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Terrorential: Australians Drop Visualiser Video for Title Track & Album Is Out Now

Mar 16, 2021 News

Terrorential, Australian Thrash/Death Metal outfit hailing from Sydney, are releasing their much anticipated debut album Visions today. As a teaser, Terrorential also release a visualiser for the title track Visions. Beware, this release definitely requires some neck muscle warm ups!

Singer Larry Papura explains the dark meaning of Visions: “The song Visions is about what would things be like if total war happened and the place you live in was getting invaded.”

For all fans of Obituary, Death, Kreator and alike. Visions is definitely an album to add to your wish list!

Terrorential Artwork


1. Prelusion
2. Logical Terror
3. Warrior
4. One For One
5. Flood The Earth
6. Goddamn Thrashing
7. Dreamescape
8. I’m Fucking Drunk…,!
9. Unleash
10. Visions
11. Terrorential


Larry Papura – Vocals & Guitar

Travis Walker – Guitar & Backing Vocals

Triz Wahington – Drums

Alex Yelistratov – Bass

Terrorentail: Facebook

By Michael