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Month: July 2020

Accidental President: Australian Alternative Hard Rockers Release New Video ‘Last Breath’

Accidental President are a female fronted Alt-Rock 3 piece playing their own brand of hard rock mixed heavily with goth and metal influences – with a theatrical flair. The band released their self titled debut album on Wednesday, 1 July 2020. Now, the band is thrilled to reveal a brand new lyric video Last Breath.

Accidental President says about the video: “Vilified? Misrepresented? Wrongly accused? Falsely judged? Resented for making a stand? Attacked for challenging injustice? Ignored for challenging the status quo? Mocked for being different? Betrayed by your family? Rejected by your friends? Blocked by tradition & vested interests?…..Fight till the last breath. The song is inspired by The Hunt (2012) Starring Mads Mikkelsen.”

Accidental President: Facebook

Metal United World World: The biggest underground metal event cancelled for 2020

This year has been very challenging for all, including the music industry. COVID-19 forced shows, tours, and festivals to cancel or postpone. Here at the MUWW HQ, we have been holding back and hoping to get the event on stage this year. However, the situation remains dire and partly in respect for suffering countries and people, and partly because of restrictions we decided to cancel MUWW 2020. Now, fear not, we are already planning MUWW 2021. The format is still undecided but we hope to return to live events at some point.

2020 started very much in favour of MUWW. Metal Hammer UK rewarded our efforts of uniting the worldwide metal scene with a nice long feature. Furthermore, we left the 50 country mark far behind us – over 60 countries would have joined the MUWW movement this year. MUWW initiator Michael Lueders says he got very excited as this was his goal. “The more countries participate, the better”, Michael states. “MUWW is meant for virtually all metalheads on this planet.” Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia… some rather remote countries had joined the movement in the last years with a great display of love for metal. Even Syria and Afghanistan became part of the initiative with an unforgettable concert in Damascus Bazar and a pyrotechnic loaded show in Kabul which would have made Rammstein jealous. “It is so great to see even the most hidden-to-the-world metal scenes coming out and celebrating together on MUWW days”, explains Michael passionately.

MUWW or Metal United World Wide includes everyone who wants to join this celebration. The only thing one needs to do is to organise a metal show on the date of MUWW. It is a collection of smaller and bigger shows, concerts, festivals, or even band practice. So far, this year has been challenging but by having things to look forward, obstacles are easier to overcome. Join us in looking forward to what is to come for MUWW in 2021. We’ll be back!

Website / Facebook

Metal United World Wide is an initiative to overcome the distances between the widespread individual communities. The event consists of shows around the world on the same date under the united banner. For media contacts, email michael@black-roos.com

Metal United Down Under 2020: The Voice for the UndergroundNew Date 2020 & Compilation CDs out

The 7th instalment of Metal United Down Under (MUDU) was planned for 4 April 2020 when COVID-19 hit us with a big rain check. Now that are restrictions easing in most states, we hope to return slowly to live gigs. MUDU has been booked for 24 October. Let’s hope we continue on this path of controlled cases and Victoria can join in.

Now, we try to avoid clashing with other local festivals and festivities. There are so many. But as our name states, Metal United Down Under, is the motto: to unite the metal communities without working against each other! We hope our efforts are successful!

Already confirmed in alphabetical order: Adelaide, Perth, and Port Pirie. So save the date and we hope that we can then nationwide celebrate together, shouting Happy MUDU Day 2020! \m\m/

We have even more news: After releasing two physical compilations in 2017 and 2018, we decided to go digital with Bandcamp compilations. Since COVID-19 moved almost everything to the digital lands, a digital MUDU compilation makes sense. That’s where you can now tune into Australian Metal: MUDU compilations Volume III and Volume IV on Bandcamp. Experience 64 amazing songs from a wide range of genres. Get over to Black-Roos Entertainment’s new Bandcamp page and check out the music!


Unite again for one night across our great Southern Lands and celebrate Heavy F****** Metal! We shall make it one massive showcase of the best local talent we have.
United We Stand, Divided We Fall! \m/

The event is proudly supported by the Australian webzines Metal-Roos, The Rockpit and Amnplify.

Tracklist Volume IV

1. Tempest Rising – Ghost
2. Fall and Resist – Severity
3. Nemsium – The Dawn Of Retribution
4. Scourge of Suffering – Look Down And Bleed
5. Five Survive – Precognition
6. Brave Today – Limetless
7. Maniacal – Woe to the fallen
8. Suffer The Evenue – Thousand Years Of Shame
9. Emporer Moth – Still
10. Age of Emergence – Stone Cold Icarus
11. Volatus – Picture’s Worth
12. As Light Decays – Dissent From Above
13. Crypt Crawler – An Exorcism
14. Shredder – Purgatory
15. Wolfpack – Grave New World

Tracklist Volume III

1. Envenomed – Rebellion
2. Chaosaint – Knives Are Drawn
3. Tempest Rising – Breath
4. Chariot Arcana – Crowning Glory
5. Accidental President – 100 Days
6. Crosson – Everyone’s A Star
7. Cage Of Hate – Into the black (Vultures)
8. Grouch – Your Soul is Mine
9. Headless – Devoured
10. Pestilent Doom – Immolate the Followers of the False God
11. Sedulous Rouse –  Ontogenesis of Violence
12. Emperor Moth – Ignorance in Denial
13. Scourge of Suffering – Deluded
14. Dying Kings –  Sacrificial Sun
15. Escarion – Envy
16. Fall and Resist – Cinders 

Tracklist Volume II

1. Walk With Kings – Into The Night
2. Annihilist – Sink
3. Medics of Pain – To Conquer
4. Psychosemantics – Mechanical Eye
5. Deathnir – Wings of Death
6. Enter 6 – Bitter End
7. Killrazer – Unleash Hell
8. Lethal Vendetta – Liars Dice
9. Lavidius – Tales For Young And Old
10. Level H – The Sundew Trail     
11. Upon A Falling Empire – Blackout     
12. Odysseus Reborn – You People
13. Puncture Wound – Gorruption
14. Nitro Zeus – Augment
15. Chud – The Kurgan     
16. Lab A – New One 

Tracklist Volume I

1. Plague 9 – Stuck in Hell
2. Battlegrave – Mortar Fire     
3. Kold Creature – Ripped and Burned    
4. A.M.P – What A World     
5. Enthorium – The Labyrinth     
6. Agnesis – Crawl
7. Psionic Tide – Grey Seasons
8. The Loom of Time – The Pinnacle of Hypocrisy
9. Odysseus Reborn – Black Hole     
10.Beyond Vendetta – Foundations     
11. Insanation – State of Oblivion
12. Suffer in Rot – Mother’s Rape
13. sQuawk! – Ear Sand
14. Carcosa – Scourge of God
15. Children of Perdition – Freedom Song 
16. Mergatroyd – One More Shot

Hellz: Release New Single/Lyric Video Control of the Unholy

Hellz releases today the new single Control of the Unholy which officially hits stores on 17 July 2020. Control of the Unholy will get audiences ignited with the powerful and addictive energy that Hellz is known for. The single has been co-written by Rock queen and founder of Hellz, Lisa Perry, and Lexx Majik. This new single follows a year of success for Lisa Perry who has recently celebrated an endorsement by the Legendary RØDE microphones. Perry has also taken number 1 on the South African iTunes Rock Charts with her February hard rock release Fire to the sky and most recent successful release Bitch ran away in June 2020, both co-written with Gorka Alegre  (Death Keepers/ZhenX). The single is still in radio rotation worldwide. Bitch ran away also gained Lisa a nomination in the 2020 World Songwriters Awards in the Rock Category. 2020 has definitely been a busy year for Lisa Perry and she isn’t slowing down as she prepares to wow audiences again with today’s release.

Control of the unholy is available on all major music platforms worldwide: https://ps.onerpm.com/2630127394

The new single brings more of the ballsy attitude people love from Hellz and has a strong message to share:
“We are in the dawn of a revolution. We are the front line of a very new reality. When I was in the studio writing the lyrics and laying down the vocals to this song, I felt propelled by the spirits and emotions of the unjustifiable fallen souls in this world and everyone still battling life as we now know it,” says Lisa. “This song is the voice of the people and its time the people were heard. There is a lot of raw emotion, conspiracy, anger, sadness, and uncertainty in this world at the moment. I feel we the people need a song to relate to about the way we feel.” She further states: “People are looking for direction but in reality, no one really knows where we are headed. I hope the lyrics and emotion of this song grips everyone’s hearts around the world.”

Hellz: Facebook


Accidental President: Australian Alternative Hard Rockers release new video ‘Strength Inside’

Accidental President are a female fronted Alt-Rock 3 piece playing their own brand of hard rock mixed heavily with goth and metal influences – with a theatrical flair. The band released their self titled debut album on Wednesday, 1 July 2020. The band is thrilled to reveal a brand new music video Strength Inside, which was premiered on Tuesday, 14 July 2020, at GhostCultMag.com.

Accidental President says about the video: “1st July 1916 saw the start of one of the bloodiest battles in all of human history – The Battle of the Somme. By the 141-day battle’s end, the Allies and Central powers suffered more than a million casualties combined. ’Strength Inside’ is dedicated to the memory of their lives & all who are called. We must remember, but we must also learn.”

As AP can’t get out for a live in-person concert to premiere their debut record given the current state of the world, they’re bringing it directly to you at home: To promote their debut album Accidental President they’ll be streaming LIVE & LOUD from Streaming Factory on Saturday, 18 July @ 20:00 AEST (10:00 UTC). If you need any convincing, it’s from the same studio where they shot their video for Rotten Child.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/304915183886301/

If Accidental President musical talents don’t immediately captivate you, their live performance will. Each live show is packed full of visual stimulation. A rapidly growing fan base locks in to see the spectacle. From creative costumes to an in your face stage show, Accidental President is not a band you want to miss live. The press agrees:

“Dave Ben Lee is truly a master of the rock guitar. The inspiration of the classic masters of the instrument through hard rock’s past can be felt mightily.” Keith Pro – IndieBandGuru

“Sharp, cutting guitar riffs and tones. Powerhouse vocals that will blow you away again and again. This debut album is an incredibly strong showing of raw talent and honed skill.  Whose Lovechild?…..Joan Jett meets Avenged Sevenfold.” The Ark of Music

If not obvious by the name, Accidental President is a band that wants to share their ethos of social awareness. This is especially relevant in our current times of political upheaval and inequalities around the world. The band connects with their listeners on a level much greater than just the music.

Accidental President: Facebook


Brotthogg: Norwegian Black/Death Metallers Release New Album The Die is Cast on August 1st & New Song Nokturne Out Now

Without further ado, Norwegian Black/Death Metaller Brotthogg announce the new album The Die is Cast. The album is the follow-up to last year album Echoes of the PastThe Die is Cast will be released on August 1st.

With this second full-length album following their critically acclaimed debut Echoes of the Past (2019), Brotthogg presents a new hyper-charged melodic blackened thrashing beast. The album is filled with high-speed staccato riffing, massive and intense harmonies, as well as slower parts with a gloomy, heavy atmosphere. The band has now released the first track of the new album, Nokturne, to give you a taste of what to come.

Brotthogg says: “With our new album we continue to improve our witches’ brew of everything we consider to be the best attributes of extreme metal. We aim to offer our listeners the duality of the melodic and the aggressive, the heroic and the chaotic, the moderate and the technical, all in one fine mixture.” They further explain: “This is black metal influenced by melodic death metal, and strongly laced with elements of thrash, and I hope we have created an ambitious and intriguing release well worth exploring.”

What to expect? Check out some reviews of Brotthogg‘s debut album:

“I would certainly urge all fans of extreme metal, be it Death or Black to check this release out, it is a masterwork! From start to finish, this is excellent!” 4.5/5 Metal-Roos

“In short, “Echoes of the Past” is an album that if you have not heard yet, do not waste another minute and go get it. Something of such quality only appears very rarely during the year” 9/10 Broken Tomb

“It’s a very compact album at 33 minutes and not an ounce of fat or fluff to be found.” Toilet Ov Hell

“If you haven’t heard melodic black thrashing Norwegian horde Brotthogg‘s debut EP The Last Traveler, you fucked up. If you haven’t heard their 2019 follow up album Echoes of the Past then you’ve fucked up even harder”
Black Metal Daily



1. Nokturne
2. Behind the Gateways
3. Liberation
4. Draugen
5. Forlis
6. Resurrection
7. Iacta Alea Est

Brotthogg’s album The Die is Cast is now available for pre-order on their Bandcamp page.

Torrential Rain: Release New Single/Lyric Video Strung Out

Last Friday, German progressive metalcore band Torrential Rain released their new single Strung Out including a lyric video. Guitarist Gordian Golder says about the new single: “This song sounds pretty dark because of the themes of depression and running from one’s problems, we tried to convey not only lyrically but also through our instruments.”

Coupled with the guiding principle „power meets precision“, Torrential Rain fuse the unfusable: the brutal energy of bands like August Burns Red and As I Lay Dying combined with progressive-virtuoso writing á la Periphery. The four guys hailing from Nürnberg create a perfect balance of both worlds in which brute force and delicate thoughtfulness coexist and present these American novelty trends to Europe’s stages.  

Get the single here

Scene giants like Kvelertak, Equilibrium, Illumenium or Time, The Valuator already recognized the impressive musical prowess of Torrential Rain and invited them to share the stage with them. This kind of energy was captured on two studio albums filled to the brim with „… Metal at it’s best on which the curtain repeatedly drops for technical highlights“  AllSchools Network

Following the immense success of their single Home Alone with over 100.000 organic streams on Spotify, Torrential Rain has tirelessly worked on new material. To do right by modern metal standards, Torrential Rain trusts Christoph Wieczorek (Sawdustrecordings, Annisokay) to craft their sound to perfection. No goal is too far off for Torrential Rain because there is no such thing as impossibility.

Torrential Rain release a true anthem with ‘Home Alone’. A must-listen for fans of Trivium, Periphery and Intervals.” MoreCore.de

“Progressively, yet not overthinking these musicians create an admirable balance between high standards of musicianship and catchiness.” Hellfire Magazin

Germany’s progressive metalcore high flyers Torrential Rain catch you when everyday life lets you down. Romance, break-ups or reflecting on one‘s own life are just a few of the themes covered by their current album Transitions. Torrential Rain‘s intention is to let their fanbase located in over 72 countries know: You are not alone!

Torrential Rain are:
Christopher Danner – Vocals, Guitar
Gordian Golder – Guitar
Dominik Grauvogl – Bass
Dario Trennert – Drums

Torrential Rain: Facebook