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EWIGKEIT: Release Lyric Video Plandemic? & New EP Depopulate Out Now

Ewigkeit’s new digital EP Depopulate is released today (23/01/21) on all streaming services, via Death To Music productions ( – an antidote is not assured.

“There are plenty of unanswered questions, and therefore subsequent theories about the origins of this pandemic which has affected ALL of us. The EP explores the various conspiracy theories surrounding the Covid19 pandemic, it’s origins and subsequent media censorship.” says James Fogarty, the man behind the British music project Ewigkeit.

Below is the second lyric video – this one for the track Plandemic?

EWIGKEIT - Depopulate


  1. Patent of Death
  2. Biosafety Level 4
  3. Plandemic
  4. Depopulate
  5. The Great Reset

Stream the EP at Spotify

Ewigkeit: Facebook

Escarion: Australia’s Death Metal Newcomers Release Guitar Playthrough Video for Greed

Australia’s death metal newcomers, Escarion, are releasing their debut full-length album Pillars of the Faith independently worldwide on Friday, 29 January. The band is releasing a guitar playthrough for their single Greed. You can watch Guitarist Johnny Arhondis playing the song also live at the Bendigo Hotel in Melbourne, at their album launch party (29 January). Pre-order the album here:

Launch party Facebook event:

The album is based on the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’, taking that concept from Christianity and arguing that this notion is false and oppressive. The band states: “These are not ‘sins’, instead they are human nature. Yes, excess of any of these sins may be immoral and unethical however, that can be said of any action or emotion in excess. Greed outlines that this primitive desire of wanting more than the confines of our life circumstances, the power of greed to create ethical and sustainable change contrasted with the evil of excess greed, creating a system that is so inherently corrupt that it literally feeds off the blood of the people. It is ironic that possibly the only way to destroy this system of greed is a greedy lust for change within humanity, greed for more and for humanity to flourish so we may live our lives in harmony within ourselves and our communities.” Now it’s time for Greed!

Johnny Arhondis – Lead Vocalist & Guitarist
Tommy Lewko – Guitarist
Tim Bottams – Drummer & Percussion
Rhys McKenzie – Bass & Backing Vocals

Escarion: Facebook

Mephisto: Release Single/Video for the Album Titletrack “Pentafixion

Cuban black metal pioneers MEPHISTO unleash the title track Pentafixion from their upcoming album in video form, the album will be released via Wormholedeath Records. Get the Single Pentafixion here:!

“It has been a very long journey to arrive at this place where we are ready to release our first single ‘Pentafixion’ off the highly anticipated album with the same name.
The song is backed up by a masterful piece of cinematic filming; all carried out in Havana under the direction of respected filmmaker Victor Vinuesa and producer Oscar Maceo de la Torre.
The band is really happy with the outcome of the recording and the final music video is causing quite a stir amongst some circles in our home country.

It’s a very confronting song and music video which is probably why it has been censored in some places. The video does present some pretty harsh images to do with suicide but we did this because the song and music video has an underlining message to the youth of today which we felt was important to share to our legion of metal fans everywhere. Pentafixion is the first single off the album with plans by our label WormHoleDeath records to follow this up with the release of ‘The Mighty Ring’ in February 2021 and ‘The Birth’ at the start of March 2021 before the full length album is released late March 2021.” Says Lead Vocalist & Band Director – Osney Cardoso                                           

Mephisto are:Osney Cardoso Riaño -Vocals
Alexander Jorge Parra – Bass
Kevin Chaperón – Guitars
Fabián F. Rodríguez González – Guitars
David Leonardo Nieves Naranjo – Drums

Mephisto: Facebook

Mephisto: Signing With Wormholedeath Records & Announce Pentafixion Artwork

Cuban black metal pioneers, Mephisto, are about to release their newest album Pentafixion. Mephisto have been active since 1997 and left their mark on the Cuban metal scene with their unique sound and style. Pentafixion will be released via Mephisto‘s new label, Wormholedeath Records. The band will unleash their first single soon.

Mephisto states about signing with Wormholedeath Records: “On behalf of all members of Mephisto we wish to announce that we have been offered a contract with the long established and well respected Italian label WormHoleDeath Records.

It is our pleasure to announce that after some discussion, Mephisto have accepted the offer and now enthusiastically join the label. We can’t wait to start working with the team at WormHoleDeath after following their label and their artists for many years. To now be considered part of this family is a long awaited dream come true. We are excited to be bringing our style of Cuban Black Metal to the world thanks to the relationships WormHoleDeath has with its partners including Warner / Chappell Music Holland BV and The Orchard Inc. (Sony Music Ent). We look forward to our first release with Worm Hole Death which is our full length album “Pentafixion”, an album that we have been working on for the best part of 2 years. Who knows, maybe the back catalogue will be released sometime on WHD too!

We’d like to officially thank Carlo from WHD for being so passionate about securing us to the label. The work and dedication shown by him is incredible! From finding us in Subtle Death Magazine, to reaching out to its editor (Omar Vega) to contact us, to the late night calls to our management (in Australia), all the way through to walking us through the deal. We couldn’t be happier knowing that our music and our career are in great hands with WHD.

So what can you expect from us now?

Well just because you can see the mountain doesn’t mean the climb has finished. Now the hard work begins to reward our fans for their patience waiting on our new album and to show WHD that the new kids on the block came to kick heads and take names.”

Look out world…. Mephisto, the pioneers of Black Metal in Cuba have just been unleashed on the world and it’s all thanks to WormHoleDeath Records!                                                        

Mephisto Pentafixion


  1. Intro – Enter The Storm
  2. Storming war anthems
  3. Pentafixion
  4. The birth
  5. Rebellion
  6. The falling
  7. Curse of the pharaoh
  8. The mighty ring
  9. From Hobbiton toward the mountains of Gorgoroth
  10. The last battle
  11. The undivine blessing
  12. Yavhe Sabbaoth (King of nobody)
  13. Burning Fantoft

Mephisto are:Osney Cardoso Riaño -Vocals
Alexander Jorge Parra – Bass
Kevin Chaperón – Guitars
Fabián F. Rodríguez González – Guitars
David Leonardo Nieves Naranjo – Drums

Mephisto: Facebook

EWIGKEIT: Release Opening Track Patent of Death from Upcoming EP Depopulate

Ewigkeit’s new EP Depopulate will be released on January 23rd via Death To Music Productions. Today, you can get a taste with the new lyric video for the opening track Patent of Death. The EP was written & recorded during the lock-down period of the Covid19 Pandemic of 2019-to-20…

Timed to coincide with the global roll-out of the vaccine, Depopulate looks at the paranoia surrounding the virus, its social effects and the power wielded by the influential biotech industry. Unlike the recent 70’s rock-styled EP XXIII, the new EP Depopulate is a unique composite of melodic Death Metal and post-Covid19 conspiracy theories with blackened touches.

Ewigkeit is the long-running experimental Metal band of James Fogarty, who also performs Vocals / Guitars / Keys for Norwegian Progressive Metallers IN THE WOODS, vocals and keys for English Cult Black Metal band OLD FOREST, and is the main-brain behind dormant Heraldic Templar Metal band JALDABOATH (amongst other projects).

The EP is released on all streaming platforms on 23/01/21, via Death To Music productions ( – an antidote is not assured.

EWIGKEIT - Depopulate


  1. Patent of Death
  2. Biosafety Level 4
  3. Plandemic
  4. Depopulate
  5. The Great Reset

Ewigkeit: Facebook

Awaken Series: Australian Progressive Thrash Metal Legends Bezerker Reissue Album Lost

Legendary Progressive Thrash Metal from Australia

Bezerker was founded in 1988 in Adelaide, South Australia. They recorded their debut album Lost in December 1989 after frequent gigging. Lost was finally released in the vinyl format on October 22, 1990.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of this great album, Awakening Records will officially reissue this real masterpiece. The re-issue includes a lot of unpublished band photos, posters, demos, as well as Bezerker biography, and liner notes by an original band member. Dedicated to all maniacs obsessed with Old School Thrash Metal.

Bezerker Artwork

01 Take All
02 Yours Subliminally
03 Against the Grain
04 I Lost
05 Halloween
06 Dawn of the Dead
07 The Finest Cut
08 Turn from the Light
09 Fall
10 The Kill
11 Halloween
12 Dawn of the Dead
13 The Art of Dying
14 The Fall
15 Bucket Bong

Bezerker: Facebook

Awaken Series: Dutch Thrash Metal Band Spiralsea Reissue Album Essence

Dutch Thrash Metal From The 80s!

Spiralsea is a Dutch Thrash Metal band from Groningen, founded in 1989. The guys released a 3-track demo in 1991. At that time, they had already begun to challenge more technical and progressive music. In 1993, Spiralsea finally released their debut full-length album Essence. The album contained some amazing riffs and more diverse arrangements, the uniqueness of the band is fully demonstrated. The album has also been well received by magazines such as Aardschok, Watt, and Rockhard.

Nearly 30 years later, Awakening Records will officially reissue this great album for the first time, including a lot of unpublished band photos, posters, lyrics, and liner notes by an original band member. Dedicated to all maniacs obsessed with Old School Thrash Metal.

Spirealsea Artwork

01 Through the Night
02 Passed Away
03 Clear Brightness
04 Earth’s Downfall
05 Misère
06 Overflow
07 A Voice Within
08 The Sea Floods
09 Balance
10 Pain Chasms
11 Redemption
12 Precious Evil