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Deaf Forever: Melbourne’s New Metal Nightclub

Jun 24, 2021 News

Deaf Forever is Melbourne’s newest metal nightclub and its grand opening has just been announced! Deaf Forever is a Heavy Metal Nightclub with a focus on live music, give aways and a DJ driven after party. Everything a metalhead could wish for in a great night out! The club is even named in honour of the classic Motörhead song, Deaf Forever. (Orgasmatron album, 1986).

The Deaf Forever grand opening is set for Friday 2nd July at the Bendigo Hotel with a stacked line-up of Elm Street, Envenomed, Armoured Earth and Ironstone. DJ Slaytanix will provide the tunes for the after-party and El Puerto Records and Metal United Down Under will provide the give-aways.

Deaf Forever is a new project by booking, PR and management agency Black-Roos Entertainment. Michael Lueders from Black-Roos Entertainment says about the project: “For a long time, I have wanted to open a metal nightclub. To put on regular events where heavy music fans could come along and celebrate the music they love with LIVE bands and a great atmosphere. It’s also a way of providing opportunities for young and emerging heavy bands. This seems like the ideal time to set that plan into action, especially after the scene has suffered so much in the last 12 months.”

About the lineup:
The grand opening will be led by Australia’s rising phenomenon Ironstone. The young progressive metal band from Bendigo released their highly-acclaimed debut EP Prophecy last year. Ironstone are followed by Armoured Earth, a 5 piece outfit that simply loves to write good, strong, hard-hitting yet still catchy and original heavy metal music. Armoured Earth will launch its EP Empire at the grand opening of Deaf Forever.

Envenomed are a Melodic Thrash driven Heavy Metal band that have been a consistent and dominating force since forming in the mid-2000s. The headliners will be Elm Street. The band has taken the metal scene by storm with their unique style of traditional heavy metal. With a style that is heavily influenced by bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar and Savatage, Elm Street has claimed their spot in the vastly growing new wave of traditional heavy metal.

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By Michael