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Month: June 2019

ENVENOMED: New Single & Video “ABANDON HOPE” released

After the release of “Metal United” the bonus track for the great worldwide“Metal United World Wide“-Festival event ENVENOMED release their first official single and video for the upcoming album “The Walking Shred”.

OFFICIAL VIDEO “Abandon Hope”:

The first reviews came from Australia and Central Europe:

“An unexpected but very welcome surprise from Down Under!”

“Well worth the five years wait, then, and quite probably a must-have album if you like to think of yourself as a heavy metal fan of taste and style.”

CD for pre-order: https://tinyurl.com/EPR-Envenomed

Digital download:



Tourdates Updated – 8 European Countries

05.07 Italy, Pavia, Pelle d’Oca
06.07 Italy, Lauriano, Metal Fest
07.07 HRV, Split, Metal Club EKS
09.07 Czech Republic, Ceske Budejovice, MC Fabrika
10.07 Germany, Passau, Zuckerfabrik
11.07 Germany, Nurnberg, Bela Lugosi
12.07 Germany, Berlin, Blackland
13.07 NLD, Tilburg, Little Devil Bar
14.07 France, Volmerange-Les-Mines, No Man’s Land
16.07 France, Strasbourg, L’Elastic
17.07 France, Lyon, Cco
18.07 Switzerland, Zurich, Ebrietas
19.07 Italy, Turin, Ziggy
20.07 Italy, Vigone, Positive Music
21.07 Italy, Somma Lombardo, Rock Inn Somma

Metal United World Wide: HAPPY MUWW DAY! \m/

Happy MUWW Day!!!

Today is the big day where the metal communities around the globe are celebrating the long awaited day. Today we share with the other metal communities our bands, our fans and our passion for the music.

The  second installment from Metal United World Wide has receive very positive feedback from media, fans and other music industry people. Like the Irish band Cruachan: “I think it’s pretty cool. We’ve played some controversial gigs in controversial places over the years and the one thing I try to tell ‘normal’ people is that when it comes to metal, we are all one family. No matter what religion or political persuasion you are, if you see a metal head you are family. Also, I love checking out bands I haven’t heard before.”

Juan Niemand from Suppressor & Legion of Doom says that “MUWW is a great platform for the metal scene to work in unison for a single goal. This has been an excellent opportunity to show the world that we can work together as one.”

One night, one banner, one mission: Support METAL! 39 countries in 64 cities and 403, MUWW truly brings the world of metal together in celebration. So where ever you are go to the closest show and support your local scene!

The Anthem

Melbourne metallers Envenomed wrote the song Metal United for the festival. Turn up the volume, lay back and enjoy the song!

Thanks to Black-Roos Entertainment promoters and bands are uniting their love of Heavy Metal and supporting their local Heavy scene in all parts of the globe. We have countries where heavy music is celebrated all the way through to places in the world where heavy music is all but illegal and bands have to fight for their ability to perform the music they’ve created, doing what they love. MUWW is all inclusive, we want everyone to be involved!



Australian Metal-Band Envenomed release „Metal United“ – the Festival Anthem of  the eponymous festival series!

„Metal United“ is the bonus track on the upcoming album „The Walking Shred“ (Release Date July 5, 2019).
Pre Order has started:  http://www.tinyurl.com/EPR-Envenomed

The festival will take place for the second time this year and will be held at the same time in 63 cities in 37 countries on 15.6.2019!


Premiere on YouTube: June 7 .2019, 11:00 Uhr german time (GMT+02)

More Info: http://metal-united-world-wide.com/events

Plague 9:Australian Heavy Metallers Release Debut EP Mr Ass on 5 July

Adelaide’s traditional heavy metal newcomers Plague 9 are releasing their debut EP MR ASS on 5 July 2019. The stunning artwork was created by Dusan Markovic who has worked with Dragony, Mystic Prophecy, Dragonheart and many more.

Formed by rhythm guitarist/singer Devon Smith and bassist John Hopf in 2017, Plague 9 recorded their first song Stuck in Hell for the release on the Metal United Down Under Vol 1 compilation. Since then lead guitarist David Hone has jumped on board bringing his very unique playing style and blistering speed taking the songs into a new dimension.

Since their installation, Plague 9 have been busy playing gigs and supporting a number of known Australian bands touring Australia. Another major focus has been in the studio recording the debut EP Mr Ass, with a good mix of thrash and more traditional style heavy metal riffs. Drawing influence from bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Iron Maiden and also Jeff Loomis, Marco Sfogli and Andy James… there is sure to be something for every headbanging metal junkie.

Plague9 Artwork

1.Stuck in hell
2.Criminal justice
3.Flavour of the weak
4.Feed it
5.Mr ass

MR ASS is available on their Bandcamp page for download now and hard copies are available on 5 July 2019.

Plague 9 are:
John Hopf – Bass guitar
David Hone – Lead guitar
Devon Smith – Rhythm guitar/vocals
Kon Tsacos – Drums

ENVENOMED: Release their Cover Artwork for the upcoming album “The Walking Shred”

The  new album of Australian Metal-Band ENVENOMED will be released on July 5, 2019

Similarities to known TV series may not be completely ruled out!

At the same time, ENVENOMED publish the tracklist of the album

Interesting Detail:  Dan Presland from NeOBliviscaris played the drums on the album!

Envenomed Artwork


01 – The Walking Shred
02 – Abandon Hope
03 – The Dead
04 – Aware
05 – Fate Closes The Door
06 – Rebellion
07 – Through The Cold
08 – The Haunting
09 – All That Remains
10 – Sacrifice
11 – Are You Gonna Go My Way
12 – Metal United

Anthony Mavrikis (Vocals, Guitars)
Tom Nugara (Bass)
Brendan Farrugia (Guitar)
John Price (Drums)