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Month: May 2021

Edan H: Third times a charm as the Australian releases Industrial tinged single Gets You Off

After releasing his debut single Down in Flames in 2019 and Final Wrath late last year, Australian solo artist Edan H returns with his third sizzling single Gets You Off.  

Both dark and ominous, Gets You Off grinds its way through a world of sex. A sleaze drenched offering of industrial hard rock, articulately weaving between erotica and anthemic rocker. You won’t know whether to take your clothes off, or throw those horns in the air…or both!

Edan says about Gets You Off: “This song came to me in a dream. I was in a strip club and this song was playing. Somehow in the dream I knew I had written it, so I just decided to turn the dream into reality. Or at least what I could remember. I always liked the concept of industrial music, but I felt those bands lacked the melodies to get me over the line. This is my attempt at rectifying that. Combining my style of song writing with industrial overtones. I like to experiment with different stuff every now and then. I just wanted to see if I could”.

Following the success of his first solo venture Back to Eden, the Melbourne based guitarist/bassist/songwriter now continues simply under the Edan H banner. With resurging interest surrounding classic rock acts of yesteryear, Edan H (and guests) bring a familiar sound of everything hard and heavy to a new generation.

Gets You Off out now! Available on all major digital platforms, or download it for FREE from the EDAN H website: www.edanhmusic.com

Edan H: Facebook

Ouroboric: Australians Alternative Metallers Deliver Again With New Video Electric Pantomime

Australians Ouroboric deliver again “terrifically playful and fun” alternative metal with their video Electric Pantomine. The song is taken from their recently released and long-awaited album DeAd​-​BoY: Zero.

Explaining the story behind Electric Pantomine, vocalist Phil aka Crowley says about the song: “Electric Pantomime is an abstract take on new age voyeurism with a 2020-21 theme. The ‘foreguy’ archetype watches on as he munches away on the caution popcorn seeing the band play in isolation, as well as their live performance. Meanwhile, the fans each have their Covid lockdown space and each have their own eccentric personality that depicts how the fourth wall into their private lives has been broken down before the pantomime watching on.”

Mitchell further says: “It’s all very abstract, much like a Rorschach test is measured in it’s interpretation. The tides turn when the mist appears before the pantomime and the TVs rise, bringing him out of the shadows and into the live performance. With no walls to hide behind and no longer anonymous, the pantomime flees, falling victim to the mist. The pantomime isn’t the only one revealed however, as in the final shot of the fans, they become aware of the viewer watching the music video, further breaking down the walls of voyeurism. Where do the wires go?”

Ouroboric: Facebook

Temtris: Highly acclaimed 6th album Ritual Warfare out now & Australia tour announced

Sydney’s female-fronted heavy metal band, Temtris, has released their 6th studio album Ritual Warfare through Wormholedeath Records today. To promote the album, Temtris will embark on their Australia tour which will start in May in Dapto in Sydney’s South and will end in August in Brisbane.

The album has been received well by the worldwide metal media. Here are some quotes:

Ritual Warfare – an album I highly recommend, and one that gets my vote for Album Of The Year.
And yes – you did read the rating correctly…a massive 12 out of 10 for a simply sensational album. MetalGods TV

Temtris prove again on ‘Ritual Warfare’ just what an accomplished, important band they are; if you’ve still not experienced their majesty yet, what are you waiting for? Sentinel Daily

I believe and affirm that is a must-listen release for heavy metal lovers. 10/10 The Metal Family

Temtris have reached a new high point within the band. You can hardly imagine what the band would like to improve on in the future. 8.5/10 Rock Castle Franken

Ritual Warfare Across Australia Tour Dates

Dapto – 21st May
Adelaide 29th May
Canberra – 5th June
Melbourne 12th June
Sydney – 18th June
Newcastle – 26th June
Brisbane – 21st August

Temtris are:
Genevieve Rodda – Vocals
Anthony Fox – Guitar
Nick  Wilks – Bass
Nicholas Bolan – Drums
Nadi Norouzian – Guitar

Temtris: Facebook