Rue Morgue Records’ John Raptis, who immediately got the sum of all things that are HZED. He not only decided to put the track on the forthcoming ‘Murders in The Rue Morgue Vol.3’ he offered to do a strictly limited 7” vinyl run of the song, which will feature another track from the sessions at Studio One.B ‘Point Of View’.



Michelle – Vocals
Adam – Bass
Sam – Drums
Shannon – Guitar

Formed: 2013
Location: Melbourne, Australia










Single Title: Point of View
Release Date: October 14, 2022
Label: N/A