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Month: January 2019

SNAKE BITE WHISKY: Kick off This Side Of Hell Australia Tour 2019

Snake Bite Whisky, one of Australia’s number one sleaze bands, just released their debut album This Side from Hell via Pavement Entertainment and Sony Red on 25 January 2019. This Side Of Hell was recorded at Sonic Clarity Studios in Australia and mixed and mastered in the US by Peter Rutcho, who has worked with diverse artists such as Falling In Reverse, Parkway Drive, Deez Nuts, and many more.

To support the new release, the band will hit the road and tour through Australia. The tour starts in their hometown Brisbane on the 2 February and will bring them to Mermaid Beach, Dalby, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Ballarat. The final show will then be in April at the Metro Hotel In Adelaide. So stay on This Side from Hell and catch them at one of the shows below:

2 February – Woolly Mammoth in Brisbane with Black Whiskey and Friendly Fire – Facebook Event
8 February – Snooker World Hotel in Mermaid Beach with Black Whiskey, Monster Fodder and Seven Enemies – Facebook Event
9 February – Russel Tavern in Dalby with Black Whiskey, and Hit ‘n’ Mizz – Facebook Event
22 February – The Hamilton Station Hotel in Newcastle with Crosson, Black Whiskey and PurEnvY – Facebook Event
23 February – Fusebox in Sydney with Crosson, Black Whiskey, Steel Cap Therapy and Bad Absalom – Facebook Event
8 March – Mr Boogie Man BAR Hotel in Melbourne with Vacant Image and Black Alpine – Facebook Event
9 March – Karova Lounge in Ballarat Supports TBA – Facebook Event
14 April – The Metro Hotel in Adelaide with Audio Reign and HIVEMIND – Facebook Event
18 May – The Bendigo Hotel in Melbourne Hellfire N’ Hairspray Festival Facebook page

Snake Bite Whisky are:
Jay R – Vocals
David Arens – Guitars
Stacii Blake – Bass
Al “Ace” Bukva – Drums

Snake Bite Whisky Facebook

Enter 6: Release 2nd Studio Album Black Dolphin on March 15th

Sometimes it takes some time to put all the pieces into a puzzle, but the result is always worth it! The new album from Sydney’s Enter 6, Black Dolphin, has taken years of finding the right members and defining and honing their sound into a unique entity that will take the listener’s ear on a journey of progressive groove that will surely leave them begging for more. Due to be released in early 2019, it truly is an exciting time for Enter 6!

Enter 6 is an Australian thrash metal band based in Sydney, formed in 1998 by Alex Vexler (guitarist/vocalist) and Andrija Skocic (drummer). In 2000, the band self-released their debut album Dreams which was followed by extensive touring in Australia. In 2003, Peter Beard, the current bassist, joined Enter 6 bringing in a different style. Incorporating a very groove-heavy, yet progressive sound formed by different influences from each band member, ranging from Carnal Forge to Whitechapel, makes their music unique and original.

Enter 6 Artwork


1. Director
2. Hate Blame
3. My Withered Hands
4. Precious
5. Those Like Me
6. I Walk Alone
7. All For Nothing
8. Lost
9. The Bitter End
10. Shamed

Lethal Vendetta: Release Official Video ‘No Prisoners No Mercy’

Lethal Vendetta release today the title song ‘No Prisoners No Mercy’ of their latest album as official video. The song is about the great Battle of Thermopylae or as people know it as ‘the 300 Spartans’ The song describes the energy and determination of the Spartans who are crushing the Persian Army. “Leaving No Prisoners and showing No Mercy“, explains Brent Logan the singer of the band.

Lethal Vendetta hail from Sydney Australia and they are ready to stamp their authority on the Metal scene. Lethal Vendetta come armed with the ultimate artillery: A precise and highly effective blend of Thrash, Groove and Traditional Metal which pays homage to the great Metal titans that have come before them.

Lethal Vendetta exudes pure energy and power, with dynamic rhythm and melodic riffs, gut wrenching drumming and soaring vocals that hark back to the classic days of metal. Lethal Vendetta they never disappoint, they leave nothing behind.

Lethal Vendetta’s new album No Prisoners No Mercy is now available for download on iTunes, CDBaby, Spotify or physical on their website.

EWIGKEIT: Premieres First Track & Video from the Forthcoming Album DISClose

Photo by Jessica Tilley

British band Ewigkeit released their video Guardians of the High Frontier. This song is part of the upcoming album DISClose and is considered one the “lighter” tracks on the album.

Ewigkeit is the project of British multi-instrumentalist James Fogarty (In The Woods, Old Forest,Jaldaboath and others). DISClose the 8th Ewigkeit album release and is the strongest and most coherent album since 2005’s Conspiritus album (Earache rec.)

The theme of DISClose is inspired by the growing movement of modern Ufology as well as the push toward official testament and disclosure of an alien presence visiting our skies.

“I’ve always had a keen interest in UFOlogy,” says Fogarty and continues to explain that “things have been really become active over the last 18 months.” He assumes the reason being: “Aside from revelations about multiple exoplanets, the passing of massive interstellar object Oumuamua and revelations of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, there has also been the planned launch of the U.S. government’s ‘Space Force’.” Fogarty honestly believes that “we are on the cusp of the official confirmation of intelligent Extraterrestrial life, perhaps of a form that is genuinely threatening to our own – and it is this hypothetical conflict that I wrote the song ‘Guardians of the High Frontier’ about.”

The video has been animated by Fogarty with the help of Jessica Tilley and Lenny Bridgeman.

‘DISClose’ is available to pre-order now from www.deathtomusic.com, and will be released digitally across all platforms to buy & stream on 23/02/19 and on CD on 23/03/19.

Cover artwork is designed exclusively for Death To Music productions by graphic artist Lenny Bridgeman.  Album mastering was completed by Frederic Gervais of Studio Henosis.

Ewigkeit DISCLose

01 – 1947
02 – Disclosure
03 – Oppenheimer’s Lament
04 – Guardians of the High Frontier
05 – Resonance
06 – KRLLL
07 – Moon Monolith

EWIGKEIT: Facebook

Theosophy: Announced Siberian Frost in Europe Tour 2019

The Black Metaller Theosophy from Siberia announced that they are doing a  run of shows in April through Poland and Chzech to support their latest release.

Theosophy is a Black Metal band from the heart of cold Siberia. The band was founded in 2004. THEOSOPHY has 4 full-length albums on No Colours Records (DE) that have received good feedback and distribution in all parts of the World, from Brazil to Japan.

THEOSOPHY – classic Nordic black metal with a catchy melodies and strong guitar riffs. Frozen wave and darkness atmosphere in one living act!

Tour dates:
04.04.2019 Koszalin (PL)
05.04.2019 Slupsk (PL)
06.04.2019 Gorzow Wielkopolski (PL)
07.04.2019 Szczecin (PL)
11.04.2019 Zielona Gora (PL)
12.04.2019 Plzen (CZ)
13.04.2019 Mlada Boleslav (CZ)

Theosophy tour

Theosophy: Facebook

Calcined: Announced Winter DISCIPLINE tour 2019

The Swiss Death Metaller announced that they are doing a small run of shows in February through Poland to support their latest release.

The band released some Demo/EP/split during his first five years before to differentiate with a Est Europa tour in 2013, a first full-length “Tormenting Attractions” released in the spring 2015 on the french label: “Great Dane Records” and in 2016: a rewarding and magnificent tour in Cuba.

Trying to be on stage everywhere and as much as possible, Calcined opened for some mighty bands like Inveracity (GR), Internal Suffering (COL), Stillbirth (D), Internal Bleeding (USA), Putridity (IT), Pighead (D), etc.

The year 2018 marks the 10 years of the chaos’ beginning as well as the release of their second full lenght “Discipline”. Brand new opus that allows us to push back the limits of entropy with fast and intense tracks, much more than ever!

Calcined tour

 Tour dates:

22.02.2019 Gorzow Wielkopolski (PL)

23.02.2019 Mlada Boleslav (CZ)

24.02.2019 Krakow (PL)

Calcined: Facebook