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Tensiion: Release New Visualizer Dissimulation & EP Subterfuge out now

Apr 3, 2021 News
Tensiion - Landscape1

Australia’s Death & Roll Duo Tensiion releasing today their new EP Subterfuge independently. To support the release the band also drops another visualizer for the song ‘Dissimulation‘. Get the EP at the bands Bandcamp page.

Guitarist Phill Corpe gives us some context around the song: Dissmulation’ is the second visulizer off the EP and is one of my favourites off this release, plenty of groove, fat riffs and punchy drums.”

Tensiion used this time to smash out a new 5-track reflection of the past year, channeling the darker side of humanity with their new EP, Subterfuge. Influences vary greatly. If you asked them to name their top ten in each genre, it may paint a picture of their taste in music, but still wouldn’t be an accurate guide to what constitutes the Tensiion sound.



2.Dead Weight
4.End transmission
5.Friend or Foe (Negative Approach Cover)

Get the EP here: https://tensiion.bandcamp.com/album/subterfuge

Phill Corpe – Guitars & Production
Travis McLeod  – Vocals

Tensiion: Facebook

By Michael