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Month: April 2021

Wartooth: Aussie Thrash Attack With Mental Health Focus Release Sabotage Video Clip

Brisbane Thrash Metal brothers Wartooth have released a music video for Sabotage. The single is the latest from their debut album Programmed Dichotomy, which has been wrecking necks across the Thrash Metal world since its release in 2020.

The music video depicts frontman Andy Knappstein as 4 separate characters at war with himself, while performing the song to represent the concept of the politically and psychologically charged track.

Andy explains, “Sabotage is all about the fight for power between identical factions differing only in their costumes of red and blue! On the surface, it is a straight up dig at our two-party political system that spends more time arguing than making progress for the country, but beneath that is the internal battle we all face between the logical and emotional sides of our consciousness. For some, this war is so consuming and distracting that it is impossible to make progress in life, and live and be present on a day-to-day basis. Much the same – it is almost impossible to film a music video when the band members are continually sabotaging each others’ performances!”

Lyrics from ‘Sabotage’
You choose the lesser of two evils, but both are just the same.
They’ll screw and rape and beat you, say the other is to blame.
They’re both the devil in disguise – the illusion of choice.
You can scream all you want, but they won’t listen to your voice!

Wartooth is a high energy Aussie Thrash Attack with a message. Two brothers of metal; Wally and Andy Knappstein, are headbanging through Mental Health and thrashing the Warpath of life.

Andy Knappstein – Guitars & Vocals
Wally Knappstein – Drums & Backing Vocals

Wartooth: Facebook

Awakening Records: Spanish Black/Thrash Metal Band Nuclear Revenge To Release Dawn Of The Primitive Age on April 24th

Chinese label Awakening Records, have again discovered some talent. On 24th of April 2021,  Dawn Of The Primitive Age by Spanish Black/Thrash Metal band Nuclear Revenge will be released.

Formed in 2012, Nuclear Revenge combines perfectly the mayhemic sounds of 80’s Teutonic Thrash Metal with the unholy Australian Black/Thrash scene. With their second album Dawn of the Primitive Age, you’ll listen to some highly influenced tunes from bands like old school Kreator, Sodom, Deströyer 666, Slayer, and Possesed. The album offers nearly 40 minutes of merciless and ruthless Metal Attack!


01 Agonic Tormentor
02 Summon the Nameless Ones
03 March of the Undead
04 Proclaimed Among the Wicked
05 Dust
06 Dawn of the Primitive Age
07 Descending Wings of Perversion
08 Eyes of Revelations
09 Everlasting Void
10 …From the Crypt

Pre-order now: https://awakeningrecordscn.bigcartel.com/product/nuclear-revenge-dawn-of-the-primitive-age

Nuclear Revenge: Facebook

Awakening Records: Brazil’s Death/Black Metal Band Sutura Unleash Dawn of Cursed Souls on April 24th

Sutura are about to unleash Dawn of Cursed Souls on 24 April 2021 via the Chinese label Awakening Records.

Brazilians Sutura offers Death/Black Metal at its best. They hail from Nova Friburgo, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro. Sutura‘s influence is mainly by the Scandinavian and Brazilian Extreme Metal scene. In Dawn of Cursed Souls, the band follows the line of the debut album, Clasta (low tuning with fast picks, strong distortion in the chainsaw style, guttural high and low vocals, and a well-marked combination of bass and drums); with a sound based on Old School Death Metal and Black Metal. However, this new work shows a more defined and striking equalization, with an instrumental tone and reverberated vocal that refer to the recordings of the 80s’ and early 90s’.


01 Dawn of Cursed Souls
 02 Sacramental Bleed
03 Under the Black Mark         
04 Death’s Fathom         
05 Haunted by Old Ghost         
06 Where Shadows of Death May Lie         
07 Chaos and Demise         
08 Suffering Cage         
09 Worms in Disguise

Pre-order now: https://awakeningrecordscn.bigcartel.com/product/sutura-dawn-of-cursed-souls

Sutura: Facebook

Awakening Records: Chilean Death/Thrash Metal Wrecking Machine Thirsty Demon Drop Unconscious Suicide on April 24th

Chilean Death/Thrash metal wrecking machine Thirsty Demon are ready to drop Unconscious Suicide on 24 April 2021, via Chinese label Awakening Records.

Thirsty Demon is a new project formed in 2019 by Cristian León, whom we know for being part of other amazing bands like Hellish, Hemisfero, and Armoured Knight. This time, he takes command of all instruments and vocals, to present a creation of his complete authorship Unconscious Suicide. This is crude and sadistic Death Metal, containing 8 tracks inspired by the primeval bands of the genre. For fans of Atomic Aggressor, Desecration (US), old Morbid Angel.


01 Whispers Of The Damned
02 Sadistic Desire
03 In Silence
04 Rotten Angels
05 Waning Death
06 Negative State
07 With Them You Will Rot
08 Calls to Death

Pre-order now: https://awakeningrecordscn.bigcartel.com/product/thirsty-demon-unconscious-suicide

Temtris: Release Lyric Video for Title Track of Upcoming Album Ritual Warfare & Announce Tour

Australian female fronted powerhouse Temtris are releasing a lyric video as an appetiser for their sixth studio album. They have chosen the album’s title track, Ritual Warfare. The album Ritual Warfare is due for release on 30 April 2021 via Wormholedeath. The band also announced the Ritual Warfare Across Australia tour dates to promote their release.

Temtris combines the best elements of heavy metal and brings them to life with a modern feel. Ritual Warfare delivers powerful and soaring vocals, twin guitar harmonies, blazing solos and a crushing rhythm section that drives a catchy chorus leaving you hungry for more.

Ritual Warfare single is available on all digital platforms.

Ritual Warfare Across Australia Tour Dates

Dapto – 21st May
Adelaide 29th May
Canberra – 5th June
Melbourne 12th June
Sydney – 18th June
Newcastle – 26th June
Brisbane – 21st August


1.Race to the end
2. One for all
3 Seven Sins of man
5.Ritual Warfare
6.Tempus Aeturnum
8.Always United

Temtris are:
Genevieve Rodda – Vocals
Anthony Fox – Guitar
Nik  Wilks – Bass
Nicholas Bolan – Drums
Nadi Norouzian – Guitar

Temtris: Facebook

Tensiion: Release New Visualizer Dissimulation & EP Subterfuge out now

Australia’s Death & Roll Duo Tensiion releasing today their new EP Subterfuge independently. To support the release the band also drops another visualizer for the song ‘Dissimulation‘. Get the EP at the bands Bandcamp page.

Guitarist Phill Corpe gives us some context around the song: Dissmulation’ is the second visulizer off the EP and is one of my favourites off this release, plenty of groove, fat riffs and punchy drums.”

Tensiion used this time to smash out a new 5-track reflection of the past year, channeling the darker side of humanity with their new EP, Subterfuge. Influences vary greatly. If you asked them to name their top ten in each genre, it may paint a picture of their taste in music, but still wouldn’t be an accurate guide to what constitutes the Tensiion sound.



2.Dead Weight
4.End transmission
5.Friend or Foe (Negative Approach Cover)

Get the EP here: https://tensiion.bandcamp.com/album/subterfuge

Phill Corpe – Guitars & Production
Travis McLeod  – Vocals

Tensiion: Facebook

Against Evil: Drop Title Track of Upcoming Album End of the Line

India’s Heavy Metal force Against Evil release the title track of their upcoming album End of the Line as lyric video.

Shasank (Rhythm, Lead Guitar) shares more details about the song: “This is the title song and also the heaviest song on the album! It’s about a dystopian future where common people have no rights and are trapped under the control of evil governments and shadow organizations. We also got the idea for the cover artwork after writing this song, where the band also known as The Army of Four are being sentenced to death by the electric chair for rebellion against the evil government. Overall, it’s a very aggressive heavy metal song with a good blend of thrash.” 

The album End of the Line will be out May 14th via German/Swiss based record label Doc Gator Records in Europe and independently the rest of the world. The sound of Against Evil is best described as Heavy Metal with Power and Speed ​​Metal influence.

  1.    The Sound of Violence
2.    Speed Demon
3.    Out for Blood (feat. Billy Sheehan)
4.    Call to War
5.    End of the Line
6.    Sword of Power
7.    Metal or Nothin’
8.    Fearless
9.    War Hero (CD Bonus Track: Re-Recorded Version)

Worldwide: https://againstevil.bandcamp.com
Europe: https://www.docgatorshop.com/cat/index/sCategory/22
India: https://www.instamojo.com/AgainstEvil/

Siri – Vocals, Bass Guitar
Sravan – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Shasank – Rhythm, Lead Guitar
Noble John – Drums
Against Evil: Facebook