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Against Evil: Indian heavy metal sensation announce new full length

Indian heavy metal band Against Evil first enthralled listeners when they released their debut ‘Fatal Assault’ on the Indian sub-label of Transcending Obscurity. Three years later, they conjure up enough material to release their debut full length titled ‘All Hail The King’ which includes their famous song Stand Up And Fight! whose official video went viral in these parts. Their artwork has once again been made by the Croatian artist All Things Rotten (Hirax) and for the first time, there is a guest appearance by Jeff Loomis (Nevermore, Arch Enemy). No stone has been left unturned here in delivering a high quality, anthemic heavy metal album that would hold appeal to just about any metal fan. This here is honest-to-goodness music from a region that still loves its metal the old school way.

Against Evil Artwok

Track list:
1. Enemy at the Gates
2. The Army of Four
3. All Hail the King
4. Stand Up and Fight!
5. Sentenced to Death (feat. Jeff Loomis)
6. Bad Luck
7. We Won’t Stop
8. Gods of Metal
9. Mean Machine

Release Date – April 6th, 2018

Against Evil released an lyric video which can be viewed here:

Against Evil: Facebook

Metal United Down Under: Get Ready for the 5th Anniversary

On 22 September 2018, metal bands around Australia will perform the all Australian metal event – Metal United Down Under (MUDU). It is the 5th edition of this initiative and around 15 cities are expected to participate. Metal United Down Under started 2014 as a community project of the Australian metal underground to offer extended exposure to bands. At the same time, the event aims to provide the scattered metal scene of the continent with a feeling of unity by participating at an event together – even though hundreds or even thousands of kilometres apart.

The event is created by promoters in various Australian cities, setting up a show or festival on the date of Metal United Down Under. There are no participation fees and all promoters or bands are welcome to join if they do not clash with an already existing show. There are some shows locked in with the first venues booked. The following cities are on board or likely to join: Albury, Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Lismore, Melbourne, Perth, Orange, Sydney, Wagga Wagga. There are more to come – check our website where shows with booked venues will be listed. For all those whose city is not listed and who would like to organise a show, contact events@metal-roos.com.au

The project cannot be managed without partners and the first ones have been recruited but the list will hopefully grow: MUDU partners
Black-Roos Entertainment is taking over the PR and promotion and Naticus Music is creating MUDU artwork. For all metal media, labels, PR agencies or who else would like to help us spreading the word or chip in with in-kind or financial sponsorship, contact events@metal-roos.com.au.

After the success of the MUDU compilation Metal United Down Under Vol I which was distributed at all MUDU shows and 2 German festivals (Wacken and Headbangers), the follow up compilation is on its way. To get a song on the compilation, contact events@metal-roos.com.au.

Metal United Down Under preparations are getting started. Get on board and mark the 22 September in your diary! \m/

DARK PHANTOM: Support for Iraqi Metal Band to tour Syria

Under the Metal United World Wide banner, we call for support. Dark Phantom is an Iraqi metal band. Metal is forbidden in Iraq which is why they cannot play an official Metal United World Wide show. However, they would like to tour their war-torn neighbours Syria to perform Metal publicly. To be able to tour, the band members are still 1.200 EUR short. If you have some spare dollars, support these guys and the Metal in the Middle East: https://www.leetchi.com/c/trip-murad-mohammed

If you don’t have spare dollars (or your country’s currency), check out their Facebook page and their album Nation of Dogs on Bandcamp. They are quite a rare breed in a region where Metal is between forbidden and restricted by the government. We think they deserve some kind of support for keeping the Metal flag up – a like, a good listen to their album or financial tour support. United We Stand, Divided We Fall \m/

Metal United World Wide

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

On May 5 this year, the Metal Community will come together for a united event, Metal United World Wide. To overcome the distances between the widespread individual communities, shows will be organised in over 50 countries and almost 60 cities around the world on the same date under the united banner.

All continents except Antarctica are in. Canada, the US, Germany, Ukraine and Australia are probably the less surprising participants. The Central and Latin American countries as well as Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand and India should not come unexpected either. But how about Kenya, Zimbabwe and Gabon? And did you know that Papua New Guinea, Mongolia and Lebanon have a Metal Scene? Even war-torn Syria is planning to join the party with a show in Damascus. Currently 51 countries are participating and some others are considering to come on board as well. The first lineups have already been announced and you might want to have a look at them and check out bands from all parts of the world. Or take a trip to one of the shows? Here is the complete list: Metal United World Wide shows

Of course such a project needs a lot of support. The Metal Community is chipping in and assisting with promotion, media coverage, artwork and of course organising shows: www.metal-united-world-wide.com/partners

So where will you party on 5 May 2018?

Vereint stehen wir. Getrennt fallen wir.

Am 5. Mai diesen Jahres wird die Metal Gemeinschaft zu einem gemeinsamen Event zusammenkommen, Metal United World Wide. Um die Distanzen zwischen den weitverstreuten einzelnen Communities zu überbrücken, werden über Shows in über 50 Ländern und fast 60 Städten weltweit am selben Datum unter dem gemeinsamen Banner veranstaltet.

Kontinente (ausser der Antarktis) sind dabei. Kanada, USA, Deutschland, Ukraine und Australien sind vermutlich die weniger überraschenden Teilnehmer. Die Mittel- und Südamerikanischen Länder sowie die Türkei, Indonesien, Thailand und Indien sollten den Metalkenner auch nicht zu sehr erstaunen. Aber wie ist es mit Kenia, Zimbabwe und Gabun? Und wer wusste, dass Papua Neuguinea, die Mongolei und der Libanon eine Metalszene haben? Sogar das kriegsverwüstete Syrien plant bei der Party mit einer Show in Damaskus dabei zu sein. Derzeit nehmen 51 Länder teil und einige andere überlegen immer noch an Board zu kommen. Die ersten Lineups wurden bereits angekündigt und es lohnt sich diese zu studieren um vielleicht eine Reihe grossartiger Bands aus unerwarteten Ecken der Welt zu entdecken. Oder vielleicht eine Reise zu einer der Shows zu unternehmen? Hier ist die komplette Liste der Shows: Metal United World Wide shows

Natürlich braucht so ein grosses Projekt eine Menge Support. Die Metal Gemeinschaft unterstützt mit Hilfe bei Promotion, Berichterstattung, Artwork und natürlich der Organisation der Shows: www.metal-united-world-wide.com/partners

Wer will mitfeiern am 5. Mai? Und wo?

Unis nous nous tenons, Divisés nous tombons

Au 5 mai de cette année, la communauté métal va s’unir pour un événement, “Metal United World Wide”. Pour surmonter les distances entre les communautés dispersées, des concerts seront organisés dans environ 50 pays et 60 villes à travers le monde, à la même date, sous la même bannière.

Tous les continents (à l’exception de l’ Antarctique) seront de la partie. Le Canada, les États-Unis, l’Allemagne, l’Ukraine, et l’Australie sont probablement les participants les moins surprenants. L’Amérique centrale et l’Amérique latine, de même que la Turquie, l’Indonésie, la Thaïlande, et l’Inde ne devront pas non plus être inattendus. Mais que dire du Kenya, Zimbabwe et du Gabon ? Et saviez-vous que la Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée, la Mongolie, et le Liban ont une scène métal ? Même un pays déchiré comme la Syrie planifie prendre part au party avec un concert au Damas. Présentement, 51 pays participent et d’autres considèrent prendre part également. Les premiers groupes ont déjà été annoncés et vous pourriez vouloir leur jeter un coup d’oeil, de même que jeter un coup d’ œil sur les groupes de toutes les provenances du monde. Vous voulez peut-être joindre un des spectacles ? Voici la liste complète : Metal United World Wide shows.

Bien évidemment, un tel projet demande beaucoup de soutien. La communauté métal contribue à la promotion, à la couverture médiatique, aux oeuvres d’art et, bien évidemment, à l’organisation de spectacles: www.metal-united-world-wide.com/partners

Alors où allez vous faire le party lors du 5 Mai 2018?

Unidos permaneceremos, separados caeremos

El 5 de mayo de este año la Comunidad Metal mundial se unirá para un único evento, el Metal United World Wide, para superar las distancias entre todas las comunidades individuales todos los eventos serán organizados en simultáneo en más de 50 países, en la misma fecha y bajo una misma bandera.

Todos los continentes (a excepción de Antártica) están participando, Canadá, los Estados Unidos, Alemania, Ucrania y Australia probablemente son los participantes menos sorprendentes, los países de Centro y Sud América así como Turquía, Indonesia, Tailandia e India tampoco deberían ser tan inesperados, pero, qué hay de Kenia, Zimbabue, Gabón? Sabías que Papúa Nueva Guinea, Mongolia y Líbano tienen escena metal? Incluso Siria devastada por la guerra planea unirse con un show en Damasco actualmente más de 51 países están participando y otros están pensando participar también. Las primeras alineaciones de los shows ya están siendo anunciadas y es posible echarles un vistazo y conocer bandas de todas las partes del mundo; o quizás ir de viaje a alguno de los shows? Aquí les dejamos la lista completa: http://metal-united-world-wide.com/events

Ciertamente tal tamaño de proyecto necesita apoyo, la comunidad Metal está contribuyendo con promoción, cobertura de medios, obras de arte y por supuesto con la organización del show: http://metal-united-world-wide.com/partners

Entonces, en qué show formarás parte el 5 de mayo?





所有大洲(南极洲除外)都将参与。加拿大、美国、德国、乌克兰和澳大利亚的参与是意料之中的。中部地区和拉美国家譬如土耳其、印度尼西亚、泰国和印度的参与也不稀奇。但是肯尼亚、津巴布韦和加蓬呢?而且你知不知道巴布亚新几内亚、蒙古和黎巴嫩也有金属圈?甚至遭受战争破坏的叙利亚也计划在大马士革组织一场演出来参与到我们的活动中。目前为止已有45个国家参与,还有其它一些国家也在考虑加入。我们已经宣布了初期的基本阵容,你应该想要看一下并顺便了解一下来自世界各地的乐队。或者为了某场演出来一场说走就走的旅行?完整的名单在这里:Metal United World Wide shows



Обединени ние стоим, разделени, ние падаме !

В 5 Май тази година, метал обществото ще се събере, за да организира обединено събитие, които се казва Metal United World Wide. За да се преодолеят разстоянията между разпространените общности, концерти ще се организират в около 50 града по света в същата дата, под един и същ банер.

Всички континенти (без Антарктида) ще участват. Канада, Щатите, Германия, Украйна и Австралия са вероятно по-малко изненадващи участници. Централна Америка и латинска Америка, както и Турция, Индонезия, Тайланд и Индия също не трябва да будят неочаквани. Но какво ще кажете за Кения, Зимбабве и Габон? И знаех те ли че Папуа Нова Гвинея, Монголия и Ливан имат метал сцена ? Даже разкъсаната от война Сирия планира да се присъедини към партито с шоу в Дамаск. В момента участват 45 държави, а други обмислят да се съединят. Първите състави са обявени и може да искате да ги разгледате, както и може да искате да разгледате съставите които ще участват от всички други части в света.Или искате да отидете на едно от шоутата ? Ето целият списък : Metal United World Wide shows.

Естествено, такъв проект има нужда от много подкрепа. Метал обществото подпомага с промоция, произведения на изкуството и, разбира се, организиране на концертите: www.metal-united-world-wide.com/partners

И, къде ще празнувате на 5 май 2018 г.?

Trigger: Announced as headliner for Stormcrow – Wagga Metal Gathering 2018

Melodic Metal Powerhouse Trigger. Raw metal grit honed to an edge with soaring melodies that will make anyone stop and give their undivided attention announced for the first Stormcrow – Wagga Metal Gathering 2018

Joining Trigger are, Odysseus Reborn from Bundaberg the band release their new album ‘Divine Inclination’. Soon to be available on all online platforms, with hard copies attainable online/at shows.
Give it a listen, if you feel so inclined.

Next on the line up is well known for their specific brand of vicious thrash, Enfiled all the way from the shadowed pines of Bathurst.

Hailing from the frozen reaches of Orange,  Stone Sovereign!

Preparing to strike out on their maiden voyage around Australia, these kinsmen will be quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Wielding their Viking Metal sound like a mighty hammer, this will be an act not to miss.

Throw up the horns and show your support for the lads in Stone Sovereign as they embark on their Eastern Raids Tour in early 2018.

An event not to miss, “Saddle the horses and ride to Wagga”! \m/


Demonhead: Released video clip for new single “No More”

Demonhead have just unleashed a video for their new single “No More”. This is the first new music from the band since 2015’s NWOTHM tinged album ‘Bring on the Doom’ and is the first taste of what’s to come on 2018’s yet to be titled Full-Length.  

The video was directed by Owen Keswick-Gallagher (Orpheus Omega) from OKG Productions and sees the band inducted into a cult and brainwashed into “Drinking the Cool-Aid” as the cult leader counts the money made.

The song was recorded by Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios and sees the band deliver a heavier sound, yet keep the same sense of groove and rock sensibility that was present on their previous releases. 

Watch the video here:

The track is available to download for free from their Bandcamp page.

You can catch Demonhead unleashing “No More” at the following shows: 

November 10 – Scorching Steel Festival (Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne)
December 9 – w/Lagerstein and Hollow World (Yah Yah’s, Melbourne)
January 6 – w/Blunt Shovel, Nuremberg Code (Brunswick Hotel, Melbourne)
January 27 – Ausocalypse (Music Man Megastore, Bendigo)
February 3 – Churches of Steel Festival (The producers bar, Adelaide)

Metal United World Wide: Save The Date

Metal United World Wide (MUWW) is a project which brings together metal bands, fans, show organisers, media and other supporters for one big event. The idea is to have metal shows all over the world on the same date identified by the same banner. Everybody can be part and shows are individually organized. The aim is to create a world wide feeling of community as well as attract attention to the performing bands who are predominantly underground bands.

A community project needs community support. The project does not charge participation fees but relies on the support of the metal community. Around 20 show organisers have already agreed to put on a show on 5 May 2018 so far and there are a number of others interested. Below this text and at our website is the updated overview: www.metal-united-world-wide.com

Are you a band, show organiser, media representative or other metal institution? Do you already have a show or tour on that date? Do think this is a great project and you would like to get on board? Contact events@metal-roos.com.au. Everybody is welcome and can join. After all, this is Metal UNITED World Wide!!! \m/

We are proud to announce that Wacken Open Air has agreed to support our project. Please visit our list of partners to find out who else is on board. The list will be growing rapidly and of course you can be part.

Whatever you do, mark your diaries and be part of something special on 5 May 2018! \m/