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SickWalt: New York City Rocker Presents Shove n’ Love

Mar 18, 2021 News

New York Rockers SickWalt have just released their debut album Shove n’ Love. This marks the band’s most developed sound to date, with blazing crisp guitar riffs, thumping & pumping drums and a bottom end that lays the foundation for SickWalt’s unique vocal style.

Between landing in the mental ward, teaching inmates at the infamous Rikers Island prison for MC5 legend Wayne Kramer and his Jail Guitar Doors program, or partying til sunrise in the back alleys of NYC, SickWalt wrote Shove n’ Love through pure experienced passion. Walt remarks, “I absolutely love this creation. This record has all the great sounds rock n’ roll has been missing for a good number of years.”


1. Demand the Stage 03:31
2. Die Like Belushi 02:17
3. Song for Johnny 03:27
4. Everybody’s Lucifer 03:00
5. Million Dollar Man 04:27
6. Punk Almighty 03:52
7. Butcher’s Dog 03:16
8. 7 of Them 03:07
9. Hey Devil 03:44
10. Love Alignment 03:23

Get the album at the band’s website here: https://www.sickwalt.com/
or digital at Orchard https://orcd.co/sickwalt-shovenlove-album

“Sick” Walt Novak – Vocals
Matt Middleton – Guitar
Eric Arce – Drums
Rob Buckley – Bass

SickWalt: Facebook

By Michael