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Rawtism: Australia’s Thrash Attack Unleash New EP Raw And Off Its Head on 12th June & Release Video Go Rawtistic

Mar 27, 2021 News

Australian Thrash Attack Rawtism are set to unleash their new EP Raw And Off Its Head on 12 June 2021. As a teaser, they now release the video Go Rawtistic.

Go Rawtistic is an anthemic mosh pit song written by Keefy. Go Rawtistic is about this intense trance thrash fans get when they listen to live thrash metal and go ballistic in the crowd. The sound is heavy, fast-paced and straight forward which is perfect for a mosh pit anthem. Rawtistic is obviously a play on word with the band name Rawtism.

The soon to be released EP Raw And Off Its Head has been recorded at the homes of members Rorz’s and Naimo’s in Melbourne. Recording started in December 2019 and finished in late 2020 due to delays during COVID restrictions. The EP was mastered by Andy Fernando of Singing Bird Studios in Frankston. The EP title Raw And Off Its Head lets the fans know what they are in for. A raw and accelerating experience so intense, you could go out of your mind. The cover art is the work of Daniel K Fraser and features a grizzly scene depicting a long-haired man screaming while his brain being savagely ripped out of his skull by a chrome skeletal hand from the inside of his head. It represents this intense feeling when you hear some fast-paced, heavy thrash metal.


1. Go Rawtistic
2. Thrashers Endurance
3. You’ll Get What’s Coming
4. Stay Metal
5. B.Y.H.A.S.T.F.U
6. Sultans Of Swing

Keith Hechinger – Vocal & Guitars
Naim IbrahimĀ  – Bass & Backing Vocals
Rory O’Donnell – Drums & Backing Vocals

Rawtism: Facebook

By Michael