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Month: November 2021

Satin White: Released Official VIDEO A.I From Debut Album Not Grayed At All

“The song is the star” is German rock band SATIN WHITE’s motto and with the release of their new video A.I. they will show you why.  It is the second single off of their debut album ‘Not Greyed At All’ and is available on their band’s YouTube channel. The album was released on November 25th independently.

SATIN WHITE, fronted by Carsten Kettering (ROSS THE BOSS/ MAJESTY/ IVORY NIGHT) and accomplished musician Frank Schnitzer is a studio band that was meant to be. Coming together after playing together in various projects for many years, they are focused on creating good, honest music. An album filled with catchy melodies, infectious grooves, and songs that make an impact, this latest video follows on from that mission. Music for all fans of rock and just simply well-written music, SATIN WHITE invites everybody to experience their music with them.

To stay up to date with the band head to their website: https://satinwhite.net/

1. I Feel Alive
2. Wonderland
3. I’ll Be Here
4. Come On
5. Daydreamer
6. Cry, Children
7. Like Anyone
8. Heading For The Night
9. Abused
10. Come And Go
11. A.I.

Get the album at the bands online shop: http://satinwhite.net/shop/
or at Bandcamp: https://satinwhite.bandcamp.com/album/not-grayed-at-all


Empyreal Sorrow: Release Visualizer for No Absolution

You reap what you sow – EMPYREAL SORROW’s new single „No Absolution“ takes revenge on all the bootlickers and bigmouths that surround us each and every day. Like with all songs on the upcoming EP „HARM(ONY) WITHIN“ hate is the determining element of inspiration for the band’s energetic Melodic Death Metal. Nothing suits a razor-sharp yet groovy guitar-riff better than a pissed singer that’s spilling his guts onto the microphone – and EMPYREAL SORROW even has two of them.


Terrorential: Aussie Metal Outfit Drop Lyric Video for Flood the Earth

Earlier this year Sydney thrash/death metal band TERRORENTIAL released their debut album VISIONS. Off the back of this tremendously brutal album, TERRORENTIAL has treated fans by releasing a lyric video to the track Flood the Earth.

Waking up on the day he started writing the track, frontman Larry Papura recounts “I can’t remember exactly why I was so pissed off, but I was just pissed off at everything.”

“I thought to myself If I was some sort of supervillain, I would make it rain until the whole planet floods, then move the earth closer to the sun so it boils everything and kills everything then bring it back to the goldilocks zone and start again.”

Now available on the band’s YouTube page, the cathartic release of anger that is Flood the Earth highlights exactly why the fans flock to metal, in particular TERRORENTIAL’s brand of brutality.


DIEVERSITY: New Video Cloud of Misery released & album out now

DIEVERSITY from Würzburg has released their third album “Age Of Ignorance” on November 19th, 2021 via EL PUERTO RECORDS.

After DIEVERSITY was able to show us the videos for the songs “End Of The Line” and “The Bitter Taste Of Sin” a few weeks ago, “Clouds Of Misery” is the third track from the album “Age Of Ignorance“. The clip was produced by Stefano Mastronicola.

Check out the new video “Clouds Of Misery” here:

Age Of Ignorance Tracklist:

End Of The Line
The Bitter Taste Of Sin
Pulling My Strings
Mr. God
Extinction Of Humanity
Clouds Of Misery
May Their Ghosts
King Of Clowns


SHAKE THE TEMPLE: Self-titled Album out now

Off the back of their latest single Driven, Melbourne classic metal act SHAKE THE TEMPLE have released their highly anticipated self-titled album. After an arduous year of delays, sickness and other interruptions, the band that did not initially set out to record an album has released their creation upon the world.

“It’s incredible the album is actually being published, to be honest… given the obstacles we faced,” singer John Joseph relays, “there was no intention to record an album. But then, one-by-one, the songs started to come to life – better than we intended to be honest.”

“Upon reflection, that’s what I love about this album. It was not pre-determined with a master plan.”

The album that wasn’t supposed to be and a band that was only created to be a writing project that came together in a time of adversity, the band promise a release that “is full of dark stories… but in it all and in the melody you can hear there is hope.” SHAKE THE TEMPLE is back, better than ever, and with this release are showing what fans can prepare for when they are back on the road in 2022.

Order the new album here: https://deadpulse.com/product/shake-the-temple-shake-the-temple/


1. Huntsman
2. The Devil’s Approach
3. If You And I Could Make It
4. Precious Lover
5. Who I Am
6. Late Indicator
7. Martini
8. Driven
9. Fist Of Love

Order the Album here: https://deadpulse.com/product/shake


Killrazer: New Album The Burial Begins out now

Ready to set the Australian metalscape ablaze once again, Sydney thrash giants KILLRAZER have released their much-anticipated new album ‘THE BURIAL BEGINS’ today November 12th, and coming off the back of a tumultuous few years for the world, the band knows that it has never been a better time to unleash this album.

“This world we live in has really put us all to the test,” the band states, “Killrazer feels this album suits the current climate of despair, desolation, division, mistrust, and downtrodden spirits.”

It’s safe to say that fans will not be disappointed with this release.

“As we all emerge from this slumber, we need to remember our energy, our spirit, our anger, and our own thoughts and beliefs that we had before the world turned to chaos,” Killrazer reminds us.
“It already was, but just a different era of chaos! We believe this album will allow that sleeping aggression to find its place.”

KILLRAZER has made its presence felt both locally and internationally. With high-profile support slots of metal greats such as Children of Bodom, Malevolent Creation, Dismember, Vader, and Sodom, they have become a mainstay in the wider metal community.

What the media says:

“it is one of the best trash metal albums of the new age.” 10/10 Joshua – Broken Tomb

“A clean Death / Thrash melange on a highly technically adept  level” 8.5/10 Michael Toscher – FFM – Rock

“Overall a fantastic album with meticulous musicianship and delivers exactly what it promises, a full-on assault of brutal thrash/death metal.” 4/5 ForsakenMisery – Metal-Roos

Killrazer – The Burial Begins Tracklist:

01. Stations Of The Cross – 1:54
02  Salt In The Wound – 6:27
03. Suicide Command – 3:53
04. The Legions – 3:39
05. Sunken – 7:30
06. Seven Years – 4:10
07. Unleash Hell – 3:04
08. Silence Your Insolence 2:51
09. Burn In Hell – 4:57
10. The Burial Begins – 5:18


LIFE OF A HERO: New Album Letting Go out today!

With uplifting messages saturated with their heartfelt brand of power metal, LIFE OF A HERO is here with their debut album ‘Letting Go’ via Battlegod Productions. Teasing listeners with a few singles, the album is finally out and ready to reach out to new fans around the world.

“LETTING GO is an album we are very proud to release,” singer Russ Grimmett (Son of world-renowned frontman for Lionsheart & Grim Reaper, Steve Grimmett) admits.

“It reaches deep in our roots of music and passion for rock. With a modern approach, we feel the album will really sit well in people’s ears and reach out to the masses.”

A band that set out to write an album filled with “catchy riffs, catchy melodies, heavy riffs, softer riffs, hard songs, ballads” along with “songs to make you laugh, songs to make you cry!” LIFE OF A HERO is ready for as many people as possible to join them in celebrating ‘LETTING GO’.

The media about the release:

“Anyone who likes well-groomed melodic rock at a high level will like this album extremely well” 4.5/5 Wolfgang Kelz – Stormbringer.at

“There’s something for everyone to enjoy.” 8/10 Carl Fisher – Games, Brrrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“Overall, a captivating and infectious eleven song swagger of high energy, high intensity, hard rock.” 10/10 Iron Mathew – Metal Gods TV

Tracklist – Letting Go:

01. 3D – 3:33
02.  Letting Go – 3:30
03. In My Dreams – 4:35
04. Caught In A Lie – 3:35
05. Don’t Waste My Time – 3:44
06. Stay For A While – 4:12
07. Down And Out –  3:40
08. Risk It All – 3:45
09. Shine A Light –  3:45
10. Falling Apart At The Seams – 3:19
11. When We Let Go – 4:43

Total playtime: 40:21

LIFE OF A HERO: Facebook