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About Us

We are a small team, dedicated to deliver services which really support bands. We are very community oriented, putting our clients – the bands, the labels and other organisations – first. We, that’s founder/owner Michael and Tom, a star in booking and social media.

Black-Roos Entertainment PR, management, and booking services can be tailored to your musical goals and dreams. We can offer support if you are an established band, or if you are just starting out. Our programs can be customised to your specifications and budget, making us an affordable, tailored one-stop-shop for your music promotion needs. We are passionate about music and passionate about making your journey the best it can be. We work with you to gain the exposure and experiences that you deserve.

Our network is ever-expanding, covering worldwide media outlets, webzines, podcasts, radio shows, and blogs, as well as label, distros, festivals, and other metal institutions. Michael is now also the official representative for German label El Puerto Records, listed as El Puerto Office Asia/Australia. Further, with the Black-Roos Entertainment initiatives Metal United Down Under and Metal United World Wide aiming to bring together the scattered metal community, the Black-Roos Entertainment portfolio keeps growing to offer always improving services.

Make an appointment to discuss your options with us and we’ll devise a strategy that best suits you.

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