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Metal United Down Under: One Month To Go

Aug 23, 2018 News

In a month, the big date has finally arrived: Metal United Down Under (MUDU) – in its fifth edition. On 22 September, 117 Australian metal bands will perform at shows in 14 cities all over Australia. All this happens on the same date under the same banner, the MUDU banner. It’s a massive underground venture on a community basis. Many bands use MUDU as a date on their tour, explore new fan communities and/or extend their network. MUDU has developed into an important opportunity for bands in the Australian metal event calendar.

After Darwin dropping out last year because of venue issues, the Northern metal heads are back and MUDU covers again all states and territories. MUDU Darwin brings a special thrash edition and they have produced an entertaining trailer. Besides MUDU Darwin, there will be shows in Albury (with Deadset Legends – tributes to past heroes), Bendigo, Brisbane, Bunbury, Canberra, Hobart, Lismore, Maryborough, Melbourne, Orange, Port Pirie, Sydney and Wagga Wagga.

These are the bands announced:
Black Jesus, Moustache Ant, As Flesh Decays, Cuck Lord, Abreact, Lions of the Underground, The Ascended, Visioner, As I Destruct, Order of Torment, Callous, Seddon, Apparition, Devils Kiss, Blodmane, Chambers of Insanity, Eternal Torment, Kaosphere, Regular Gonzalez, Adriatic, Lavidius, Cry For Cthulu, Nitro Zeus, Alien Skies, Visions of Chaos, Devonian, Psychonaut, Death Dependant, Scyatic, Tears For Atlantis,Morrilla, WitchCliff, Volatus, Chud, Clarity of Chaos, Red Sea, Needledick, Assailant, F.E.M.A, Fatpidgeon, Nosce Teipsum, Minds In Motion, Vice, Satanicus, Interitum, Lacerta, Lab A, Perceptions, Cafe Enema, Kold Creature, Symptoms Persist, Elephant, Puncture Wound, Medics of Pain, End Us, The Nuremberg Code, Pavilion Band, Symbolic Weapon, Harvest The Moon, RoXferry, Evil Eye, Mergatroyd, Nowhere Else, Zero1Zero, Day of Content, Odysseus Reborn, Bonnie Doom, Muules, Plague the City, Psychosemantics, The Brutal Aftermath, Black Banner, Filthifer, LORD, Vanishing Point, Alarum, In Malice’s Wake, Damnations Day, Monoliyth, Espionage, Abraxxas, IMMORIUM, Gangrene Penis, Beast Impalor, Stone Sovereign, Drakkarus Arkheth, Terra Mortem, Shadow Realm, In:Extremis, Oath of Damnation, Good Time Aussie Bogalars, Sickness, Wounded Pig, Wood of Suicides, Sedulous Rouse, Maniacal, Aftashock, Fireace, Suffer The Evenue, Hate Force Five, RED BEE, Flaming Wrekage, Noveaux, Gutter Tactic, Diminish The Gods, Enter 6, By The Horns, Be faced, Weight Of The World, Infinite Illusion, Naberus, Lethal Vendetta, Triple Kill, Suldusk, Rick Grimm’s Illa Turba, Burden Man, Trigger

You can get presale tickets for the following shows:
Lismore: Eventbrite
Melbourne: Oztix
Wagga Wagga: Moshtix

A special thanks goes to Naticus Music for the MUDU artwork!

For more information about the shows and bands participating, check out the official MUDU website:
Here are the shows and these are the bands.

By Anja