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Month: September 2018

TEMTRIS: Presale of Fifth Studio Album ‘Rapture’ and Tour Start

Female fronted heavy metal band, Temtris, are bound to release their upcoming 5th studio album Rapture. The album will be out in Australia on 1 October and worldwide on 2 November via Battlegod Productions. The band will then tour Australia to present their album to the Australian metal heads. The tour starts in Canberra on 5 October and Temtris will play shows in Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Newcastle and Wollongong before they head over to New Zealand for another two shows.

The new album, Rapture, is by far is there most uptempoed album to date. It captures the true essence of what Heavy Metal is all about. Genevieve’s vocals are a major highlight and the musicianship is far more advanced then their previous albums. By far this is their best album in song structures, production and performance.

The band has recently released their single Run from the new album. The single is now available on a limited 7 inch vinyl press with the B side having the song Paradise Road from the first sold out Temtris album, Threshold. The new single is available for download and purchase on their website www.temtris.com. The vinyl can be ordered at the same website and presales of the album are hosted there as well.

Temtris are a five piece act from the south of Sydney, Australia. They formed in 2000 and have released their albums Threshold (2003), Masquerade (2007), Shallow Grave (2014) and Enter The Asylum (2016). They have played shows all over Australia and supported Accept (GER) in 2014. Besides their current Australia tour, they are also planning to tour overseas in the near future.

Temtris are:
Genevieve Rodda – Vocals
Anthony Fox – Guitar
Nik – Bass
Youhan AD – Drums
Anthony Hoffman – Guitar

TAMERLAN EMPIRE: New Lyric Video and Sign to Black-Roos Entertainment

Sydney symphonic black metal band Tamerlan Empire has signed to Australian promotion, booking and management agency Black-Roos Entertainment. The band has released their first full-length studio album Age of Ascendency in February this year and their lyric video Battle of Tyrants recently. They have just supported Enslaved in Sydney and are bound to support Sinsaenum in November. The band is playing shows around Australia and is planning to take their distinct music overseas in the near future.

Tamerlan Empire is playing a fusion of symphonic black metal with Central Asian and Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms. The style of the band was developed by blending the aggressiveness of metal with an eastern-sounding tone that reflects Tamerlan Empire’s ideology and creates a unique sound that identifies the band.

Tamerlan Empire are:
Khan * Drums and Percussion
Ghorr * Guitars
Botir * Bass
Vizier * Keyboard/Orchestra
Yassa * Vocals

Plague of Death II: Celebrating Metal

For the second time already, the mini festival Plague of Death is bringing a mix of metal to Arequipa. Metal heads are invited to celebrate their genre in all facets – from heavy via thrash to black. There is something for everybody.

The party will take place on Friday, 21 September, in El QuinQué, Arequipa. The lineup features Darktower, a black death metal band from Brazil. They are supported by Peruvian bands Steel Sword (glam metal), Fervent Hate (death metal), Mudra (thrash metal), LOD (death metal), Megatherion (black death metal), Naiden (hard rock), Trepanador (death metal) and Thunderstrike (heavy metal).

The fest is organised by Psycho Producciones and supported by Al Limite Radio, Invathers T-Shirts, Kimera Arequipa, Merlin Cafe, Underground Tattoo, Black-Roos Entertainment, Rockwings Food & Drinks and Khaos Produccion Audiovisual.

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