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Author: Michael

Awaken Series: Dutch Thrash Metal Band Spiralsea Reissue Album Essence

Dutch Thrash Metal From The 80s!

Spiralsea is a Dutch Thrash Metal band from Groningen, founded in 1989. The guys released a 3-track demo in 1991. At that time, they had already begun to challenge more technical and progressive music. In 1993, Spiralsea finally released their debut full-length album Essence. The album contained some amazing riffs and more diverse arrangements, the uniqueness of the band is fully demonstrated. The album has also been well received by magazines such as Aardschok, Watt, and Rockhard.

Nearly 30 years later, Awakening Records will officially reissue this great album for the first time, including a lot of unpublished band photos, posters, lyrics, and liner notes by an original band member. Dedicated to all maniacs obsessed with Old School Thrash Metal.

Spirealsea Artwork

01 Through the Night
02 Passed Away
03 Clear Brightness
04 Earth’s Downfall
05 Misère
06 Overflow
07 A Voice Within
08 The Sea Floods
09 Balance
10 Pain Chasms
11 Redemption
12 Precious Evil

Therein: Australian Progressive Metallers Release Visualizer for ALH84001

Brisbane Progressive Metallers Therein released a visualiser video for the latest single ALH84001 from their recently released album Aramitama.

Talking about the video, singer Cameron states:”ALH84001 tells the (technically true) story of a meteorite’s journey to Earth from the perspective of the meteorite. Torn from its home on Mars, thrown into space for millions of years, and ultimately colliding with Earth. This song was composed by band guitarist Ryan Boyd, inspired by the events surrounding the real-life meteorite known as ALH84001. The Martian meteorite was the centre of controversy when it was discovered as it was initially believed to contain signs of extraterrestrial life – however, the song focuses on its last moments hurtling through space, burning up in the atmosphere, and finally smashing into the ground.”

The painting, titled Four Souls by Nagashima, also holds the inspiration for the name of the album – Aramitama – which loosely translates to ‘rude soul’ and is part of the ‘Mitama’ or four souls.

Cameron Whelan – Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Boyd – Guitar
Ned Gulliford – Drums, Vocals
Charlie Limpus – Bass

Ouroboric: Adelaide Metallers Self-Release Second Full-Length DeAd-BoY: Zero

Alternative Metallers Ouroboric have recently self-released DeAd​-​BoY: Zero. Following their debut View from Hell which was released in 2018, DeAd-BoY: Zero is now their newest offering. The long-awaited album has been 3 years in the making. Ouroboric is part of the Adelaide metal scene of Australia. Adelaide has a small but strong community and Heavy SA is a standout event in the annual metal calendar. DeAd-BoY: Zero was launched at this year’s Heavy SA.

Recorded and Produced by Ian Miller at Melville Recording Studio
Artwork: Silver Seraphim Design

Crowley – Vocals
Mitchell Cooper – Guitar
Mike Simmonds – Guitar
Tom Kenworthy – Drums
Ryan Brock – Bass

Formed in early 2014, Ouroboric are a 5 piece Alternative Metal Band hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. The band prefer to think of their sound as an Audio Rorschach Test. Ignoring genre and cliché the band attempts to paint a portrait of the human psyche through their evolving sound. Capturing everything from a whisper to a scream and every sound that’s in between…

Ouroboric Artwork

1. Rave on (To Become Content)
2. Da Monay: Patron $aint of Ca$h
3. Dr3g-$tar
4. Electric Pantomime
5. Lonely Pornography
6. Skin of Grief
7. Darker by 6.6.6. Degrees
8. Skyfalldown…
9. The Lord of Perversion and The Angles of Withering
10. Don Quixote vs The Windmill
11. DeAd-BoY: Zero

Get the album at their band’s Bandcamp page: https://ouroboric1.bandcamp.com/album/dead-boy-zero

Ouroboric: Facebook

EWIGKEIT: Release Digital EP Depopulate on January 23rd!

Depopulate is the new 5 track EP from Ewigkeit. DEPOPULATE was written & recorded during the lockdown period of the Covid19 Pandemic of 2019-to-20…
Timed to coincide with the global roll-out of the vaccine, DEPOPULATE looks at the paranoia surrounding the virus, its social effects and the power wielded by the influential biotech industry.

Unlike the recent 70’s rock-styled EP XXIII, the new EP DEPOPULATE is a unique composite of melodic Death Metal and post-Covid19 conspiracy theories with blackened touches.

Ewigkeit is the long-running experimental Metal band of James Fogarty, who also performs Vocals / Guitars / Keys for Norwegian Progressive Metallers IN THE WOODS, vocals and keys for English Cult Black Metal band OLD FOREST, and is the main-brain behind dormant Heraldic Templar Metal band JALDABOATH (amongst other projects).

The EP is released on all streaming platforms on 23/01/21, via Death To Music productions (www.DeathToMusic.com) – an antidote is not assured.

EWIGKEIT - Depopulate

1.    Patent of Death
2.    Biosafety Level 4
3.    Plandemic
4.    Depopulate
5.    The Great Reset

EWIGKEIT: Facebook