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Metal United Down Under: Get Ready for the 5th Anniversary

Feb 23, 2018 News

On 22 September 2018, metal bands around Australia will perform the all Australian metal event – Metal United Down Under (MUDU). It is the 5th edition of this initiative and around 15 cities are expected to participate. Metal United Down Under started 2014 as a community project of the Australian metal underground to offer extended exposure to bands. At the same time, the event aims to provide the scattered metal scene of the continent with a feeling of unity by participating at an event together – even though hundreds or even thousands of kilometres apart.

The event is created by promoters in various Australian cities, setting up a show or festival on the date of Metal United Down Under. There are no participation fees and all promoters or bands are welcome to join if they do not clash with an already existing show. There are some shows locked in with the first venues booked. The following cities are on board or likely to join: Albury, Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Lismore, Melbourne, Perth, Orange, Sydney, Wagga Wagga. There are more to come – check our website where shows with booked venues will be listed. For all those whose city is not listed and who would like to organise a show, contact events@metal-roos.com.au

The project cannot be managed without partners and the first ones have been recruited but the list will hopefully grow: MUDU partners
Black-Roos Entertainment is taking over the PR and promotion and Naticus Music is creating MUDU artwork. For all metal media, labels, PR agencies or who else would like to help us spreading the word or chip in with in-kind or financial sponsorship, contact events@metal-roos.com.au.

After the success of the MUDU compilation Metal United Down Under Vol I which was distributed at all MUDU shows and 2 German festivals (Wacken and Headbangers), the follow up compilation is on its way. To get a song on the compilation, contact events@metal-roos.com.au.

Metal United Down Under preparations are getting started. Get on board and mark the 22 September in your diary! \m/

By Anja