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Black-Roos Entertainment: Expanding Promotional Services With 12 Outposts

Aug 14, 2018 News

The Australian PR, booking and management agency Black-Roos Entertainment has expanded the reach of their services by establishing outposts (representations) in Russia, China, India, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, the Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Singapore and the Philippines. Besides talking to a broader audience, this enables the agency to offer their services also for bands who do not speak English.

Black-Roos Entertainment has been established only in 2017 but is growing fast. The agency is behind the metal event, Metal United World Wide, a community project where over 400 bands played in 40 countries and 60 cities on the same date under the same banner. The agency also coordinates and promotes the Australian version, Metal United Down Under. Currently 16 artists are signed to Black-Roos Entertainment‘s booking and management service. The agency is now further expanding the promotional services.

The goal of Black-Roos Entertainment is to support the Underground and to reach out to new regions giving the bands a chance to get heard. Founder Michael states: “The idea of the ‘outposts’ was born after the event Metal United World Wide when we worked with so many bands and promoters to prepare that one night of metal. After I saw the dedication and passion in the the various countries, I was questioning why we are not forming a team and helping each other beyond Metal United World Wide. So, we build this awesome team and to support each other’s scene further. We are still following the Metal United World Wide motto: United We Stand, Divided We Fall!”

The Black-Roos Entertainment team will be reinforced by:
Agrita (Riga, Latvia), Ana (Arequipa, Peru), Angelo (Berlin, Germany), Douglas (Sao Paolo, Brazil), Jithin (Kochi, India), Jorge (Medellin, Colombia), Meng Li (Beijing, China), Mikael (Singapore & Cebu, Philippines), Sergei (Moscow, Russia) and Vladimir (Szczecin, Poland & Kiev, Ukraine).
Our contacts are partners who are somehow involved in their scene, mostly with either a band or an agency: Agrita, Ana, Mikael and Vladimir run booking/promotion/touring/management agencies (THP Production, Psycho Producciones, Vent Box Productions and  Metalurg respectively). Angelo, Jithin, Meng Li and Sergei play in bands (What’s Left BehindProphets of Yahweh, Ancestor and FS Projekt). Meng Li also has a label, Alchemy Media. With our partners/team, we are strengthening each other’s network and services.

For more information visit the website www.black-roos.com or the agency’s Facebook page.

By Anja