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Month: September 2020

In Malice Wake: Australia’s Savage Thrash/Death Veterans Release Video The Blindness of Faith

Australia’s savage thrash/death veterans In Malice’s Wake proudly announce the first single/video for their upcoming album, The Blindness of Faith. The Blindness of Faith is scheduled for worldwide release on Friday the 13th of November. Presale is now available (see links below).

The video is the title track and opener of the album. Utilizing intense and intimate footage from the band’s rehearsal room, this track showcases the bludgeoning darkness that is a prominent hallmark of the album in its entirety. The song is “a sinister and relentlessly pummelling epic of modern yet true thrash metal” says Lochlan Watt from Triple J’s The Racket.

The album The Blindness of Faith is a journey into the dark side of religion, narrated by the harrowing In Malice’s Wake sound – haunting melodies, an onslaught of classic riffs and drumming and vocals that resonate from the depths of hell.  The album is a further push along the extreme path of darkness and brutality set upon by the previous album, Light Upon the Wicked.  Recorded & mixed by Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios, and mastered at Panic Room studios – The Blindness of Faith screams with the sonic fire that In Malice’s Wake are renowned for. In Malice’s Wake are proud of all that has been achieved on the path so far and are ravenous to break new ground slaying a legion of new listeners in the next chapter with The Blindness of Faith – the strongest album yet. Truly thrash metal as it should be – unholy, destroying sonic fire…

The cover art, painted in oil by guitarist/vocalist Shaun Farrugia, is a reflection of the atmosphere and destruction contained within the 10 tracks on offer. 

The Blindness of Faith is available via CD digipak and digital stream. An extensive range of pre-order bundles including a large range of new apparel are available now via:


Shaun Farrugia – Vocals/Guitars
Leigh Bartley – Lead Guitars
Karl Watterson – Bass
Mark Farrugia – Drums

Acrolysis: Release Details For New EP The Nobody Crowd & Video Release A Message To You

Australian heavy metal bands Acrolysis and Reaver release their collaborative sophomore EP, The Nobody Crowd. The record is a ferocious experience featuring expressive, riff driven guitars, blistering speed harsh, vocals and its socially conscious message. It is centred around illustrating both bands’ uniqueness and especial characteristics in not only sound but in composition as well. The EP also features two songs which were composed together by members of both bands, creating music that excitingly blends their styles together and presents musical ideas that may have not been considered if not for their willingness to experiment and be out of their comfort zones. Acrolysis and Reaver utilise their similar influences and distinct differences to create a record that is sonically a ‘kick in the teeth’ but thematically explores corruption, temptation, cruelty and unity.

Today Acrolysis release the first single/video A Message To You from the upcoming EP. Acrolysis vocalist and guitarist/Reaver bassist Konstantine Ana says about the song: “A Message to You is a sonic assault on all senses. It epitomises anger and aggression, discussing themes of corruption and manipulation. Portrayed in a more rudimentary way with its basic and common musical structure, it attempts to encapsulate the anger felt towards political and social institutions, their seemingly never ending corruption and the disappointment and upset that goes with it. Taking elements of thrash metal and punk akin to Dead Kennedys, the Saints, Motörhead and Metallica, A Message to You really embodies what Acrolysis is about.”

Being from the same scene and city, Acrolysis and Reaver took a liking to each other’s sound and over the years a friendship developed which lead to Konstantine Ana joining Reaver as their bassist in 2020 whilst maintaining his role in Acrolysis. Interestingly, the idea of a joint recording was suggested between the band members in 2018 and two years later, now culminates into the ravenous four track EP titled The Nobody Crowd.

Acrolysis-Reaver Artwork

1.A Message to you
2. Visions
3. Broken Smoker
4. The Nobody Crowd

Mixed and Mastered by Matt Clarke
Artwork design by All4band

Acrolysis‘ single is now available for download on their Bandcamp page.

Acrolysis are:
Konstantine Ana – Vocals & Guitar
Amit Bamay – Drums
Mytal Baba – Bass

Acrolysis: Facebook

Metal United World Wide – The Voice for the Underground: Compilation CDs

Black-Roos Entertainment proudly presents
Metal United World Wide – The Voice for the Underground: Compilation CDs

Today would have been the big day for the underground Metal communities around the world. 2020 started very much in favour of MUWW. Metal Hammer UK rewarded our efforts of uniting the worldwide metal scene with a nice long feature. Furthermore, over 60 countries would have joined the MUWW movement this year. 24 hours of live music. COVID-19 forced us (like so many others) to cancel. We are looking now towards MUWW 2021.

We still want to celebrate this day. So, we decided to release 3 digital compilation CDs. There is one for each year with an actual show (2018 and 2019) with the bands who played at one of the shows. For 2020, we created a CD as well with potential bands who could have played MUWW shows. There are now 50 songs from 40 different countries and it truly is an amazing range of genres with Sleaze Rock, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Progressive and so many more. Moreover, bands from many different countries contributed. Artists from Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, India, Kosovo, Latvia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Mongolia, Mozambique, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela are featured. So lean back and enjoy this amazing collection of WORLD METAL! \m/\m/

Here is the link to the Bandcamp page:

MUWW or Metal United World Wide includes everyone who wants to join this celebration. There is only one requirement to join, organise a metal show on the date of MUWW. It is a collection of smaller and bigger shows, concerts, festivals, or even band practice. MUWW initiator Michael Lueders says: “The more countries participate, the better. MUWW is meant for virtually all metalheads on this planet.” Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia… some rather remote countries had joined the movement in the last years with a great display of love for metal. Even Syria and Afghanistan became part of the initiative with an unforgettable concert in Damascus Bazar and a pyrotechnic loaded show in Kabul which would have made Rammstein jealous. “It is so great to see even the most hidden-to-the-world metal scenes coming out and celebrating together on MUWW days”, explains Michael passionately.

Join us in looking forward to MUWW in 2021. We’ll be back!

2020 Artwork

Tracklist 2020

  1. Motör Militia (Bahrain) – Supremacy
  2. Oculos (Turkey) – Remorse
  3. Slaves of Kali (Germany) – Tripping in Trenches
  4. Brotthogg (Norway) – Draugen
  5. Crossbones (Albania) – Gjallë
  6. Ravenhate (Ukraine) – Burning The Life
  7. Fallen Outcast (Poland) – Don’t tell Mama
  8. BMV (Kosovo) – I Krist
  9. Riff Action Family (Russia) – Barbara
  10. Undusted (Latvia) – The Seventh Race
  11. The Black Order (USA) – The Struggle
  12. Bofo Kwo (Finland)- Green Leviathan
  13. Daemon Forest (Portugal) – Priests of Sodomy
  14. Draconis (Argentina) – Stair of the Death
  15. Parasital Existence (Uruguay) – The Last One
  16. Eternal Evil (Sweden) – The Nocturnal Omen
  17. Basher Of Thoughts (Syria) – Mental Dysfunction
  18. Crashtime (Switzerland) – Today`s World
  19. Seventh Station (Slovenia) – Morning Silence
  20. Age of Emergence (Australia) – Your Kingdom Dies

Bandcamp page

2019 Artwork

  1. SaneSirens (Lebanon) – Light Awaits
  2. Deathnir (New Zealand) – Souleater
  3. Steel Sword (Peru) – The Black Corsair
  4. The Lightbringer (Canada) – Enchantment
  5. Red Sea (Australia) – Time Crystal
  6. Crossbones (Albania) – The Awakening
  7. Animamortua (Malta) – Dark Matter
  8. Vile Hex (Venezuela) – The Root of Evil
  9. Larrong (Malaysia) – Chant of the Axecutioners
  10. Frisson (Kosovo) – Rorschach
  11. Bloody Tyrant (Taiwan) – In The Shade Of Leaves
  12. Bloodisle (Poland) – Desiderata
  13. Suppressor (Costa Rica) – Terminal Death
  14. Twilight Glimmer (Colombia) – Replicants of a Deadly Concept
  15. Carnivola (Thailand) – The Renegade
  16. Hate S.A. (Bolivia) – Devorador

Bandcamp page

2018 Artwork

  1. Ancestor (China) – Bloody Repression
  2. Amorphia (India) – Blazing Glares
  3. Enthronement (Bulgaria) – Fire Still Burns
  4. Snake Bite Whisky (Australia) – Shoot You Down
  5. Thola (Switzerland) – Heroes
  6. Thy Despair (Ukraine) – Falling Star
  7. Aravt (Mongolia) – Tsusan ushuu
  8. Lelahell (Algeria) – Adam The First
  9. Norbormide (Mozambique) – Vozes
  10. Gweorth (Russia) – Utburd
  11. Crossbones (Albania) – Gates Of Hell
  12. Land Of Confusion (Kosovo) – Arch Of Gods
  13. Thy Dominion (Uruguay) – An Empty Coffin
  14. Ilemauzar (Singapore) – Relinquishing the Faith

Bandcamp page

Empyreal Sorrow: Germany’s Melodic Death Metal Release FirstSingle/Lyric Video Quiet Depression from Upcoming Album PRÆY

Empyreal Sorrow have released their first single, Quiet Depression. Quiet Depression is a bastard of classical Death Metal aggression and gripping harmonies. With the two vocalists spitting out their guts while descending into the deepest places of a human mind, this song takes you on a journey through frustration, self-hatred and total despair. Empyreal Sorrow are bursting with energy and their single Quiet Depression is branded into your brain.

There is only one goal for Empyreal Sorrow: enjoying the music and the company of those that share the same vision without compromising the own believes. So join the ranks of the „Cult Of Sorrow“ – now!

The debut album PRÆY from the German Melodic Death Metallers will be out on 20 November.

All music was written by Martin Hofbauer
Lyrics are written by Martin Hofbauer & Sebastian Moser
Arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered at Grotesque Studios, Bad Wörishofen

Empyreal Sorrow Artwork

01 – Praey To Sorrow
02 – Thrown Into The Fire
03 – Source Of (In)humanity
04 – The Error Code
05 – Come Down With Me
06 – Quiet Depression
07 – Scars Of Old
08 – Voice Of Violence
09 – Killing Silence
10 – A Night Without Armor

Pre-Order the album at Bandcamp or at the band’s webstore.
Pre-save PRÆYhttps://snd.click/praey

Sebastian Moser – Bass & Vocals
Markus Winter – Guitars
Martin Szeike – Vocals
Julian Osterried – Drums
Martin Hofbauer – Guitars

Empyreal Sorrow is Melodic Death Metal with well-known trademarks heeling to a new emotional side. The band takes the Death-Metal-wheel, demolishes it completely and puts it back together again in their very own way, creating an individual sound with a lot of interesting facets. Their musical construct is born out of aggression paired with ear-catching melody and a sometimes Black Metal-like atmosphere; the music is punchy, dynamic and drills directly into your head. Raw energy flows through every single song: boosting the urge to bang your head until total escalation. Definitely a band you should consider listening to.

Ironstone: Australian Progressive Metal Band Release New Video/Single Hollow

Australian Progressive Metal Band IRONSTONE releases Hollow. They state:
“We’re thrilled to present ‘Hollow’, the third single from our debut EP, Prophecy. The song addresses one of the largest challenges facing our generation today… the state of the Earth’s ecology. This topic evokes a range of emotions, from anger and despair through to disbelief and sadness. Despite this, Hollow is about hope and the part we need to play in affecting our future for the better.”

Hollow’s lyrics caution against a path of ongoing greed and excess and cynically invite the listener to ‘gorge upon the bounty’ without considering anyone else or the consequences of their actions, giving a healthy dose of clarity in a reverse psychology package.

Hollow has a sound that is as nuanced as the message it delivers. The guitars while conveying frustration and rage are offset by carefully placed ambient elements. The whole song fluctuates between bursts of percussive, aggressive guitar, technical drumming and beautiful melodies that overflow with emotional tension. All of this culminates in a big build-up and pay-off to help drive the message home!

The video for Hollow features orange and blue lighting, giving it a jarring, dramatic theme. Individual shots are complemented by graphics, glitches, and symbols, giving the clip a frantic atmosphere that helps to convey a feeling of urgency.
Hollow was mixed and mastered by Chris Themelco of Monolith Studios, Melbourne.
Dan Charlton – Lead Vocals
Edward Warren – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Aidan Kalms – Rhythm Guitar
Oliver Hosking – Bass Guitar


Edan H: Teams up with Powerhouse Vocalist Carlos Zema in Explosive New Single Final Wrath

After releasing his debut single Down in Flames in 2019, Australian solo artist EDAN H joins forces with Carlos Zema (Immortal Guardian/Heavens Guardian/Outworld) on his follow-up single Final Wrath. An unrestrained anthem of Heavy Metal glory, Final Wrath serves as a sonic mirror of modern society. Soaring vocals add fuel to classic metal riffs that drive this volatile, yet melodic beast. Even purists of the genre are sure to be satisfied.  
Following the success of his first solo venture Back to Eden, the Melbourne based Guitarist/Bassist/Songwriter now continues simply under the EDAN H banner. Drawing on his love of bands from the 1980’s, EDAN H produces what he describes as “European Style Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, from an unlikely place Down Under”. Andy Phelps (The Metal Review) states further: “I am sure if he was around in the glory days of metal that he would have been up there with Scorpions, Maiden and Priest”  

Final Wrath is out now, on September 11. Available on all major digital platforms, or download it for FREE from the EDAN H website: www.edanhmusic.com 

Edan H: Facebook

The Demons Within: Launch of Podcast Focussing on Heavy Metal and Mental Health

A new heavy metal podcast focussing on mental health issues has been launched. The new podcast, titled The Demons Within: Stories of Heavy Metal and Mental Health, is hosted by musician and mental health advocate, Liam Frost-Camilleri
It’s always been an interest of mine”, says Mr Frost-Camilleri. “I know many metalheads that struggle with their mental health which has made me wonder if there is a link between the two.” In speaking to a variety of people in the heavy metal industry, Mr Frost-Camilleri has found that topics of mental health are prevalent within heavy metal lyrics but still believes there to be a stigma around discussing some of the issues musicians face.
The first podcast, published on the 10th of September to acknowledge World Suicide Prevention day, features the story of an Australian musician Russ, who attempted suicide in 2015 and survived. Listen to The Demons Within podcast here: 

It is such a powerful story, and will definitely be hard listening for some people, but these are stories that need to be told if we’re ever going to start addressing and having open conversations about mental health”, Mr Frost-Camilleri says. 
With this new podcast, Liam Frost-Camilleri will speak to a number of people in the metal music industry, including producers and supporting members. 
Liam Frost-Camilleri is also the founder of Beyond Black, a heavy metal charity festival that once raised funds for national Australian mental health organisation Beyond Blue in pre-COVID times. To date, Liam Frost-Camilleri has helped raise over $9,000 for the cause. 
Beyond Black combined two of my passions; heavy music and mental health. I feel privileged to be able to discuss such an important issue with so many people, and I figured, just because we’re in isolation, doesn’t mean we can’t still keep talking about it”, Liam Frost-Camilleri said. 

The Demons Within will run for its first season through September to December in 2020 and can be heard on all major podcast supporting platforms. If you are experiencing any mental health issues, please seek help by calling lifeline on 13 11 14 [or the equivalent in other countries].