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Month: December 2020

Ouroboric: Adelaide Metallers Self-Release Second Full-Length DeAd-BoY: Zero

Alternative Metallers Ouroboric have recently self-released DeAd​-​BoY: Zero. Following their debut View from Hell which was released in 2018, DeAd-BoY: Zero is now their newest offering. The long-awaited album has been 3 years in the making. Ouroboric is part of the Adelaide metal scene of Australia. Adelaide has a small but strong community and Heavy SA is a standout event in the annual metal calendar. DeAd-BoY: Zero was launched at this year’s Heavy SA.

Recorded and Produced by Ian Miller at Melville Recording Studio
Artwork: Silver Seraphim Design

Crowley – Vocals
Mitchell Cooper – Guitar
Mike Simmonds – Guitar
Tom Kenworthy – Drums
Ryan Brock – Bass

Formed in early 2014, Ouroboric are a 5 piece Alternative Metal Band hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. The band prefer to think of their sound as an Audio Rorschach Test. Ignoring genre and cliché the band attempts to paint a portrait of the human psyche through their evolving sound. Capturing everything from a whisper to a scream and every sound that’s in between…

Ouroboric Artwork

1. Rave on (To Become Content)
2. Da Monay: Patron $aint of Ca$h
3. Dr3g-$tar
4. Electric Pantomime
5. Lonely Pornography
6. Skin of Grief
7. Darker by 6.6.6. Degrees
8. Skyfalldown…
9. The Lord of Perversion and The Angles of Withering
10. Don Quixote vs The Windmill
11. DeAd-BoY: Zero

Get the album at their band’s Bandcamp page: https://ouroboric1.bandcamp.com/album/dead-boy-zero

Ouroboric: Facebook

Magnus: Polish Deathrash Legends’ Cult Album Scarlet Slaughterer to be Released on CD via Awakening Records


Magnus is one of the pioneers of the Death/Thrash wave in Poland. In the 80s, when Death Metal was born, Magnus blazed a trail of an innovative style of fast and heavy play. The first in Poland and one of the first bands in the world highlighting with music a controversial and rare image.

Scarlet Slaughterer was Magnus’ debut album, originally released in 1989. The killer album will be officially reissued on CD by Awakening Records on 25 December 2020. The reissue will include a lot of band photos, bonus tracks, and even 3 unpublished tracks, as well as the band biography.

This is a real immortal poem that transcends the times. No mercy. No trends. Only hellish voice and twisted riffs. Sharply, directly, brutally, fast, and uncompromisingly!

Magnus Artwork

01 Trash Attack
02 Tomb
03 Pharisee
04 Confession
05 Crosses of War (Parts 1&2)
06 Messenger of Hell
07 Scarlet Slaughterer
08 Man Condemned
09 Destruction
10 Leprosy
11 Rabies
12 Achtung Magnus!!!
13 Trash Attack
14 Spowiedź (Confession)
15 Leprosy
16 Skazaniec (Man Condemned)
17 Destrukcja (Destruction)
18 Achtung Magnus!!!
19 Tomb (Live)
20 Pharisee (Live)
21 Achtung Magnus!!! (Live)

PRE-ORDER NOW: https://awakeningrecordscn.bigcartel.com/product/magnus-scarlet-slaughterer

Magnus: Facebook

EWIGKEIT: Release Digital EP Depopulate on January 23rd!

Depopulate is the new 5 track EP from Ewigkeit. DEPOPULATE was written & recorded during the lockdown period of the Covid19 Pandemic of 2019-to-20…
Timed to coincide with the global roll-out of the vaccine, DEPOPULATE looks at the paranoia surrounding the virus, its social effects and the power wielded by the influential biotech industry.

Unlike the recent 70’s rock-styled EP XXIII, the new EP DEPOPULATE is a unique composite of melodic Death Metal and post-Covid19 conspiracy theories with blackened touches.

Ewigkeit is the long-running experimental Metal band of James Fogarty, who also performs Vocals / Guitars / Keys for Norwegian Progressive Metallers IN THE WOODS, vocals and keys for English Cult Black Metal band OLD FOREST, and is the main-brain behind dormant Heraldic Templar Metal band JALDABOATH (amongst other projects).

The EP is released on all streaming platforms on 23/01/21, via Death To Music productions (www.DeathToMusic.com) – an antidote is not assured.

EWIGKEIT - Depopulate

1.    Patent of Death
2.    Biosafety Level 4
3.    Plandemic
4.    Depopulate
5.    The Great Reset

EWIGKEIT: Facebook

Therein: Australian Progressive Metallers Release Lyric Video Through The Threshold & Album Aramitama

Brisbane Progressive Metallers Therein has self-released their second album Aramitama. Further, the band has also released the music video for the latest single Through The Threshold. The video has been animated and produced by singer/ guitarist Cameron Whelan.

Following a successful run at Woodford Folk Festival 2018/2019, Progfest 2019, and a debut tour to Japan, 2020 saw the release of Therein’s second full-length album Aramitama. Aramitama showcases material from the very beginning of Therein‘s lifetime (2012), all the way through to songs written after the release of their first album, Nobelium. Combined with the first album, Aramitama marks the recorded release of every original song in Therein‘s live repertoire between the years of 2012-2019. The album artwork is from a painting by Japanese artist Fuyou Nagashima entitled Four Souls. This piece was painted live during a set at Tokyo Beyond festival – the last show of the Japanese tour. The album was self-released in October 31st 2020.

Talking about the video now released, singer Cameron states:“‘Through The Threshold’ is about the moment between dreaming and waking up, that strange moment where you are simultaneously aware of reality and whatever it is you are dreaming about. I like to try and hold onto that moment as much as I can, and this song is musing on that. The film clip was animated by me using traditional animation techniques (as will the next two film clips). This song is probably the closest thing we have to a “modern prog metal” sounding song.”

The painting, titled Four Souls by Nagashima, also holds the inspiration for the name of the album – Aramitama – which loosely translates to ‘rude soul’ and is part of the ‘Mitama’ or four souls.

Therein Artwork

1 To Better Times
2 Abeyance
3 Furry Lil Demons
4 The Crawling Chaos
5 Spock
6 Through The Threshold
7 Divide
8 Slainte
9 Brunhilde
10 ALH84001
11 Wrong Dunn Blues
12 Piece of Shit

Get the album at their band’s Bandcamp page: https://thereinmusic.bandcamp.com/album/aramitama

Cameron Whelan – Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Boyd – Guitar
Ned Gulliford – Drums, Vocals
Charlie Limpus – Bass

Brisbane Progressive Metallers Therein throw all convention out of the window, brazenly infusing Celtic undertones with Jazz, Blues, Death Metal, and 70s Progressive Rock to create a uniquely infectious sound that is undeniably their own. No restrictions, no expectations, and no inhibitions provide the nucleus of Therein’s eclectic sound, blending and twisting genres into a malleable force that knows no boundaries.

Idle Ruin: Australian Death/Thrash Metal Newcomers Release Self-titled EP Today

“Today, Australian death/thrash metal newcomers Idle Ruin release their self-titled debut. Get the EP here: https://idleruin.bandcamp.com/

Singer Liam states about the EP: “This is just a four-song, bite-sized collection of Idle Ruin’s music. With Idle Ruin being an all-new project I didn’t want to dive into a full-length album straight away. People have responded really well to our pre-release single “The Devil’s Trade”, which has been given a lot of airplay and some flattering reviews. So I hope these remaining three songs don’t disappoint.”

Idle Ruin plays aggressive and hard-hitting music that could be best described as death metal crossed with blackened thrash. That explains their choice of the recording studio: “We recorded the Idle Ruin EP at Black Blood Audio with Descent guitarist Brendan “Pip” Auld. They’re a relatively new studio in Brisbane who specialise in a lot of death metal and hardcore punk, which seemed fitting for us. Brendan was very active in helping get a great sound out of us. I can’t recommend him enough” 

Excerpts from media feedback:

” There’s no real point searching further for improvement points because this thing rips.” 85/100 Skull Fracturing Metal

this band is ready to be Australian next finest!” Patchman Marco – Headbangers Zine, Gigs & Records

” The future of Idle Ruin is written in blood and carved in stone. They are set to break out and plague the Globe”  [8/10] DJ Vapour – Metal Noise

” Idle Ruin make war, not love and across its brief run-time, the neck muscles will be sent into overdrive. “
Carl ‘The Disc’ Fisher – Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

IDLE RUIN - EP cover

1.Whipped to Death
2.Spiritual Contagion
3.The Devil’s Trade
4.Gods of Glass

Idle Ruin: Facebook

Apocalyptic Fear: Canadian Death Metallers Release All Demos For The First Time On CD Via Awakening Records

The Canadian Death Metal band Apocalyptic Fear was founded in 1991. The band has released two demos, Decayed Existence and Dawn of the Ritual in 1992 and 1994. These two killer demos from the 90s will be officially reissued on a single CD by Awakening Records. The re-release includes a lot of unpublished band photos and liner notes. Dedicated to all maniacs obsessed with Old School Death Metal!

Dawn of the Ritual + Decayed Existence will be released on Awakening Records on December 25th.

Apocalyptic Fear Artwork

1. Dawn of the Ritual
2. Mutilated by Sickness
3. Dying Age
4. The Execution
5. Mental Delirium
6. Drive Us to Hate
7. Psychic Death
8. Dimension of Emptiness
9. Intoxicated
10. Vampire’s Island

AWA 029 CD – Apocalyptic Fear – Dawn of the Ritual + Decayed Existence
Originally Released in 1992/1994
First Time Officially on CD
Dual Cover Artwork
Limited to 1000 Copies

Jean-Francois Houle – Guitar & Vocals
Steeve Daigle – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Richard Harvey – Bass
Sébastien Bussières – Drums

Apocalyptic Fear: Facebook

Parricide: Polish Death Metallers Re-Release First 3 Albums Through Awakening Records

Parricide was formed in Chełm, Poland, in 1990 as a result of two local bands, Kreuzer and Lokis, splitting up. The idea was to play blazing fast, heavy, and brutal Death Metal. Parricide has released eight full-length albums in their active 25 years. The three albums by the original lineup in the 90s will be officially reissued by Awakening Records, including a lot of unpublished band photos, demos, and liner notes by an original band member. All tracks have been remastered in early 2020! Dedicated to all maniacs obsessed with Old School Death Metal!

All three album will be released on the 12/12/2020 via Awakening Records.

Parricide Artwork

01. Enslavery
02. Fascination of Indifference
03. Swarving to Solitude
04. Beyond All This
05. Nothing to Be Said
06. State of Mind
07. Ability of Comprehension
08. Play Your Insanity
09. Disturbing Thoughts
10. Rot in Peace
11. Perpetual Fate
12. Outburst of Fury
13. The Barboring Image
14. Hidden Truth
15. Cult of Personality

Parricide Artwork

01. Nonsense’s Real
02. Bodiless Concealed
03. Cobweb on the Soul
04. Endless Frustration
05. Seclusion
06. Fear
07. Accustomed to Illusion
08. I Am Cursed
09. Controversial Views
10. Dialogue of the Thoughts
11. Unexpected Emptiness
12.Behind the Scenes
13. Drown in Misery
14. Mentally Insane
15. Pushed Aside

Parricide Artwork

01. Conditional Infinity
02. Nothing Twice
03. Narrow-Minded
04. Mad Arrives
05. Indignation
06. Pandemic Destruction
07. Intoxicating Despair
08. Deceived
09. Lofty Rhetoric
10. I Feel Nothing
11. Deranged
12. Watched (By Shades)

Parricide: Facebook