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Month: February 2020

Mental Disaster: Premieres New Song Bow to the Blade from Upcoming Album The Repulsive Abomination

Norwegian Death Metallers Mental Disaster released today digitally their new album ‘The Repulsive Abomination’ via Death To Music Productions. Their song Bow To The Blade was premiered by Extreme Underground Songs Premiere. The song has been taken from their upcoming full-length album The Repulsive Abomination. The album is also released on CD on the 10th of April.

The Repulsive Abomination is a heavy mix of groove-based Death Metal, punishing technical drumming, guttural vocals and traditional Death Metal themes. This is a great blend of what we term the ‘Scandinavian’ sound crossed with Deicide, Slayer and classic Morbid Angel. To quote one of the reviews: “The band performs first class death metal turned into a black, misanthropic, cannibalistic, blasphemous outcome with the antithesis being that the end result is great for the fans of this genre.”

The album will be released through Death To Music productions (UK) on April 10th.

The Repulsive Abomination is a heavy mix of groove-based Death Metal, punishing technical drumming, guttural vocals and traditional Death Metal themes. This is a great blend of what we term the ‘Scandinavian’ sound crossed with Deicide, Slayer and classic Morbid Angel. To quote one of the reviews: “The band performs first class death metal turned into a black, misanthropic, cannibalistic, blasphemous outcome with the antithesis being that the end result is great for the fans of this genre.”

Mental Disaster Artwork


1 The Repulsive Abomination
2 Disciples of Ignorance
3 High Priest of Doom
4 Bow to the Blade
5 Graveyard Symposium
6 Sword of Vengeance
7 Testify and Repent
8 Mauled Beyond Belief
9 Berserker Rage Unfold
10 Sapiens So Pure

The album will be release through Death To Music productions (UK) on April 10th.

Mental Disaster are:
Bernt Sørensen – Guitar
Jan Åge Lindeland – Vocals
Bengt Orstad – Bass
David Olsen – Drums

Tony Mills: Release of Beyond The Law

Tony Mills released his last solo album, Beyond the Law, with a clear understanding that it is to be his final written work as an artist, after a a career as a major recording artist since being signed to RCA Music in 1985. Beyond the Law is a hard edged and hooky rock album with an angle on prohibition and the gangland mobs of the 1930’s to the westside youth culture of the 1960’s. A theme portrayed by his vocals and his preferred musicians in current times. Co-written with Tommy Denander (Alice Cooper), Peter Newdeck (Midnite City) and Patrick McKenna (Shy), the album is a hard 44 minute blast of Mills final vocal performances, before hanging up his microphone after 40 years as a rock singer. Tony passed away on 18 September 2019. RIP Tony Mills!

Tony Mills Artwork

01. The Westside
02  Beyond the Law
03. Running Guns
04. F.B.I.
05. Black Sedan
06. We Sold Your City
07. Crackin’ Foxy
08. Bonnie’s Farewell
09. Code of Silence
10. Gunfire

Produced by Newdeck and Mills
Mixed by Pete Newdeck
Mastered by H-Bomb Mastering

Tony Mill’s last album Beyond the Law is available at Battlegod Productions.

Tony Mills – Vocals
Tommy Denander – Guitars and Keys
Pete Newdeck – Drums and Backing vocals
Patrick McKenna – Piano
Linda Mills – Bass Guitar
Toine Vanderlinden – Bass Guitar
Josh ‘Tabbie’ Williams – Bass Guitar
Tony Forsythe – Bass Guitar
Chris Aldridge – Saxophone

Tony Mills: Facebook

Metal United World Wide: Preparation Started & Envenomed Release Lyric Video Metal United

The preparation for METAL UNITED WORLD WIDE 2020 is in full force. We are working on new artwork, new countries and new cities on recruitment for line ups on our remaining shows around the globe. Read here in the Metal Hammer about MUWW.

To shorten the wait until the Festival hits, we are today releasing the lyric video for the MUWW Anthem METAL UNITED” written by ENVENOMED, hailing from Melbourne, Australia. You can now learn the lyrics and sing along when it’s MUWW time on September 19th! Or alternatively you could cover it with your band – in which case, make sure to send us along your audio or video! \m/

The  second installment from Metal United World Wide has received very positive feedback from media, fans and other music industry people. The Irish band Cruachan says: “I think it’s pretty cool. We’ve played some controversial gigs in controversial places over the years and the one thing I try to tell ‘normal’ people is that when it comes to metal, we are all one family. No matter what religion or political persuasion you are, if you see a metal head you are family. Also, I love checking out bands I haven’t heard before.”

Juan Niemand from Costa Rican bands Suppressor & Legion of Doom says that “MUWW is a great platform for the metal scene to work in unison for a single goal. This has been an excellent opportunity to show the world that we can work together as one.”

One Night, One Banner, One Mission: SUPPORT METAL!
ACROSS 39 COUNTRIES – 64 CITIES – 403 BANDS, METAL UNITED WORLD WIDE truly brings the world of metal together in celebration! Wherever you are around the globe on September 19, go to the closest show and support your local scene! 

Do you know a band or promoter who is planning a show around this time? If so, let them now they can join us! Email –  michael@black-roos.com

The New Wave Of Glam Rock Invades Australia – Reckless Love (Fin) – XYZ (USA) – Crazy Lixx (SWE) & Crosson (AU)

For those of us that experienced the music of the 1980s, it was a time when MTV engulfed our pop culture and sing-along catchy rock anthems with blistering guitar solos ruled the airwaves. 80s Glam Rock had arrived like a new religion and the flamboyant big-haired bands that delivered the music of this generation were the Messiahs.

On a weekly basis, arenas around the world were filled thousands of loyal dedicated fans dying to see their new-found heroes belt out their Rock ‘N Roll sermons with unprecedented skilled musicianship, provocative moves that would make Elvis blush, and deliver some of the most memorable rock anthems in music history.  Seeing an opportunity to cash in on this Rock ‘N Roll orthodoxy, the record companies with their manufactured agenda oversaturated the market to such an extent that by the time Nirvana arrived in 1991 with their flannelette shirts and bleak lyrics, Glam Metal was all but dead… or so we thought!! Underneath the ashes was a phoenix waiting to rise.

After 15 years of doom and gloom music with Grunge bands delivering scaled down live performances without so much as raising a sweat or engaging the audience, music fans had had enough and once again craved the return of their heroes to entertain them. Glam was back and the bands who had dominated the genre in the 80s were once again fashionable and in demand. Their adoring fans had returned like the prodigal son and embraced them with open arms.

The legacy and foundation these artists had paved two decades prior had sown the seeds and laid the foundations for a new generation of Melodic Rock aptly titled “The New Wave Of Glam Rock”. This new Glam Rock movement has risen so prominently on a global scale in the past 10 years to a new generation of adoring fans. Combining the old school with the new guard, MelodicRock Fest 2020 is unleashing a plethora of some of the biggest international names of this genre on 6, 7, 8 March 2020 at the National Theatre, Melbourne.

Legendary 80s artists including Firehouse, Kip Winger, Ron Keel, Janet Gardner (the voice of Vixen), Tony Harnell (the voice of T.N.T) and XYZ combined with ‘new wave’ bands like Eclipse, Crazy Lixx and Reckless Love, together with some of Australia’s finest talent, will unleash their fury in this spectacular three day event. This is the first time this genre of music has been celebrated on Australian soil with such magnitude.

So as not to disappoint the army of Aussie Glam Rock fans in other states, a series of sideshows around the country have been announced which are guaranteed to have reaching for your leather jacket, eyeliner and hairspray and have you air-guitaring all night.

MelodicRock Fest is proud to announce a sideshow tour rock  extravaganza featuring  Reckless Love (Fin), XYZ (USA), Crazy Lixx (Swe) with special guests Aussie theatrical glam rockers Crosson, who will be tearing up the Australian East Coast in three electrifying shows in Brisbane Wednesday 11 March, Newcastle Friday 13 March and Sydney Saturday 14 March.

Tickets to MelodicRock Fest and all sideshows may be purchased from https://www.melodicrockrecords.com/events

Wednesday 11 March
Reckless Love – XYZ – Crazy Lixx – Crosson – Briabane, Woolly Mammoth
Facebook event

Friday 13 March
Reckless Love – XYZ – Crazy Lixx – Crosson – Newcastle, Cambridge Hotel
Facebook event

Saturday 14 March
Reckless Love – XYZ – Crazy Lixx – Crosson – Sydney, Crowbar
Facebook event

ENVENOMED: Release New Video Are You Gonna Go My Way (Lenny Kravitz Tribute)

Off the back of their 2019 release The Walking Shred worldwide through El Puerto Records in Germany, ENVENOMED unveil a heavied-up take on the 90s Rock Classic from Lenny Kravitz Are You Gonna Go My Way.

Filmed in and around Melbourne’s iconic Forum Theatre, this video showcases the more comical side of the band in the vein of their 2016 cover version of Skyhooks Horror Movie featuring Red Symons.

Make sure to catch the band at their Film Clip Launch for Are You Gonna Go My Way at Stay Gold Brunswick in Melbourne on March 6th 2020 featuring Harlott, Primitive & Katana Cartel.

Envenomed are:
Anthony Mavrikis –  Vocals, Guitars
Tom Nugara – Bass
Brendan Farrugia – Guitars

Facebook event

Thrash Bandicoot: Release Debut EP Milwaukee Cannibal & Video of Title Track

Australian thrash/death metal band Thrash Bandicoot have just released their debut EP Milwaukee Cannibal on January 6. The title song is a display of “spine-wrenching thrash metal exploring the mentality of Jeffery Dahmer, the Milwaukee Cannibal“, states the band. Milwaukee Cannibal has been produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Matt Clarke (Daemon Foetal
Harvest, Bastardizer, Darker Half). Thrash Bandicoot’s debut EP Milwaukee Cannibal is now available for download on their Bandcamp page.

Video filmed and edited by Warhead Productions.

Thrash Bandicoot are:
Jack Insley-Flowers – Bass
Daniel Lever – Vocals & Guitar
Matt Perkins – Lead Guitar
Tim Worley – Drums

Thrash Bandicoot Artwork

1. Milwaukee Cannibal 03:29
2. Dissolve 04:16
3. Trapped Society 03:24
4. Class Warfare 04:15
5. Scaphism 06:25

Produced,engineered, mixed & mastered by Matt Clarke
Drums recorded at Main Street Studios, Fairy Meadow
Album artwork by Eko Gruffyanto

Vile Crone: Release Debut EP Apostle & Stream Visualiser for Title Track

Adelaide’s one-man black/doom/death metal project Vile Crone released their debut EP Apostle on 1 January 2020. The project started as a hobby, a non-musician seeing how far he could get mucking around with his old broken guitar and computer. Thus, ApostleVile Crone’s debut release, was born.

Vile Crone states: “Apostle combines Black and Doom Metal, with a sprinkling of Death metal and even flirts with synth, and industrial. Written, recorded and produced in a study independently over a year by solo member Tom G, Apostle is an exploration of dark storytelling. Featuring unrelenting black metal guitar breaking into death/doom chug and high octane choruses with a layer of dark synth underling every track, Apostle defies genre norms but won’t stop you from headbanging your brains out!”

Vile Crone are:
Tom G. – All instruments, Vocals, Programming, Recording and Production.

Vile Crone is a solo black/doom/death metal project based in Adelaide, Australia. Written, recorded and produced by Tom G.  Since the release of Apostle, tracks have been featured on both Local Australian and international radio and podcasts. Tom G. is also an accomplished illustrator and graphic designer. Thus, Vile Crone is truly a solo effort in audio, visual and beyond.

Vile Crone’s debut EP Apostle is now available for download on their Bandcamp page.

Vile Crone Artwork

01 – Apostle
02 – Gatekeeper
03 – Writhe in Decay
04 – Soulless, Endless
05 – As the Fire Fades

Released 01 January 2020
Written, performed and produced by T.G.
All artwork and design by T.G.

Vile Crone:  Facebook