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Mental Torment: Ukraine Based Death Doom Band Release Artwork, Tracklist & Teaser for New Album EGO:GENESIS

Ukraine based Death Doom Metallers Mental Torment are preparing the release their new album EGO:GENESIS on 29 September. Today, they reveal artwork, tracklist and teaser for EGO:GENESIS.

The album EGO:GENESIS includes 7 tracks about the catharsis that is a person goes through in a moment of despair and hopelessness, searching for answers to eternal questions, resisting the inevitable and final acceptance of their fate. The album will bring a fresh view on the traditional Doom Metal genre – from acoustic ballads and funeral vibes to sludgy and modern progressive music.

The band explains the artwork of EGO:GENESIS: “The cover is an image of the end of a person’s journey. This is a metaphorical scene of transition to another stage of being. The cover shows a man wrapped in the waves of a river that will take him to another world through a shining passage. And the girl is like a goddess of fate, ready at any moment to cut the thread of life that has appeared before her.”


1.    Acceptance
2.    New Days Old Wounds
3.    Untitled
4.    Conclusion
5.    The River
6.    Black
7.    Oblivion

Anatolii Doroshenko – Guitars
Andrii Avramets – Bass
Artur Myrvoda – Drums
Mykhailo Chuha – Guitars
Roman Sagajdachnyj – Vocals
Yaroslav Mosiievsky – Keyboards

Mental Torment: Facebook

Visualis: New Single Delirium, Artwork & Tracklist for Upcoming EP Sunrise In Black Revealed

Today, Sydneysiders Visualis are proud to release the new single Delirium on SpotifyYouTube. The single is a teaser to increase the fans’ appetite for the upcoming EP Sunrise in Black.

Visualis began recording Sunrise in Black back at the end of 2019 with Geoff Lee at Zen Studios (St. Peters, NSW). Its initial release date was March 2020 but due to the global Covid 19 pandemic, Visualis decided to push it back. In August 2020, Finley Ford joined the band as the drummer and in the beginning of 2021 Visualis completed the recordings. The EP Sunrise in Black will be independently released on 30 July 2021.

Vocalist & Bassist Zoran about the EP: “‘Sunrise in Black’, our debut EP includes songs that show our band’s diverse range of Metal influences. The songs go from slower doom style riffs to more melodic faster parts. The lyrics cover a wide number of topics and themes including: extremism, war, internal struggles, isolation, war, life, death… We are incredibly proud of this EP that showcases our diverse backgrounds and musical influences.”

The EP was mixed and mastered by Luis Echegollen (Metanoia Records, Mexico City). The resulting outcome is a very professional sounding EP that the band is incredibly proud of. The sound Visualis achieved in this EP is a good example of all the influences the band members have, and their own idea of not being tied to a specific Metal sub-genre.

The EP consists of seven tracks in total at a running time of a little over 30 minutes.


1. Dive into…
2. Delirium
3. We are the Disease
4. Decay
5. Doom Arise
6. The Search Relentless
7. Sunrise in Black

Get Delirium on Spotify here.

Recorded by Geoff Lee (Zen Studios, St. Peters, NSW, Australia)
Mixed and mastered by Luis Echegollen (Metanoia Records, Mexico City)
Artwork by Gogo Melone Art

Visualis: Facebook

INNASANATORIUM: Silverchair Cover of “Freak” & “Odyssey Of The Mind” Out Now!

Today, West Australians Innasanatorium release their album Odyssey Of the Mind. Guitarist Ryan shares about the album: “‘Odyssey of the Mind’ is a journey of emotions from the initial decline and a feeling of despair, to a the desire of wanting to be happy and fulfilled in life.”

Additionally to today’s album release, Innasanatorium drop their amazing Silverchair cover of the song Freak. Check the video out below.

Adam Bomb McDonald – Vocals
Ryan Pearce – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Rapid Man – Guitars
Metal C (Tim) – Bass
Justin Sanity (Kelvin) – Backing Vocals & Manager

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, the most isolated city in the world, five-piece heavy metal band Innasanatorium were spawned over a mutual love of diverse heavy metal music. Innasanatorium was founded in mid-2018, by Kelvin Edward Whitwell (aka: Justin$anity) and featuring past and present members from Medusa’s Gaze, Suffer In Rot, Sheol of Abbadon and Rapid Fire. This new band has come out of the blocks with all guns blazing and are now ready to take their unique brand of progressive thrash metal to the masses. Innasanatorium draws on many influences to create an inspiring brand of riff-based and message-driven progressive thrash metal, that draws heavily on both old school and new school inspirations.

Much of their lyrical content is inspired by real-life events and although chief lyricist Adam Bomb draws heavily on global issues such as corruption, politics and religion, this band are passionate about all forms of mental health (ie decline, recovery) hence the name (a play on words describing one’s Inner sanatorium). A large part of their musical scope deals with mental health decline and is tailor-made to get the listener thinking and hopefully talking about these very real issues. This is thinking man’s metal that is thought-provoking and message-driven.

The music that this band creates is equal parts passionate and technical while being emotive and powerful. It’s designed to make you feel uncomfortably comfortable, with the pain and joy in both the light and the dark. There is certainly a lot to like about this band, with tasty riffs aplenty courtesy of riff machine dual guitar combo Ryan and Rapid laying down a solid foundation for Adams soaring vocals and powerful lyrics.

Innasanatorium – Freak
Silverchair Cover

Innasanatorium: Facebook

Age of Emergence: Release New Single/Lyric Video Ascender from their EP The War Within Ourselves

Australian Progressive Metal/Hard Rock band Age of Emergence released the third single/lyric video, Ascender, from their EP The War Within Ourselves. The EP was released on 27 March 2020. The band was supposed to tour around Australia last year but COVID destroyed their plans. New tour dates are in the works and the band is working on writing new material. Stay tuned.

The band states: “Ascender is the third single from our sophomore EP release “The War Within Ourselves”out in 2020….this song explores more positive themes than the previous two singles, its main concept lies in the idea that digging deep to find a positive path and nurture your own self-evolution is the way forward in these chaotic times we live in, to trust your intuition and inner voice, repelling the negative forces and influences that surround us.”

Age of Emergence: Facebook

SONS OF SOUNDS: Release ‘Frequency Of Life’ Music Video

German progressive heavy rock band, SONS OF SOUNDS, have released a music video for their new single Frequency Of Life, taken from their forthcoming album, witch will be released later this year via El Puerto Records.

SONS OF SOUNDSare four brothers in one band. Pure Rock’n’Roll!

SONS OF SOUNDS is a progressive Heavy-Rock-Ensemble. Five released albums, rich in powerful live experiences with numerous tours across Europe and the USA. But there is more! The Sons also do shows in their own live club in Southern Germany where they home base is. Guests as ex-Iron Maiden singers Paul Di’Anno and Blaze Bayley, Q5 or Night Demon have shared their stage with them.


EnforcE: West Australian metal outfit’s new Album Deep Blue out now

Today is the day Australians EnforcE finally release their long-waited 4th full-length release. Deep Blue has been a decade in making. The album will features 9 songs with over 40min of metal music. The album will be available on all media platforms and the physical CDs through Heavy Metal Merchant


  1. Dark Cloud
  2. Thrash Attack
  3. Where did she go
  4. Born of Bloodshed
  5. Deep Blue
  6. Metal United
  7. Without US
  8. Death before Dishonour
  9. Death Core is my Thing
    Recorded/mixed/mastered at Bergerk Studios,
    Video production by JV Photo & Film.

Deep Blue is available in physical format plus ladies t-shirts and Men’s muscle T’s through Heavy Metal Merchant. And Digital via their bands Bandcamp page:

Deep Blue on Spotify:

EnforcE: Facebook

Assault: Singapore’s Metallers Drop Lyric Video Single MDCCLXXVI: Novus Ordo Seclorum & Album In Aevum Et Illustrata Out Now

Today, Singapore’s Melodic Death Metallers Assault are releasing their album In Aevum Et IIustrata (In the Age of the Enlightened) via Eastbreath Records. To celebrate the release the band dropped a new lyric video for the song MDCCLXXVI Novus Ordo Seclorum.

Vocalist Clarence Chong says: “We’re extremely proud to have released our second album ‘In Aevum Et Illustrata’. This is our strongest efforts till date in terms of production and song-writing. Over the course of 15 years, we have matured a lot both as a human being and as a musician. We hope to offer our listeners our brand of extreme music and our interpretation of the original Illuminati formed by Adam Weishaput in 1776.”

The latest single entitled MDCCLXXVI: Novus Ordo Seclorum was inspired by the events that leads up to the ultimate demise of the original formation of the Illuminati in 1788. The album also featured a guest appearance by Andy Gillion from Mors Principium Est on the track 1788.

This is what the media says about In Aevum Et Ilustrata:
“Assault is not here to laugh. If you don’t know the band, In Aevum Et Illustrata will trample you with attitude and violence until you cannot handle it!90/100 Acta infernalis – Deathliger’s Reviews

“…the songs are really powerful and deliver a decent amount of violence combined with higher sonorities and concepts” 9/10 Bathory Zine


  1. Ingolstadt
  2. Oration of Lies
  3. MDCCLCCVI: Novus Ordo Seclorum
  4. Age of Enlightenment
  5. 1788 (featuring Andy Gillion from Mors Principium Est)
  6. Minerva
  7. Signs of Providence
  8. Orders of the Bavarian
  9. The Awakening
    Mixed and mastered by Wong Jian Liang from Aeonix Production & Verta Collective
    Artwork by Mr Arif Rot, Vocalist of Wormrot

ASSAULT: Facebook