We can provide one or all of the services that we offer and are passionate about what we do and the bands we represent. We will always do the best we can to help take your music to as many people as possible.


We provide a customized service that includes promotion worldwide. We work individually with each band to provide a promotional plan for your album, single, video or tour. We organize interviews with media including online, print and radio as well as getting news to these outlets. These are our services:

Single Press Release
Your new single/EP/album is out? You are touring or got some cool support spots for an international touring band?
Send us your news either as complete text or as draft. We create a press release and send it to our contacts. While quantity is important, we look after the quality of contacts and follow up where it is likely to have the biggest impact.

Your album or tour schedule is completed and you want to spread the word on a larger scale?
Our PR campaign includes intensive consultation to tailor the campaign to your needs. The campaign comprises 4 press releases with follow ups to get media coverage, airplay, reviews and interviews.

Promotion Service
Our promotion service offers bands a PR partner. We will act as point of contact for media requests, create and distribute press releases and/or campaigns and manage your press work.


We are offering the following booking support options for bands:

Tour organisation
Touring Australia is exciting and has a rockstar feel to it. In reality there is a lot of organisational stuff involved, starting with a sensible tour plan, booking venues and support bands. How are you travelling? Where are you sleeping? Will you need a backline... and of course the tour needs promotion. We offer a comprehensive support package to assist you wherever possible.

Booking agent
Our booking service is for everything from one off shows through to Australian tours and even support international touring. We will act as the contact point; book the venue, bands and help with basic promotion.


Our management service is available for bands wanting to take things to the next level. We liaise with promoters, book shows, organize merch, work with labels, and do all the behind the scenes things so you can concentrate on the important part; The music!

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