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Month: May 2019

Nightbound: Paraguay’s Heavy Metallers Released Debut EP and Nightbound on Awakening Records

Start your engine and speed into the night! A Million Stars will be with you.

Formed only last year, Nightbound is a young Hard n’ Heavy band from Asunción, Paraguay. The band has made quick a name for themselves in their country. So there is no wonder that Chinese Label Awakening Records, picked up the young band and released their debut EP on March 31.

NIGHTBOUNDTime Is On Your Side promo video by Jiabin Wang of Awakening Records.

If you are a fan from Thin Lizzy and Saxon this EP will be something for you.

Nightbound Artwork

1. Nightbound
2. Time Is On Your Side
3. No Mercy
4. The Fighting Never Ends
5. Soldier Of Fortune (Deep Purple cover)

Stay tuned more to come!

Arianna Cuenca – Vocals
Mike Martinez – Lead Guitars
Katz Leiv – Bass
Miky Doldán – Drums

Nightbound: Facebook

Metal United World Wide: Approaching Fast

Metal United World Wide (MUWW) is gearing up once again to unite metal bands and fans all across the globe…One night, one banner, one mission: Bang Your Head! June 15th is the date of destiny with around 300 bands performing in shows held in over 35 countries, from Melbourne to Mexico City, from South Africa to Ireland, MUWW truly brings the world of metal together in celebration!

Music is one of the very few things that connects people, it brings people together. It helps you understand strangers; it helps you to form a bond with people you have never met and strengthens friendships that are already there. The love of music brings together people from other countries, raised in other cultures and speak different languages. Heavy metal has thrived because of the bond it creates, this feeling of belonging to something bigger. The sensation you experience when you attend a live show is almost indescribable, the rush of excitement, your voice uniting with hundreds or thousands of people around you, singing along with the band you love. It is this feeling that Metal United World Wide is all about. This feeling brings people from all over the world together to share the experience.

Angel Crypt – MUWW Malta

Thanks to Black-Roos Entertainment promoters and bands are uniting their love of Heavy Metal and supporting their local Heavy scene in all parts of the globe. We have countries where heavy music is celebrated all the way through to places in the world where heavy music is all but illegal and bands have to fight for their ability to perform the music they’ve created, doing what they love. MUWW is all inclusive, we want everyone to be involved!

Liquescenza – MUWW Venezuela

There are dozens of stories about the struggle and the joy of living the music we love throughout the world. In Afghanistan a single band who are forced to operate in hiding, and don’t even have access to a drumkit, are still trying to perform on June 15th, for their love of Metal. In Brunei the government has all but forbidden the performance of Heavy Metal music, but that hasn’t deterred the passionate fans from wanting to play on 15th June.

In Indonesia Heavy bands are being influenced by the countries dense and unique history to create fresh new Metal sounds and cannot wait to show the world how the love of Heavy Metal has grown so quickly in their country. Its adrenal impact on the population stirring new bands to rise and connect with their emotional audience. In Singapore they tried to fight against the age-old outcry that heavy Metal is ‘Evil’ and ‘Satanic’ to perform the music they love but unfortunately, they have been shut out by the church, with venues giving in to religious groups pressure and blocking any possible shows. This is why the message of Metal United World Wide is so important. To raise the profile of the world of Metal so we can all enjoy the music and the performance as one!

We have several shows all over Australia. From Hervey Bay to Perth we are showcasing some of the best talent in the underground and local scenes. So come down and support what truly is an international unification of Heavy Metal, be a part of something bigger, be a part of history, join us for Metal United World Wide 2019!

Check out the list of all current events here: https://metal-united-world-wide.com/events

Australians Warrior Within: Release Video ‘Opus’

Australian thrash metallers Warrior Within have released the song Opus from their deput EP In Darkness Act 1 as video.

Warrior Within are purveyors of good wholesome thrash metal. They do not stick to one topic lyrically but cover social, political and esoteric themes. The band from the Australian Sunshine Coast was established in the 90s by brothers Tass and Toli. With Scott and Dan joining, the band has been shaped into the current form.

Guitarist Tass states: “We have persevered through all adversity to release our music. To us Heavy Metal is not just entertainment, its a vehicle to explore a better reality.” Fans will have a lot of opportunity to find out what that means. Warrior Within is already working on their second EP. In addition, metalheads living along Australia’s East Coast will have the chance to see the guys live as they plan a tour for early 2020.

Have a listen to In Darkness Act 1 to get a first taste of all that coming.

Warrior Within In Darkness ACT I

Track list
02 – PERSIST 03:40
03 – TAKER 03:57
04 – OPUS 06:16

Warrior Within are:
Scott Macintyre – Vocals
Tass Hadoulis – Rhythm / Lead Guitar
Apostolis Hadoulis – Bass
Dan Stixx – Drums

Warrior Within’s EP In Darkness Act I is now available physically or for download on Bandcamp.

Warrior Within: Facebook

Edan H: Release Single/Lyric Video Down in Flames

Back to Eden guitarist/bassist/songwriter Edan Hoy has returned, this time under the moniker of Edan H.

Hailing from Melbourne/Australia, the solo artist now puts his stamp on the Melodic Hard Rock genre with a brand new project. The first single Down in Flames is a conceptual offering, loosely based on the controversial artworks of Luis Quiles.

Featuring guest musicians from around the world, including Outloud/Punky Meadows front man Chandler Mogel (USA), Edan H certainly puts the ‘Melodic’ in ‘Hard Rock’.

Down in Flames out May 5. Available on all major digital platforms, or download it for FREE from the Edan H website: www.edanhmusic.com

Edan H: Facebook