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Month: January 2020


Bushfires, that took over the south of Australia have been the most devastating the country has ever experienced before. It has already destroyed 1/3 of the Kangaroo island, completely eliminating several

The fires that have swept through south of Australia have been the most devastating the country has ever experienced before. A third of the Kangaroo Island in southern Australia has already been destroyed, completely killing several plant species and killing millions of animals, as well as people too.

The fire has already killed 50,000 koala bears and has almost completely destroyed the population of dunnarts. Half a billion animals may have been injured throughout Australia since the start of the fires.

Donations are now being collected around the world to help rescue services and wildlife rescue organizations.

We, Latvian rock and metal musicians, also decided to help Australia, afflicted by fire.

On January 31, a charity concert will be held at REPUBLIKA Club, where all the income will be donated to the Australian Wildlife Rescue (https://www.wires.org.au/).

Representatives of Latvian rock and metal music take part in the charity concert:

Baltais Ciemiņš (punk/thrash)
Silvia (alternative rock)
Fonoplane (progressive rock)
Everlust (gothick rock/melodic metal)
Sub Scriptum (alternative/ indie rock)
Hypervert (dark’n’roll)
Blind Shapes (hard rock)
Terror Activator (crossover/thrash metal)
Pūķa Gars (alternative metal)

Charity concert will be supported by:

THP Production,
Latvijas Rokmūzikas Asociācija,
Prof. Designs,
Baltic Travel Group,
Metal United World Wide,
Black-Roos Entertainment.

Let’s help Australian wildlife together!

Dugu: China’s Death Thrashers Released Nausea Skeleton Abyss on Awakening Records

China’s death-thrash murder crew is back from the Nausea Skeleton Abyss! This CD is a compilation of these homicidal hooligans’ past three cassette releases. Thus, making this 18-track collection a 75-minute blast of pure brutality! If you’re possessed by the likes of Possessed, Morbid Saint and Repulsion Dugu’s poison is your cup of tea.

Nausea Skeleton Abyss was released on November 23rd, 2019, via Awakening Records.

Speed Scum Dog – Drums
TormentoRx – Guitars
IronfingerHo – Guitars
Morbid Gut – Vocals
Spike – Bass

DUGU - Nausea Skeleton Abyss

01 Killers on Wheels
02 Haunted Tales
03 Bewitched
04 The Oily Maniac
05 Damien (MORBID SAINT Cover)
06 Sadistic Sinner (INCUBUS Cover)
07 Hex
08 Bewitched
09 Crippled Avengers
10 Haunted Tales
11 Disintegrator + Incinerator (SLAUGHTER Cover)
12 Curse of Evil
13 The Oily Maniac
14 The Web of Death
15 Dirty Bitch (MX Cover)
16 Devil’s Mirror
17 Yog-Sothoth (POISON Cover)
18 Hex after Hex

Hellion: Colombia’s Thrash Black Metallers Release Second Album & Re-Release Demo and Debut Album Through Awakening Records

Prepare your necks to crack and your ears to bleed with this pure, raw, fast, satanic and dirty act of disobedience from Hellion, the rebels of thrash: Debut full-length album from Colombia’s horde of pure thrash witchery. Hordes of Witchery is a raw, barbaric and blasphemous thrash metal holocaust. Hellion‘s second full-length, Rebel’s Curse, is an uncontrollable thrash assault containing 8 spells full of abhorrence that can only be conjured on the left-hand path. Last but not least, prepare for Hellion‘s initial demo The Rising of Wizards full of pure Teutonic thrash savagery. Originally released in July 2016, this rerelease contains 8 tracks of violent black/thrash torture and comes in the re-release with brand new cover art.

Demonic thrash attack from Colombia! The unholy metal trio HELLION was formed in 2014. For fans of Kreator, Sodom, Possessed and Bathory. All three releases been released on 23 November 2019 via Awakening Records.

HELLION - Hordes of Witchery

01 Witchcraft
02 Freedom on Leather
03 The Hellish Call
04 Dirty Ritual
05 Witch Lover
06 W.T.W.B.T.S.
07 Dark Side
08 Danse Macabre
09 Unholy Death

HELLION - Rebel's Curse

01 Summoning the Satan’s Crew
02 Bloody Torture
03 The Law of the Night
04 Into the Circle of Fire
05 A Wizard’s Pledge
06 Thrash Metal
07 Escaping the Oz
08 Congregation
09 Terror Strikes (SACRIFICE Cover)

HELLION - The Rising of Wizards

Hellion: Facebook

Alkira: Australian Thrash/Groove Metallers Released New EP The Pulse

Australian thrash metallers Alkira self-released their latest EP The Pulse on the 29th of November 2019. This release follows up their highly acclaimed album Klotho (2016). Alkira state that The Pulse is “5 tracks of raw and relentless thrash and groove metal, which will light a fire upon the souls who stumble across it.”

After a small break from the scene, the boys from Adelaide are back. Alkira has supported these releases through consistent Australian touring, as well as around South-East Asia as the main support act for US thrashers Havok and a headlining tour of New Zealand in 2015. Alkira has also been awarded support slots for Lamb of God, Fear Factory, Tankard, Toxic Holocaust, Grave, Municipal Waste, Warbringer, King Parrot and Psycroptic.

The Pulse is available on their Bandcamp page.

Alkira Artwork


  1. The Pulse
  2. Inflicting Damage
  3. Sludge Machine
  4. Pendulum
  5. Powertrip

Amorphia: India’s Thrashers Release Debut Album Arms to Death on Awakening Records

India thrash war machine Amorphia’s debut assault Arms to Death is 100% old school bestial aggression. This merciless onslaught of pure thrash metal has received glowing reviews from all over the globe. Arms to Death is an auditory assault of 8 songs depicting necromantic prophecies, different types of warfare and war’s effect upon the world.

If you are a fan from Sodom, Accuser and Kreator this album will be something for you. Arms to Death was released on 23 November 2019 via Awakening Records.

Amorphia Arms of Death Artwork

01 Intro
02 Necromancers
03 Army of Evil
04 Toxic Death
05 Camp 22
06 Nuclear Warfare
07 Arms to Death
08 Airborne
09 The Lieber Code
10 Master of Death

Amorphia: Facebook

Metal United Down Under: Save The Date 2020 & Artwork released

Metal United Down Under 2020
The Voice for the Underground
Save The Date 2020 & Artwork released

Black-Roos Entertainment proudly presents:

6 years of Metal United Down Under (MUDU) already! 6 States were involved last year and over 600 bands have played MUDU across the country since 2014.

More Metal? Not possible! Last year we had the quietest year of all with the big sister event Metal United World Wide claiming more time. This is also the reason for moving the MUDU date from the end of the year to April in 2020. Trying to avoid other local festivals and festivities is a hard task. There are so many! But as our name states, Metal United Down Under, is the motto: to unite the metal communities without working against each other and to support the Underground in Australia! \m/

Next year at the 7th instalment, we want to make more noise than ever nationwide and want the fans shouting Happy MUDU Day on the 4th of April 2020! With bands and fans celebrating their day for what metal is: hanging out with their metal brothers and sisters for a good time with great music.

In the 6 years compiled quite a lot of metal history from bands who played their first live show, bands who are back from a hiatus and new bands who are now touring overseas and have record deals… so many incredible memories have been made already… So, let’s write another year of Australian Metal History and see what it brings!

Already confirmed in alphabetical order:

Bendigo, Bunbury, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Port Pirie, Sydney, Wollongong more TBC

Unite again for one night across our great Southern Lands and celebrate Heavy F****** Metal! We shall make it one massive showcase of the best local talent we have.
United We Stand, Divided We Fall! \m/

The event is proudly supported by Metal-Roos, the webzine for all things Metal from Australia and around the world! The webzine has been a strong support of Australian Metal from day one. No band is too small to be featured on their website.

Entophyte: German’s Thrashers Debut End of Society’s Sanity Re-Released by Awakening Records after nearly 28 years

Early 90s German technical thrash metal band Entophyte formed in 1989. Their full-length album End of Society’s Sanity was originally released in 1992 by Mad Noise. Nearly 28 years later, this hard-hitting and thought-provoking opus is seeing the light of day for a second time! This official re-release includes a bonus track and extensive pictures.

If you are a fan from Mekong Delta, Toxik and Watchtower this album will be something for you. End of Society’s Sanity was re-released on 23 November 2019 via Awakening Records.

ENTOPHYTE - End of Society's Sanity

01 End of Society’s Sanity
02 Rat Race
03 Random Victims (Potential Killers)
04 Human Machine World
05 The War of Khyr
06 A Day Less than Zero
07 Imprisoned Souls

Entophyhte: Facebook