Entophyte: German’s Thrashers Debut End of Society’s Sanity Re-Released by Awakening Records after nearly 28 years

Jan 11, 2020 News

Early 90s German technical thrash metal band Entophyte formed in 1989. Their full-length album End of Society’s Sanity was originally released in 1992 by Mad Noise. Nearly 28 years later, this hard-hitting and thought-provoking opus is seeing the light of day for a second time! This official re-release includes a bonus track and extensive pictures.

If you are a fan from Mekong Delta, Toxik and Watchtower this album will be something for you. End of Society’s Sanity was re-released on 23 November 2019 via Awakening Records.

ENTOPHYTE - End of Society's Sanity

01 End of Society’s Sanity
02 Rat Race
03 Random Victims (Potential Killers)
04 Human Machine World
05 The War of Khyr
06 A Day Less than Zero
07 Imprisoned Souls

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By Anja