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Month: December 2019

DRIVDAL – Release Leve Free EP

Leve is the latest release from Norwegian Anarcho Black Metal artist Drivdal. The release is an EP with 7 tracks. Leve is in Norwegian, the native language of Nils Drivdal the man behind Drivdal. The EP is a totally FREE download release via the label Death To Music productions.

The artwork for the EP Leve is inspired by real-life graffiti. Nils explains: “The art for this one depicts war-time Norwegian resistance graffiti – my grandfather was one of those who fought off the Nazis.

Also available via the Download page at www.DeathToMusic.com is the first Drivdal EP Blø and many other FREE downloads from Old Forest, Ewigkeit, Orcrypt, The Bombs of Enduring Freedom and others.

Drivdal is the solo music of Nils Drivdal. A veteran of the Punk/Metal/Rock scene in Kristiansand, Norway. Nils plays live bass guitar for Progressive Metal band In The Woods, fronts the Punk band Tranquidiots and has been active for many years in different bands. The music of Drivdal is an original mix of classic 70s rock and the rugged sound of Black Metal with a Punk ethic.

Divdal Artwork

01. Verden Hikster
02. Stedet
03. Fryktens Natt
04. Mørkertid
05. Viser Seg
06. Sannhet
07. Nederlagets Svik

DRIVDAL: Facebook

Dirty Rats: New album End of Tears out today

Happy Friday the 13th! What an awesome day, and to make the day even better we have great news: Dirty Rats‘ second album End in Tears is out now! Get it here https://www.dirtyratsband.com/store.

The album has already received some fantastic reviews:

“All in all then, this is quality heavy rock that makes you sit up and listen to both the words and the music…no room for ballads here, so if you want high octane music with a large dollop of fun, this is certainly worth a listen.” RAMzine

“Let the good times roll. Dirty Rats know how to rock and they know how to roll. Delivering catchy beer-soaked rock tunes; The Juice, Axis of Love and Love From A Distance get the party started with plenty of Aussie energy.” GBHBL

“Dirty Rats have captured something in this album that takes you on a wild journey that has taken decades to achieve in the industry.” Metal-Roos

Dirty Rats are a no-bullshit Aussie pub rock band, playing beer barns and inner-city clubs throughout Melbourne and country Victoria. Over the last 30 years, the band have developed a sound that is typically Australian hard rock, think AC/DC, Rose Tattoo. But listen, and hear influences from MC5, Motorhead and even some punk rock. They have developed a loyal fan-base both here and overseas based on their critically acclaimed first album, Rock n Roll, and high energy shows for bugger all money, precious little industry recognition, but purely for the enjoyment of playing loud “balls to the wall” rock. After numerous line-up changes which saw some excellent players and some complete nut jobs pass through the band’s ranks, Dirty Rats are now a lean, mean and explosive 4 piece band pumping out some of the best new guitar driven rock, with a uniquely 80’s flavour, that you will hear today.  

Dirty Rats artwork


01. The Juice
02. Axis of Love
03. Love from a Distance
04. End in Tears
05. Jaded
06. The Ballad of Hobbit Foot
07. Hurts like a Mother
08. Boss of Me
09. My Life is a Clinche
10. Fantasy
11. Bad News Woman
12. Rat Rock
13. Rock Star

Dirty Rats are:
Wayne (Richie Rat) Rich – Vocals
Jamie Beovich – Bass
Anthony (Chooka) Chapple – Guitar
Andy Thomson – Drums

Dirty Rats: Facebook

K.A.Z: Swedish Metallers Release New Album Fighting for Life

Swedish female-fronted metallers K.A.Z self-released their first full-length album Fighting for Life on 19 August. The album is a follow up from K.A.Z‘s 2017 EP with the same title, Fighting for Life.

The band says about Fighting For Life that it is about every person’s everyday struggle. “How people cannot see into the mind of others and feel how they are fighting for life… what a person decides to show in public is easy to read but what actually is beneath the surface inside the mind can only the person feel”, state K.A.Z.

K.A.Z were formed in Lidköping, Sweden, back in 2013. The name stems from an old Swedish TV-series for children named “Kent Agent”. The band name became ”Kent Agents sällskap” (sällskap means company and is a parody on the TV series). The name “Kent Agent Sällskap” was just a inside joke between the members that later was changed to the serious name “K.A.Z” The band has played Sweden extensively and are now proud to present their first studio album, Fighting for Life.

K.A.Z Artwork


1. Introduction
2. Save Me
3. Beautiful
4. Broken
5. Heart of Glass
6. In Flames
7. Insanity
8. Truth
9. Wake up
10. Fighting for life

K.A.Z are:
Louise Daun – Vocals
Oscar Berglund – Lead guitar, backup vocals
Filip German – Rhythm guitar, backup vocals
Marcus Gustafsson – Drums
Jonathan Karlsson – Bass

K.A.Z: Facebook