Sarmat: Polish Death Metallers Release New Album RS-28 & Lyric Video

Jun 4, 2021 News

Polish death/black metallers Sarmat have released their debut album RS-28 and a lyric video. RS-28 Sarmat is a Russian super-heavy ballistic missile (known also as SATAN 2), the weapon of ultimate destruction.

RS-28 consists of eight songs lasting 33.5 minutes. These songs are a furious and aggressive mixture of death metal and black metal. The album is available in physical format (CD) and as digital on the band’s profile on Bandcamp. To spread the nuclear apocalypse more effectively the band has released the lyric video to the title song from their debut album. The band states about the song: “Welcome to The Cold War II!”


1. Coldgrinder   3’19”
2. Evilution   5’45”
3. The Shining of Oneiros   4’11”
4. RS-28   3’51”
5. Seeds of Uncertainty   3’36”
6. You Don’t Live in My War   5’38”
7. Blackout (Scenario for Tomorrow) part I   3’32”
8. Blackout (Scenario for Tomorrow) part II   3’41”
Total Length:   33’33”

Recording line-up:
Daniel Szymanowicz – Guitars, Bass (session), VST Instruments
Krzysztof Kopczeński – Guitars
Łukasz Kobusiński – Vocals
Krzysztof Klingbein – Drums (session)

Sarmat: Facebook

By Michael