Stormtide: To Release New Album A Throne of Hollow Fire on March 1st via Metal Hell Records

Feb 9, 2021 News

A THRONE OF HOLLOW FIRE is an epic tale of ruin, death and magic told through ten intense chapters of death metal fueled symphony.
Crushing Guitars, Bowel-Crunching vocals and Drum Work from Hell follow the hero of our story as he attempts to fulfil his destiny.
As the follow up to WRATH OF AN EMPIRE, this album represents five years of blood, sweat and beers for the Epic Death Lords of STORMTIDE.

The new album will be released via Metal Hell Records on the first of March digital and physical copies will be sent out first of April 2021.
Pre-Oder the album here:

Reuben Stone says:
We have spent the better part of five years developing the kind of music we’d like to listen to. A Throne of Hollow Fire was created by drawing upon multiple different influences and fusing them together in new and interesting ways. This album has had our souls poured into it – and we truly hope this shows. We feel that this album represents a new era for STORMTIDE.

Stormtide Artwork


  1. A Valley of Ashes
  2. A Throne of Hollow Fire
  3. Awakening
  4. Crucible
  5. She Who Would Name the Stars
  6. One Last Pint
  7. He Who Would Drown the Sun
  8. Wayfinder
  9. Eternal Fire
  10. A Warship Braved the Tempest

Reuben Stone – Vocals, Orchestrations
Tyson Richens – Guitars
Daniel Bodnar – Guitars
Dean Hullett – Drums

STORMTIDE is Australia’s premier fantasy inspired Epic Metal band.
Forged in under the hot Australian sun, STORMTIDE is the undisputed masters of fusing traditional ethnic music with modern epic metal.

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