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Month: August 2018

NIGHT CROWNED: Swedish Blackened Death Metallers Release Debut EP

In the frozen vasts of Europe’s northernmost realms, a new slithering seed is festering at the heart of the Swedish scene – NIGHT CROWNED. A spawn formed from an unholy communion between current and previous members of the underground elite such as The Crown, Dark Funeral, Night Rage and Cipher System, this infestation is set to grow from a rumored disease into a full-scale pandemic.

NIGHT CROWNED‘s musical vision is as clear as it is putrid; a reawakening of sounds dormant from the most influential acts and masterpieces of the Scandinavian 90’s, although with all the advantages of a cutting edge, surgically precise production.

With a combined catalogue of over twenty full-length albums, this degenerate infant is procreated from seasoned and battle-hardened veterans, although with all the hunger that only such a gluttonous monster can possess. There will be no warning. No anti dote, and no remedy. At first you will feel nauseous, then your body will be covered in black boils, and finally both your mind and and matter will have been thoroughly infected by the blight that is – NIGHT CROWNED.

NIGHT CROWNED‘s debut EP Humanity Will Echo Out is to be released on November 30. Here is the CD official teaser:

Pre-order your copy of Humanity Will Echo Out via Black Lion Records:

Black Lion Records Website

Black Lion Records Facebook

Bloodphemy: Dutch old school Death metallers join Black Lion and release new album

Black Lion is pleased to welcome Dutch Death Metal group Bloodphemy. Bloodphemy’s members have played in numerous successful Death Metal bands such as Sinister, Pleurisy, Bodyfarm, Houwitser, Khaoz, Judgement Day. They know their shit when it comes to playing Death Metal, writing and recording albums, touring internationally, and are known for creating one hell of a live show. Their new album IN COLD BLOOD will be released worldwide in 2019.

Bloodphemy are ready to take the stages in 2019 in support of their new album the band is already confirmed for:

*Fuck the Commerce – Germany
Březovská Metalová Noc Open Air – Czech Republic
Bloodfest – The Netherlands

To be sure to catch the band live and stay tuned for more news.

Bloodphemy Album In Cold Blood

Track List

  1. Spree Killing
  2. Bloodline
  3. A Barbarous Murder
  4. Mental Atrophy
  5. S.P.E
  6. Out of the Box
  7. Chamber of Horrors
  8. Worship Me
  9. L’Uomo Delinquente

Get your copy of In Cold Blood via Black Lion Records:

Black Lion Records Website

Black Lion Records Facebook

Hell:on: Hell Chains tour 2018 starts next month!

HELL:ON is probably one of the most dynamically developing Extreme Metal band from Ukraine – a country that already has a thriving metal scene. Without any doubt Hell:On holds the title of the ‘Most Touring Band’ from this county having shared the stage over the years with such metal giants as RAGE, KREATOR, AMORPHIS, NAPALM DEATH, ARCH ENEMY, SODOM, VADER, MEGADETH, WASP and others.

The band is now embarking on their Hell Chains Tour this September. They will play Poland, Czech Republic and Germany.

Hell:On is a five piece thrash/death metal band based in the Zaporozhye, Ukraine. They have six studio albums with guest appearances of Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR), Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND) and Marek “Spider” Pajak (VADER).

Hell:On are:
Slayer – Bass
Hellion – Guitar
Leshiy – Drums
Oleksandr Bayev – Vocals
Tony Alien – Guitar

Hell Chains Tour 2018

21.09. – Bielsko-Biala, Rude Boy (PL)
22.09. – Hradec-Kralove, Kraft (CZ)
23.09. – Zagan, Electrownia club (PL)
26.09. – Magdeburg, Flowerpower (DE)
27.09. – Koblenz, Florinsmarkt (DE)
28.09. – Razorblade Festival, Datteln (DE)
29.09. – Cologne Metal Fest (DE)
30.09. – Gorzow Wielkopolski, C-60 (PL)


AGAINST EVIL: Release New Video ‘Mean Machine’

Indian heavy metal band Against Evil are taking the road with their third video ‘Mean Machine‘. The song is taken from their full length album titled All Hail The King. The album features also their famous song Stand Up And Fight! whose official video went viral. Also the second video for Sentenced to Death with guest appearance by Jeff Loomis (Nevermore, Arch Enemy) is from All Hail The King.

The band released All Hail the King as their second album on April 6th, 2018 independently.

Watch Mean Machine here:

The album All Hail the King was released on 6th of April.

Get your copy or digital version at Bandcamp.

The “9 track” full-length album is being well received worldwide with some of the top rock / metal websites, critics calling it:

Metal Nation: “The album is a mission statement calling us all to battle, and based off the quality of the songwriting, the clean sound, and the well executed performances, it’s a declaration worth listening to”

Head-Banger Reviews: “Against Evil only increases their quality and badassery tenfold with All Hail the King as they once again bring glory to the world of heavy metal!”

Dead Rhetoric: “Against Evil with All Hail the King could be one of the best newcomers for 2018 in this space – raising fists and vying for backpatch approval on jackets worldwide”

Grizzly Butts: “Their second full-length ‘All Hail the King’ stretches its sphere of influence with an overall gain in speed metal, epic heavy metal, and shred metal influences going so far as to feature Jeff Loomis on “Sentenced to Death”. With a new found heaviness, an appreciation for heavy metal history, and militantly practiced skills Against Evil make notable contribution with All Hail the King”

Metal United Down Under: One Month To Go

In a month, the big date has finally arrived: Metal United Down Under (MUDU) – in its fifth edition. On 22 September, 117 Australian metal bands will perform at shows in 14 cities all over Australia. All this happens on the same date under the same banner, the MUDU banner. It’s a massive underground venture on a community basis. Many bands use MUDU as a date on their tour, explore new fan communities and/or extend their network. MUDU has developed into an important opportunity for bands in the Australian metal event calendar.

After Darwin dropping out last year because of venue issues, the Northern metal heads are back and MUDU covers again all states and territories. MUDU Darwin brings a special thrash edition and they have produced an entertaining trailer. Besides MUDU Darwin, there will be shows in Albury (with Deadset Legends – tributes to past heroes), Bendigo, Brisbane, Bunbury, Canberra, Hobart, Lismore, Maryborough, Melbourne, Orange, Port Pirie, Sydney and Wagga Wagga.

These are the bands announced:
Black Jesus, Moustache Ant, As Flesh Decays, Cuck Lord, Abreact, Lions of the Underground, The Ascended, Visioner, As I Destruct, Order of Torment, Callous, Seddon, Apparition, Devils Kiss, Blodmane, Chambers of Insanity, Eternal Torment, Kaosphere, Regular Gonzalez, Adriatic, Lavidius, Cry For Cthulu, Nitro Zeus, Alien Skies, Visions of Chaos, Devonian, Psychonaut, Death Dependant, Scyatic, Tears For Atlantis,Morrilla, WitchCliff, Volatus, Chud, Clarity of Chaos, Red Sea, Needledick, Assailant, F.E.M.A, Fatpidgeon, Nosce Teipsum, Minds In Motion, Vice, Satanicus, Interitum, Lacerta, Lab A, Perceptions, Cafe Enema, Kold Creature, Symptoms Persist, Elephant, Puncture Wound, Medics of Pain, End Us, The Nuremberg Code, Pavilion Band, Symbolic Weapon, Harvest The Moon, RoXferry, Evil Eye, Mergatroyd, Nowhere Else, Zero1Zero, Day of Content, Odysseus Reborn, Bonnie Doom, Muules, Plague the City, Psychosemantics, The Brutal Aftermath, Black Banner, Filthifer, LORD, Vanishing Point, Alarum, In Malice’s Wake, Damnations Day, Monoliyth, Espionage, Abraxxas, IMMORIUM, Gangrene Penis, Beast Impalor, Stone Sovereign, Drakkarus Arkheth, Terra Mortem, Shadow Realm, In:Extremis, Oath of Damnation, Good Time Aussie Bogalars, Sickness, Wounded Pig, Wood of Suicides, Sedulous Rouse, Maniacal, Aftashock, Fireace, Suffer The Evenue, Hate Force Five, RED BEE, Flaming Wrekage, Noveaux, Gutter Tactic, Diminish The Gods, Enter 6, By The Horns, Be faced, Weight Of The World, Infinite Illusion, Naberus, Lethal Vendetta, Triple Kill, Suldusk, Rick Grimm’s Illa Turba, Burden Man, Trigger

You can get presale tickets for the following shows:
Lismore: Eventbrite
Melbourne: Oztix
Wagga Wagga: Moshtix

A special thanks goes to Naticus Music for the MUDU artwork!

For more information about the shows and bands participating, check out the official MUDU website:
Here are the shows and these are the bands.

Black-Roos Entertainment: Expanding Promotional Services With 12 Outposts

The Australian PR, booking and management agency Black-Roos Entertainment has expanded the reach of their services by establishing outposts (representations) in Russia, China, India, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, the Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Singapore and the Philippines. Besides talking to a broader audience, this enables the agency to offer their services also for bands who do not speak English.

Black-Roos Entertainment has been established only in 2017 but is growing fast. The agency is behind the metal event, Metal United World Wide, a community project where over 400 bands played in 40 countries and 60 cities on the same date under the same banner. The agency also coordinates and promotes the Australian version, Metal United Down Under. Currently 16 artists are signed to Black-Roos Entertainment‘s booking and management service. The agency is now further expanding the promotional services.

The goal of Black-Roos Entertainment is to support the Underground and to reach out to new regions giving the bands a chance to get heard. Founder Michael states: “The idea of the ‘outposts’ was born after the event Metal United World Wide when we worked with so many bands and promoters to prepare that one night of metal. After I saw the dedication and passion in the the various countries, I was questioning why we are not forming a team and helping each other beyond Metal United World Wide. So, we build this awesome team and to support each other’s scene further. We are still following the Metal United World Wide motto: United We Stand, Divided We Fall!”

The Black-Roos Entertainment team will be reinforced by:
Agrita (Riga, Latvia), Ana (Arequipa, Peru), Angelo (Berlin, Germany), Douglas (Sao Paolo, Brazil), Jithin (Kochi, India), Jorge (Medellin, Colombia), Meng Li (Beijing, China), Mikael (Singapore & Cebu, Philippines), Sergei (Moscow, Russia) and Vladimir (Szczecin, Poland & Kiev, Ukraine).
Our contacts are partners who are somehow involved in their scene, mostly with either a band or an agency: Agrita, Ana, Mikael and Vladimir run booking/promotion/touring/management agencies (THP Production, Psycho Producciones, Vent Box Productions and  Metalurg respectively). Angelo, Jithin, Meng Li and Sergei play in bands (What’s Left BehindProphets of Yahweh, Ancestor and FS Projekt). Meng Li also has a label, Alchemy Media. With our partners/team, we are strengthening each other’s network and services.

For more information visit the website www.black-roos.com or the agency’s Facebook page.

Ancestor: Release first single ‘Deathlike Silence’ from upcoming album

Chinese thrash metal band Ancestor released their new song recently. You can check out the stream for their song “Deathlike Silence” below. The song is from the band’s upcoming new album Lords of Destiny.

Beijing’s thrash force Ancestor is considered to be one of the first Chinese old school Thrash Metal bands. Under the influence Kreator, Protector, Sodom and other underground legends of the Teutonic Thrash Metal scene, the four-piece have been making violent underground sound since 2007. Due to unstable line-up in the early days the lads have only managed to release their debut EP in 2017. The five-tracker under the title Age of Overload is a pure underground killer. It is brutal, energetic and violent while being musical. The darkness and the artistic seriousness of the EP reminds people of the early 80s, when the European thrash metal scene began to thrive. But this is happening in Beijing, China, in the 21st Century.
Ancestor plays up-tempo Thrash Metal. Their music is aggressive in their own way. In spite of their old school song-writing they have a quite unique production, which makes their music sounding quite neat. After their release of the first album, they have made a big tour in and around China. Ancestor has been shared stage with Assasin, Artillery, Legion of the Damned, Onslaught, Rage, Wolf Spider, etc.
Since the beginning of 2018, Ancestor begins to bring out their first full-length album under Awakening Records. This album will be released in autumn of this year. After that the lads will be on another tour in Asia. Are you ready for the underground thrash maniacs from China?

Ancestor are:
Meng LI – Vocals & Guitars
Fuwen YANG – Guitars
Han LI – Bass
Yang HE – Drums