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Wartooth: Aussie Thrash Attack With Mental Health Focus Release Sabotage Video Clip

Apr 10, 2021 News

Brisbane Thrash Metal brothers Wartooth have released a music video for Sabotage. The single is the latest from their debut album Programmed Dichotomy, which has been wrecking necks across the Thrash Metal world since its release in 2020.

The music video depicts frontman Andy Knappstein as 4 separate characters at war with himself, while performing the song to represent the concept of the politically and psychologically charged track.

Andy explains, “Sabotage is all about the fight for power between identical factions differing only in their costumes of red and blue! On the surface, it is a straight up dig at our two-party political system that spends more time arguing than making progress for the country, but beneath that is the internal battle we all face between the logical and emotional sides of our consciousness. For some, this war is so consuming and distracting that it is impossible to make progress in life, and live and be present on a day-to-day basis. Much the same – it is almost impossible to film a music video when the band members are continually sabotaging each others’ performances!”

Lyrics from ‘Sabotage’
You choose the lesser of two evils, but both are just the same.
They’ll screw and rape and beat you, say the other is to blame.
They’re both the devil in disguise – the illusion of choice.
You can scream all you want, but they won’t listen to your voice!

Wartooth is a high energy Aussie Thrash Attack with a message. Two brothers of metal; Wally and Andy Knappstein, are headbanging through Mental Health and thrashing the Warpath of life.

Andy Knappstein – Guitars & Vocals
Wally Knappstein – Drums & Backing Vocals

Wartooth: Facebook

By Michael